Logical Date

Please write dates logically: YYYY-MM-DD (HH:MM:SS)
or variations thereof: YYYY Mon DD, YYYY/MM/DD
Remember the MCO! Where is Moonbase 1?

The Good

rwc at cowaro dot com

1970 by personal request, mail.
1982 bought personal computer, added by product.
1990 added e-mail. 1993 added tombstone.
1994 lecture, extended e-mail campaign.
1998 added cowaro web pages to extend "by example."
2000/09/09 17:21:43 253 Sat by Logical_date page.
2001/01/15 extended e-mail campaign to educational institutions. 2001/09 began reasoning to children. 2008/01/13 10:07:22 CST Sun 013 1200240442 Jan - last update.