Joseph Borden Doughty

Joseph Borden Doughty 71
bm 1835 ___ __ to Richard Doughty 70 et ux Rebecca Ann (nee Borden 70) Doughty
mf 1857 Apr 01 Katherine "Kate" S. Blizzard 71
bf 1838 Sep 18 to John Ballinger Blizzard 70 et ux Hannah Buck (nee Husted 70) Blizzard in Cumberland Co., NJ p. JBD71_KSBD71_1 Joseph & Kate pre-Civil War p. JBD71_KSBD71_2 Joseph & Kate post-Civil War
c. 1860 U. S. Census M653 R687 P447 458/458 NJ, Cumberland Co., Bridgeton Township PO: Bridgeton, 1860 Jun 28 E. E. Sheppard, Ass't Marshal
  Name AgeSCOcc R E BP MSIRemark
  Joseph Doughty 23MWNailor 150NJ
  Kate 21FWwife NJ
  Luther M. 2M NJ
  Rebecca Ann 7mF NJ
  Elizabeth Hildreth 18F Domestic NJ
n. 1883 Jan __ at time of Elizabeth (nee Ballanger 68) Blizzard death, Kate is living in Oxford, Warren Co., NJ
n. 1886 CCD boss nailer, 534 Elm
n. 1890 CCD nailer, bds 614 N. 6th
dm 1891 Nov 26 at 56y of bronchial plethisis? A machinist at the time of his death, he resided at 520 Elm St., Camden, NJ. Interred Bridgeton, NJ.
n. 1894-5 CCD Kate wd Joseph, h 540 Grant
df 1928 Mar 20 at 89.6.2 of Cahaustia? with senility and a fractured femur contributory. Resided at 1262 Park Boulevard, 13th Wd, Camden, NJ. Interred 1928 Mar 23 Harleigh Cemetery with the Townsends. Father's name Blizzard WPA 354-4(1937) 4445-4(1938)
with Katherine S. (nee Blizzard 71) Doughty
    Luta Napier 72 Rebecca A 72 Clara F 72
b1858 b1859 b186202