Thomas Evans Cook

Thomas Evans Cook 71
bm>1815 ___ __ to _ Cook 70
mf ____ ___ __ Mary Ann Taylor 71
bf 1815 Dec 03 to
n. They had a farm in Vineland, bought old horses from Philadelphia transporters, rehabilitated them and resold them to farmers - as told by Charles L .Cook 74. He came to America before Thomas Henry Cook 72 et ux Jenny.
n. Landis Twsp. Lots 247, 248, 274 Franklin Tract.
n. 1868 Sep 01 L118 P442 Charles H. Landis to Thomas E. Cook, Landis Twsp.
n. 1869 Nov 30 L123 P127 to Chas F. Hotchkits, Landis Twsp.
c. 1870 U. S. Census M593 R859 P367B L17 1388/1202 New Jersey, Cumberland Co., Landis Twsp. P142 PO: Vineland, 1870 Aug 06 Charles Gord, Ass't Marshal
  Name AgeSCOcc RE PP BP FMB M SIRem
  Thomas Cook 45MWFarmer 2000 200England XX
  Mary A. 46FW England XX
  George 23MW England XX
df 1874 Nov 21 of pleursy in the side. She is revealed jaundiced in a letter from TEC71 to GAC72 held by HGCK75. 1874 Nov 23 Oak Hill Cemetery, 182 S. Delsea Dr., Vineland, NJ 08360 Deed # 90, Sec F, 5&6 M. A. Cook in grave 1. Enter, left, immediate right, right & 1/2 way 1.5m high 125mm round ball is on a marker across the drive from it.
n. 1874 Purchased 12 lots. Oak Hill Cemetery, Section F, Lots 5 & 6, 182 S. Delsea Dr., Vineland, NJ 08360
n. 1876 Sep 07 L147 P569 Thomas E. Cook to Thomas H. Cook, Landis Twsp.
n. 1876 Oct 04 L148 P48 Thomas H. Cook to George Alfred Cook, Landis Twsp.
n. 1878 Nov 01 L154 P288 by colle. Landis Twsp.
n. 1880 Feb 09 L159 P130 Adam O. Richman to George A. Cook, Landis Twsp.
n. I don't know where TEC 71 is in the 1880 Census.
n. picture of TEC 71 & two of MATC 71 courtesy of HGCK 75
n. 1881 May 02 L163 P219 David M. Bride, shf to George A. Cook
n. transactions involving a cranberry company.
n. 1890 Camden City Directory Thomas E. Cook removed to Sharp's Wharf, VA.
dm 1896 Apr 11 at 79 and interred in the Monument Cemetery, Lot 835, Section A, Grave 4 under George Alfred Cook 72, Berks St., Philadelphia, PA. Reinterred
n. According to Norma 74's photograph album which contains a picture of him at age 80.
with Mary Ann (nee Taylor 71) Cook
    Sarah Jane 72 Thomas H 72 George A 72
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