Ancient Photograph Gallery

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Don't throw away old pictures. There are often ways to identify them. Knowing when a photographer was in business and guessing a subject's age in a picture puts constraints on who they can be. A short history of photography can also help put time constraints on photographs. If you recognize or have a match to any of the ancient's images please contact me. There should be available up to eight more pictures from this group, namely: Elizabeth Dickinson Townsend, Lucretia Whitehead Crossley, William Crossley, Ellis Hubbs, Sarah Clifton Hubbs, Albert Fish, Jane Cooke Greed and John Greed. As time permits, I shall continue the search. The last two are likely to be in Manchester, ENG where records from Manchester Cathedral revealed the marriage of John Gillett to Sarah Jane Greed 72 1869 and of James Henry Greed 72 to Mary Hartill 72 in 1870.


75 74 73 72 71 70 69 68 67 66 65 - _ Cook ENG, Surrey - Thomas Evans Cook - -ENG, Surrey - Thomas Henry Cook - -ENG, Surrey - Mary Ann Taylor - -ENG, Surrey - Walter Voigt Cook - Greed Somerset?, ENG John Greed -ENG - John Greed St. Mary Lambeth, Surrey, ENG. - - -ENG - Jane Eliza Greed, b1847 London, ENG. - Thomas Cook -ENG - Jane Cook, b1821 Brigg, Lincolnshire, ENG. - Sarah _, b1784 Brigg, Lincolnshire, ENG - Warren Southwood Cook Isaac Fish Benjamin Fish Eunice Higgins Albert Fish Merritt Horner Miriam Horner - Walter Connelly Fish Edward Hubbs Burlington Co., NJ Ellis Hubbs Hannah Cohn N. NJ Emeline Hubbs - Sarah Clifton - Ethel Mae Fish - -ENG, Cornwall - William Cox Southwood - -ENG, Cornwall - Anna Lincoln Southwood - Thomas Waples DE - Angelina Waples - Anna Burton DE - Ronald W. Cook -ENG, Halifax John Crossley -ENG, Halifax William Crossley -ENG, Halifax Elizabeth Halstead? -ENG, Halifax John William Crossley John Whitehead Phila. Abraham Whitehead Philadelphia Phebe Lewis Phila. Lucretia Whitehead - Lydia Philadelphia - Clarence Wesley Crossley Benjamin Adams John Adams Rachel Scott Charles Garwood Adams Satterthwaite Roberts Clarissa Roberts - Kate Adams - H. Shaw Philadelphia - Rebecca Ann Shaw - Anna Philadelphia - Kathryn Adams Crossley Elijah Townsend Elijah Townsend Cape May, NJ Judith Townsend John Milton Townsend John Dickinson Salem, NJ Elizabeth Dickinson Cape May, NJ Mary Powers Salem? William Edward Townsend Reuben Babcock Northborough, MA Abel Babcock Northboro, MA Hannah Goddard Bolton, MA Mercy Jane "Kate" Babcock Abiel Baldwin Pepperrill, MA Lydia Baldwin Pepperill, MA Lucy Gassett Hannah Remick Townsend Elias Doughty Deerfield, NJ Richard Doughty Mary Babcock Joseph Borden Doughty Jonathan Borden Millville, NJ Rebecca Ann Borden Elizabeth Campbell Millville, NJ Clara Frances Doughty Oliver Blizzard Cedarville, NJ John Ballinger Blizzard Elizabeth Ballinger Katherine S. Blizzard Elijah Husted NJ Hannah Buck Husted NJ Clarissa Buck Salem, NJ 75 74 73 72 71 70 69 68 67 66 65

more to come ....
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