Some think we should be slaves and involuntarily participate in a protection racket.
Does anyone think every 24 hours is a year? The greatest hoax known to humanity is the way we are led to present the date. Look at a Texas lottery ticket, totally disheveled and irrational. They claim to aid education?


Obamas and Clintons are pure sleaze. Iran is not Deal or War, it is Deal and War. Wrong conjunction Kerry. Do a deal whereby you give them what they need for "Death to America". How ignorant is the Executive branch?

Darwin's precursor - anything, with or without bound, that benefits the welfare of any living organism, ultimately encourages it to reproduce, with or without bound.
Ferguson Effect - Dylann Roof, methinks the instigator is not a Confederate flag but rather BO and friends (see NPR, DailyMail). Disinformation - used to precede socialism or communism, as by BO, the Left and the media to fool or deceive the masses and intimidate any opposition. Hasn't his "rush to judgement" been proven wrong enough times. BO in Fantasyland - jealous of the wonderment, never quite matured mentally If you don't like our Constitution, leave. Christianity, Judaism and other free religions, without fear, belong here. Israel, can you save us from our President, Congress and not-so-Supreme Court?
Isn't there someone who can jail BO for all his lawlessness? Take Roberts with him. They are traitors and subversives of the Connstitution.

Boost education - Marsbase One, Moonbase One? It is as important as life itself.
Orbiters & in situ monitors at Ganymede, Callisto, Europa....
How about two or more, but moonworthy shuttles and another Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to maintain Space Station expansion in addition to the Constellation program. traveling_plea

Please write dates correctly: YYYYMMDD or variations in that order
It is the most fundamental measure known and we can't seem to format it correctly.
Those writing MM/DD/Y or DD/MM/Y and believing every 24 hours is a day, are mentally out of kilter.

Help stamp out bad calendars. Don't buy them if they suggest a month precedes the year.
Those who arrogantly write dates incorrectly and prevent adoption of the metric system should be charged extra taxes to support the lost jobs and costs of such behavior. If they are not held accountable for their actions, like children, they will continue to act irrationally.

Priscilla, as yearling, trying to talk and telling me to put range cubes on the ground, not in the bucket.
Those who, knowingly, with malice and forethought, stole my only, pet, trained, Black Baldie heifer Priscilla, should under Texas law, be hung by the neck until dead from one of their lovely cedar trees.
It happened multiple times over a period of two plus years. They place cattle on their inadequately fenced 5400 County Road 805 property and sure enough, they escape. Their free roaming cattle come to harass my cattle and either break down my fence or cause mine to escape noting that their bull came for hay with mine one time and with Sheriff phoned escort, Donnie Sugg came to retrieve it. When my Priscilla disappeared, they were suspected. Deputy Sheriff message, approximately ten days later, about his road crew finding a similar heifer in the public right-of-way and where she went. We need more like him. After calling the now known felons, he replied with vile language and bodily harm threats, repeated about ten times in two episodes whenever I asked when was he going to return my heifer. One was by phone immediately after being advised of what the Deputy said, and one subsequent by personal confrontation. I am not the only recipient of similar treatment. I was told by the Johnson County Attorney's office criminal cases are not accepted unless recommended by the Sheriff which they declined. So, I took the case in Justice Stiles civil court only to have it thrown out without prejudice because of its criminal nature. They couldn't have told me that before I paid about $250 for subpeona activities. Where to go now since Johnson County's legal system doesn't accommodate justice. I told Sheriff Bob Alford and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott about their stray cattle policy. Though I agree with escorting the animal to safety by the method used, if recipient steals, that makes the Sheriff complicit and he should pursue its theft. There are three corroborative neighbor accounts two of whom knew Priscilla, one having tended to her on a daily basis when I could not, and another that implies defendants committed purjuries in their signed deposition filed with the civil court. Yet another can be proven to be a perjury by myself. Repeated requests to the assigned detective and others in the department go nowhere and no witnesses appear to have been consulted other than the thief who mentioned sharing coffee and laughs.

The deceit is typical lawyer speak. Move health care to government touting a failure in the commercial sector. Move space exploration to the commercial sector from government, why. Did someone find gold on Mars? What was it that we did on the moon? Lawyers are based on precedent. Tradition is the biggest obstacle to progress. Don't elect politicians and lawyers, elect your local plumber, dairyman, carpenter, machinist, surveyor and other such that do useful, intelligent things, know how to present a date correctly, use the metric system and tell the truth. Make them vow before election.

Cowbird, Know it.

This nation was "conceived in liberty," not "Rule of Law", as the legal types like to roll off their tongue, Mr. President.

No enslavement, financial or otherwise, no legal theft (D), no corporate theft (R).

What is right and my pleas are not sufficient to get the media/entertainment industry to use date formats which do not insult their audience. Event description is their mantra. They can't even present the date right, why would anyone trust them. They are not only arrogantly against you on this issue, but against themselves.

I don't trust anyone who knows how the date should be written, but freely chooses to write it incorrectly. They are dishonest. You won't put the dollars after the cents, will you? Just want to bugger the date, eh?
Think one time the day goes after the month and the year the next?
August 14 sometimes and August 2007 others? 2007 August too hard?

Class Action Suits - we pay the lawyers and plaintiffs, the culprits walk. Who is the criminal?
You, to the insurance company, to the lawyer, to the person you pay to pass the law,
to the media. Isn't this graft pipeline criminal? Class action suits are tax, extortion and embezzlement tools for this circle of back-scratchers, many of whom should be in jail!
2001 July 9 "Honor patients, not trial lawyers." George W. Bush., Pres., USA

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The Antidote to War is Space

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