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   LB_00  Dayton Archibald/Elizabeth Buck
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Dayton Archibald 69
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth Buck 69, NJ_MHSBF.
   bf 1788 Mar 02 to Dayton Buck 68 et ux Hannah (nee Dubois 68) Buck
   n. 1824 Sep 09 Salem County Deeds V___ P224 Elijah D. Riley & others to the
      heirs of Dayton Buck - Henry Philips and Elizabeth Buck, Andrew Climer et
      ux Lydia (nee Buck) Climer, Ruth Buck and Dayton Archibald all of the
      City of Philadelphia, David Whitecar and Hannah his wife, Elijah
      Husted and Clarissa his wife late Hannah Buck and Clarissa Buck of the
      township of Fairfield in the County of Cumberland.
   dm 1827 Aug __ at New York. (this may be the son).
 with Elizabeth (nee Buck 69)
   Dayton B 70    William 70
   b18080805      b18090810

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Dayton Buck Archibald 70
   bm 1808 Aug 05 to _ Archibald 69 et ux Elizabeth (nee Buck 69) Archibald.

William Archibald 70
   bm 1809 Aug 10_ Archibald 69 et ux Elizabeth (nee Buck 69) Archibald.

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   n. 1784 February 11 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #69725
        LIST OF LETTERS for the country, remaining in the Post Office,
                        Philadelphia, January 5, 1784.
      WILLIAM ALLISON, York County; Robert or Thomas Archibald,
      Norrington (2); James Adams Bucks County; Robert Anderson,
      Chester; Thomas, Richard or Matthew Adams, James Anderson, Joseph
      Askew, Chester County; Edward Armstrong, Carlisle.

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      1. Soundex  A621 - Archibald
      2. NJ_MHSBF - Buck File,  Millville Historical Society, in particular
          Jack Kelley and Fola Bevan. Bible records.

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Dayton Archibald 69 P2                 Dayton Buck Archibald 70 P3           
William Archibald 70 P3                                                      


Buck, Elizabeth 69 P2                                                        

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