Clarence Wesley Crossley

Clarence Wesley Crossley 73
bm 1894 Oct 28 to John William Crossley 72 et ux Catherine A. "Kate" Adams 72
mf 1916 Dec 27 Wed Hannah Remick Townsend 73 Signatories at the wedding: William E. Townsend, Maggie P. Townsend Master Forrest P. Crawford (Maggie's son) John W. Crossley , Kate Crossley William Crossley Florence E. Geer Carrie T. Fitz George True R. Crossley et ux Winfield Crossley Mr. & Mrs. Wm H. Paul Russell Earl Paul gr. John Tyler, John O. Tyler H. C. Remick et ux Mrs. H. C. Remick Mr. Samuel E. Townsend Mrs. Catharine Doughty Mr. Clarence R. Townsend Miss Edna Shute Mary Mac Garvie Mrs. Milton T. Townsend, Milton T. Townsend Mrs. Wm. Bennett, Wm. Bennett
bf 1893 Mar 07 to William Edward Townsend et ux Clara Frances (nee Doughty 72) Townsend
df 1930 Aug 26 Entombed at Harleigh Cemetery.
c. 1920 U. S. Census T625 R V16 SD1 ED94 S9A L31 1215/165/176 P283 New Jersey, Camden County, Camden City, 19'th Ward, 9'th District, 1215 Decatur St. Enumerated: 1920 Jan 24, Leighton W. F.... (s3t16.36H
  Name Rel. HHSCAgeMYOI NYON SRWPOB Lang FPOB Lang MPOB Lang ETrade Industry EFarm
  Clarence Crossley Head R MW 25M YYNJ NJ NJ YFittre Shipyard W
  Hannah Wife FW 26M YYNJ NJ NJ YNone
  Wesley Son MW23MS NJ NJ NJ
  Catherine Daighty GM FW 83W YYNJ NJ NJ YNone (s3t12H
n. worked at Esterbrook Pen Corporation, Camden, N.J.
n. 19__ lived at 91 Emerald Ave., Westmont, N.J. 609 398-4728
n. handed down the following cemetery lot certificates to CWC,Jr. Evergreen Cemetery Co., Camden Co., N. J. 1879 Dec 30, Section A, #72, $20 Wm. L. Buzine Who is this man? 1872 Feb 09, Section N, #179, $25 William Crossley 1891 Jan 20, Section O, #243, $25 John W. Crossley 1898 Mar 09, Section O, #245, $25 Rebecca Adams Lafayette Cemetery, Philadelphia 1855 August 15, South half of Lot marked G, Western Rang, #13 $24 the lot is for Rebecca Owens, but Rebecca Adams name is written on the bottom of this certificate probably at a later time. Also the page of a paper copied by CWC 73 refers to a Great Grandmother buried in this cemetery with the tomb stone inscribed as follows: In memory of our Mother Anna Shaw Born Nov 9 - 1782 Died Nov 16 - 1867 age 85 years Rest in Peace. This cemetery was involved in a scandal. The bodies were removed to ditches. Lafayette is now a paved playground.
mf 1949 Sep 15 Sun Ruth L. Clark 73
bf 1897 Apr 07 Pa. n. 180-14-0493
df 1974 Jul 11 NJ, Service at Jackson Funeral Home, Westmont, NJ. Entombed Harleigh Cemetery, NJ
n. Ruth's sister Elizabeth lived with.
n. Social Security No.: 150-10-4171
dm 1976 May 15 at Somers Point, Cape May Co., N.J. 08226. Funeral at Jackson Funeral Home, Westmont, NJ. Entombed Harleigh Cemetery, NJ
with Hannah Remick (nee Townsend 73) Crossley
    Clarence W 74 Doris 74 Edward 74 Kathryn A 74 Frances 74
b19180125 b19200321 b19211207 b19240115 b19260504
with Ruth L. (nee Clark 73) Crossley - no issue.