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   LB_00  Thomas* Walling/Mary Abbott

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Thomas Walling _
   bm ____ ___ __
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary Abbott _   P316.
   bf ____ ___ __ to
 with Mary (nee Abbott _)

Thomas Walling _
   bm 1668/69 Feb 08 in Providence, Rhode Island;
   mf 1695 May 10 Sarah Elwell _ in Providence, Rhode Island.  159.  n. p 158.
   bf 1676 Aug 24 Thomas* Elwell and 319. Sarah Bassett  in Gloucester, MA;
   df<1724 in Salem County, New Jersey.
   n. Thomas Walling, Jr. was the oldest known child. He was born about 1653 in
      Providence, Rhode Island. Providence at that time was still under the firm
      religious control of Roger Williams. Thomas, Jr. spent his early life in
      this town, but may have spent some time in East Greenwich, RI where his
      first wife lived.
   n. 1682 May Thomas, Jr. is known to have given an Oath of Allegiance to the
      King.  in Rhode Island and it is likely that the marriage took place in
      East Greenwich.
   n. heir first two children may have been born in Rhode Island, but according
      to the "Vital Records of Rhode Island" the rest were born in Salem Co.,
      New Jersey. Thomas Walling, Jr. and his family apparently lived on part of
      the 110 acre tract of land owned by Sarah's father Thomas Elwell and
      located near the head of Salem Creek beginning about 1695.
   ld 1704 July 3 From "Salem Deeds",
      GRantor: Charles Hopman
      Grantee: Thomas Walling of Piles Grove Precinct, Salem Co., NJ (carpenter)
	Transwqction: 200 acres of land. In 1707, Thomas was listed as "Overseer for the Poor" for the Piles Grove Precinct. He apparently bought
      650 acres of land (excluding 1/4 acre for burying ground) from William Allen on 13 Nov. 1718 in Prince George
      Co., Maryland. It is not likely, however, that Thomas Walling ever lived on this, but some of his children
      probably did.
      Thomas Walling left a will in Salem Co., NJ dated 19 May 1724 and proved 22 Oct. - 15 Nov. 1724 at
      Cohansey, Salem Co., NJ in which he named his wife Sarah as Executrix and devised his estate to his
      children. He was also referred to as a carpenter in this will. It is not known when or where his wife Sarah

      More About Thomas* Walling II:
      Occupation: Carpenter
      Notes for Sarah Elwell:
      [Master File.ftw]
      [ruth robbins.FTW]
      Sarah Elwell was the first child born to Thomas Elwell and Sarah Bassett. She was born in the fishing village of
      Gloucester, Mass. but later moved with her family to East Greenwich, RI
      Child of Thomas* Walling and Sarah Elwell is:
      Abigail Walling, born March 05, 1697/98 in Salem, New Jersey; married John* Bedant Abt. 1718 in
      Cohansey,Salem,New Jersey

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