Mary Ann Taylor

Mary Ann Taylor 71
bf 1824 ___ __ to
mm ____ ___ __ Thomas Evans Cook 71
bm 1825 ___ __ to
n. They had a farm in Vineland, bought old horses from Philadelphia transporters, rehabilitated them and resold them to farmers - as told by Charles Cook 74. He came to America before Thomas Henry Cook 72 et ux Jenny.
c. 1870 U. S. Census M593 R859 P367B NJ, Cumberland Co., Landis Twp. P142 PO: Vineland, , Ass't Marshal
  Name AgeSCOcc RE PP BP FMB M SIRem
  Thomas Cook 45MWFarmer 2000 200England XX
  Mary A. 46FW England XX
  George 23MW England XX
with Mary Ann (nee Taylor 71) Cook
    Sarah Jane 72 Thomas H 72 George A 72
b1842 b18431127 b184