Thomas Henry Cook

Thomas Henry Cook 72
bm 1843 Nov 27 to Thomas Evans Cook 71 and Mary Ann (nee Tyler 71) Cook in London, England.
n. 1877 May 18 Naturalization papers (2) obtained from Philadelphia City Archives where Thomas Henry Cooke declares his age as 34 and signs his name.
n. 1884 Apr 14 bought a lot. Admission to Knights of Pytheus - Greenwood Cemetery, Adams Ave. & Arrott St., Frankford, Phila. 215-533-2967 Lot 280, Section M, Division 1. Office 2054 N. 6th St. Phila. Here are buried Mary, Maude & Mabel Cook, Eva Davis.
mf 186_ ___ __ Jane "Jenny" Eliza Greed 72
bf 1847 Apr 18 to John Greed 71 and Jane (nee Cooke) Greed 71 at 13 Church St., Christ Church; Registration district St. Saviour, Christ Church, County of Surrey - southern wall area of London Her birth was registered 1847 May 18. John Greed was a tailor.
n. 1865 Thomas and Jennie emigrated according to 1900 Census data.
c. 1870 U. S. Census M593 R1405 p366 1292 1395 FWPL GEN 974.811 P11 Pennsylvania, Phila. Co, Philadelphia, 60'th Division, 19-WD, P182 P. O. Philadelphia, Enumerated 1870 Jul 21 Geo__ Deitz, Ass't Marshall
  Name AgeSCOcc RE PP BP FMB M SIRem
  Thomas Cook 26MWPlumber 300England XX
  Jennie 22FW England XX
  Flora 2FW Pennsyl XX
n. picture of THC72 courtesy of THC74 et ux NJ74C
c. 1880 U. S. Census T9 R686 V70 E381 S19 L6 130/168/182 P468 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia City, 130 East Cumberland Enumerated: 1880 Jun 05 by David M. Beckman
  Name SCAgeMonRelSMWDOcc MiscIBP BPF BPM Remarks
  Thomas H. Cook WM 36 X Notions Jobber LondonEngl Engl
  Jennie WF 32 Wif X Keeping store LondonEngl Engl
  Florence WF 11 Dau at school XPenna LondonLondon
  Clarence WM 9 Son at school XNJ LondonLondon
  Hervey WM 4 Son NJ LondonLondon
n. 1885 Mar 08 Living at 2528 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia when Louis is born. Thomas H. is in trimmings
n. 1887 Sep 11 Living at 2524 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia when Eva L. is born. Thomas H. 72 is a dealer.
c. 1900 U. S. Census T623 R V10 E90 S3 L32 110/45/45 New Jersey, Camden County, Camden City, Ward 6, Precinct 7, 110 S33rd P128A Enumerated: 1900 Jun 09, Ezra E. Venable (s3t16.36H
  Name Rel. CSMonYearAgeSYrsNbNlPOB FPOB MPOB YearYrsNatOccupation UneSchRWELFT
  Thomas Henry Cook Head WMNov1856 53M34 Eng Eng Eng 1865 35 NaSalesman YYYOMH
  Jennie E. wife WFApr1850 50M34 10 6Eng Eng Eng 1865 35 YYY
  Florence M. Davis daughtWFNov1869 30M10 1 0Pa Eng Eng Saleslady YYY
  Clarence H. Cook son WMMar1871 29S NJ Eng Eng Carriage painter YYY
  Thomas H. Cook, Jr. son WMJun1873 26S NJ Eng Eng Carriage painter YYY
  Louis T. Cook son WMMar1885 15S Pa Eng Eng Salesboy YYY
  Eva L. dau WFSep1888 11S Pa Eng Eng at school 9YYY
  Walter V. son WMAug1894 5S NJ Eng Eng at school 9YYY (s3t12H
n. pictures of THC72 et ux JEGC72, GAC72, GAC73 et al courtesy of HGCK75
dm 1909 Sep 25 when blown off a ladder while working on a sign - CLC74. 1909 Sep 30 interred at Harleigh Cemetery, Hillside Lawn Lot 566 Grave 1 interment number 5362 at 65 years. Thomas was an insurance agent at the time of his death and parents are verified by DC from NJA. WPA - Works Progress Administration Project 354-4/1937 4445-4/1938
nf 1909 Sep 27 purchased Harleigh Cemetery Hillside Lawn Lot 566.
n. Not too long after Thomas Henry Cook 72 died, Jennie returned to visit England, son Louis having paid the way. She returned to the U. S. on the Dominion II sailing out of Liverpool 1911 Oct 04 and arriving back in Philadelphia 1911 Oct 15 with a brass bed making Lou quite unhappy about paying the shipping charges. Her residence was given at that time as: 25 No. 35'th St., Camden, NJ. This shipping information is recorded at the National Archives in Wash., D. C.: Ships arriving at the Port of Philadelphia, R____, V145 P122 L6
c. 1920 U. S. Census T625 R1022 V15 ED6 S13A L44 332/251/304 New Jersey, Camden Co, Camden, Ward 1, 332 N. 2'nd St. Enumerated: 1920 Jan 28, Joseph Plant (s3t16.36H
  Name Rel. HHSCAgeMYOI NYON SRWPOB Lang FPOB Lang MPOB Lang ETrade Industry EFarm
  Jennie Cook Head R FW 72W1865N1870 YYEngland Eng Eng English Eng EnglishYNone
  Florence Carr Dau FW 52W YYPA Eng Eng YHousework Apt House W (s3t12H
df 1938 Aug 06 at 91y Schenectady, NY at home of daughter Eva; interred 1938 Aug 08 Harleigh Cemetery Hillside Lawn Lot 566 Grave 2 interment #17542.
with Jane "Jennie" Eliza (nee Greed 72) Cook
    Charles H 73 Florence M 73 Clarence H 73 Mabel G 73 Thomas H 73
b18660205 b18681120 b18710330 b18730812 b18760630
    Maud A 73 Mary B 73 Louis T 73 Eva L 73 Walter V 73
b18790105 b18820726 b18850308 b18870911 b18920812