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      Research here being conducted to solve Dickinson problems.


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John Cadwalader 05
   n. see Cadwaladers of LI, NY.
   ld 1697 Sep 10 Philadelphia Exemplification  BB7 P100 LDRR0021872
      Grantor: William Penn
      Grantee: John Cadwalader
   ld 1697 Sep 10 Philadelphia Exemplification  BB7 P182 LDRR0021872
      Witness: John Cadwalader
   ld ____ ___ __ Philadelphia Exemplification  BB1 P436 LDRR0021869
      Grantor: William Penn
      Grantee: Thomas and Cadwalader Jones

Mary Cadwalader 06
   bf~1700 ___ __ to John Cadwalader 05 in Philadelphia, PA.
   mm 1731 Nov 04 Samuel D. Dickinson 06
   bm 1690 Nov 09 to Walter Dickinson 05 et ux _ (nee _ 05) Dickinson at
      Croise Dore, Talbot Co., MD
   n. 1760 July 24 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #25112
      PHILADELPHIA, July 24.
      "On Sunday, the Sixth of this Month, departed this Life in the Seventy-
      first Year of his Age, SAMUEL DICKINSON, Esquire, first Judge of the
      Court of Common Pleas, in Kent County, on Delaware; and, on the Wednesday
      following, was interred in the Burying Ground belonging to the Family,
      near Dover, attended by most of the principal Inhabitants in the County.
      He was a Gentleman possessed of so many worthy and valuable Qualities of
      Disposition and understanding that if Justice only should be done to his
      Merit, STrangers to his Person would imagine the Character to be drawn by
      some near and afflicted Mind; and to those who had any Intimacy with him,
      nothing more than that is necessary to make them preserve the Remembrance
      of his Virtues, and to render his Memory ever dear to them.  The latter
      Part of his Life convinced all who saw him frequently, that such Things as
      seem to be the greatest Evils cannot make a GOOD MAN miserable even here;
      for having supported a tedious State of uncommon Pain and Sickness with so
      much Resignation and Patience, as to be always remarkably agreeable in
      Conversation, and very often acknowledging his Gratitude to the Supreme
      Being, for the Happiness he enjoyed in this Condition, he left his World
      with a Chearfulness becoming the blessed Hope he felt, and expressed, to
      his last Moments, of entering into another infinitely better."
   dm 1760 Jul 06 at Kent Co., DE interred on the "John Dickinson Plantation"
      just south of Dover, DE on 113.
   df 1776 ___ __ at 76 PAGazette
      1776 March 27 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #59108 Last Friday died, in
      the 76th year of her age, Mrs. MARY DICKINSON, the widow of SAMUEL
      DICKINSON, Esq; late of Kent county on Delaware. She was a lady possessed
      of so many virtues and accomplishments, that it would be very difficult to
      draw a character of her, which would not appear either the effect of
      partiality, to those who were strangers to her, or an imperfect expression
      of her worth, to those who were acquainted with her. On Sunday, her
      remains were interred in the burying ground belonging to Friends in
   n. it would seem James Dickinson is the brother of Samuel, and in
      Philadelphia, known, too by Isaac Norris, John's father-in-law.
      How about the LDS IGI record James Dickinson:  1707 Sep 09 cristenening to
      parents Samuel Dickinson et ux Ann at Newport, Shropshire, ENG.
      LDS IGI film 510671
   n. Cadwallader a son? PA Gazette, also William same place.
 with Samuel D. Dickinson 06
   John 07        Thomas 07      Philemon 07    Cadwallader 07
   b17321108      b17341004      b17390415

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