Abel Babcock

Abel Babcock 70
bm 1789 Jun 13 to Reuben Babcock 69 and Hannah (nee Goddard 69) Babcock in Northborough, Massachussetts.
n.~1810 Abel left Northboro and went to Boston where he engaged in the meat business, marrying and living there until middle life. He moved to Burlington, NJ in 1838 and shortly thereafter bought a farm in Washington Twp. (later called Williamstown), Gloucester Co., NJ. The farm remained in the family until about 1923. MPBS 73
mf 1820 Dec 07 Harriot Maria Arnoldi 70
bf 1801 Aug 15 Montreal, CAN
n. Solder of the War of 1812.
df 1830 Oct 09 at 29y interred Old Granary Burial Ground, Boston, MA
n. Record from lady living in Woodbury, Edith Crawford, Kalin's father Abel son of Reuben Babcock of Northborough, Mass.
n. Removed to Camden, N. J. in mid 1800's.
mf 1838 May 21 Lydia Baldwin 70 at Boston, MA
bf 1816 May 29 to Abiel Baldwin 68 et ux Lucy (nee Gassett 68) Baldwin in Pepperill, MA
c. Where is Abel Babcock in 1850? Pa. Abel H. ERI R777, R778 P130 North Ed.? A SUS R829 P015 Dimock Twp.?
c. 1860 U. S. Census M653 R686 P373 L14 792/792 New Jersey, Camden County, Monroe Township, P92 P. O.:Chews Landing, 1860 Jul 12 Joshua Sickler, Ass't Marshal
  Name AgeSCOcc R E BP MSIRemarks
  Able Babcock 71M Farmer 3500 500N.J.
  Lidia 44F "
  Richmond 21M "
  Mary J. 17F "
  Cornelia 14F "
  Harrison 10M "
  Peter Garrick 35M Germany
c. 1870 U. S. Census M593 R686 P214B L35 94/94 New Jersey, Camden County, Monroe Township, P12 P. O. Williamstown, Enumerated 1870 Jul 07, by Clayton B. Tice
  Name AgeSCOcc RE PP BP FMB M SIRem
  Abel Babcock 81MWFarmer 10000 500Mass X
  Cornelia 24FWAt home NJ
  Lydia 54FWKeeping house Mass
n. RBS 75 has will of Abel.
wm I need to type it in yet. RWC 75
dm 1879 Jun 24 \@ 90 years in Williamstown, NJ. 1879 Jun 24 Camden Democrat. 1879 Jul 16 West Jersey Press, Camden, NJ 1879 Jul 02 Woodbury Constit. short obituary in paper of 1879 Jul 09. ABEL BABCOCK (arched ~40cmr) Born in Northboro, Mass. Jun 13, 1789 Died in Williamstown, NJ Jun 24, 1879 In the 91 year of his age.
n. 1992 Photographs of Abel Babcock 70, Lydia (nee Baldwin 70) Babcock & "Kate" (nee Babcock 71) Townsend received from descendant Richard B. Spear 74, son of Bertha Idalette (nee Townsend 73) Spear - dau of John Milton Townsend 72 - son of Mercy J. (nee Babcock 71) Townsend
df 1885 May 19 at 69y and the residence of her son H. Fay Babcock, in Woodbury ARB WC 18850527; GCD 18850523 interred; services at the Presbyterian Church, Williamstown. LYDIA BALDWIN wife of ABEL BABCOCK born in Pepperell, Mass May 29th 1816 died at Woodbury, N.J. May 19th, 1885 inscription
with Maria (nee _ 70) Babcock
    Frances A M 71 Hannah E 71 Robin D 71
b18211126 b18231111 b18270816
with Lydia (nee Baldwin 70) Babcock
    Richmond 71 Lucy Amanda 71 Mercy Jane 71 Cornelia F 71 Harrison F 71
b18381010 b18410604 b18430203 b18451004 b18501217