Clara Frances Doughty

Clara Frances Doughty 72
bf 1862 Feb 21 to Joseph Borden Doughty 71 et ux Katherine "Kate" S. (nee Blizzard 71) Doughty in Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., N.J. as recorded 1863 Feb NJ, Cumberland Co., Bridgeton, Vol H-2 p210D
mm~1886 Oct 21 William Edward Townsend 72 by Rev. John F. Dobbins WJP18861027 CP18861023
bm 1865 Oct 17 Townsend's Inlet, NJ to John Milton Townsend 71 et ux "Kalin" "Kate" (nee Mercy Jane Babcock 71)
n. RWC has pictures of Clara Frances Clara Frances (nee Doughty) and Wm. Edward Twnsnd.
df 1913 Nov 27 interred Harleigh Cemetery.