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Walter Covert 63
   n. knight
   Elizabeth 64

Elizabeth Covert 64
   bf 1624 ___ __ to Walter Covert 63 et ux _ (_ 63) Covert, he a Knight.
   n. Elizabeth (nee Covert 64) Fenwick was a 2nd cousin to Gulielma Maria (nee
      Springett) Penn, the first wife of William Penn.
   mm ____ ___ __ John Fenwick 64
   bm 1618 ___ __ to William Fenwick 63 et ux _ (nee _ 63) Fenwick in Stanton,
      Northumberland Co., England.
   n. Major John Fenwick, by Frank H. Stewart 1939
   n. proprietor of Fenwick's Colony, a tenth of West New Jersey.
   n. Fenwick's Pedigree by Historical Society of PA.  Researches of Edwin
      Jacquett Sellers V XLIX P151,159,265,260 pub. 1925  Also Vol LVI P270 has
      an interesting article of Samuel Hedge.
   df 1654 Aug 30 in Thakeham, Sussex, ENG.
   mf 1657 ___ __ Mary Rogers 64, Lady and widow of Sir Richard Rogers and
      daughter of Sir Henry Marten, one of the regicides.
   n. 1665 Sep 14 Fenwick and his wife were imprisoned for being Quakers.  They
      remained in the Reading jail over a year.
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary Burdett 64 who did not accompany her husband to Salem, NJ
   n. Major John Fenwick, Esqr. of Reading, Berks Co., England John being a
      clothier of Redding in the county of Berks also.
   n. 1675 three Adams children Elizabeth 11y, Fenwick 9y and Mary aged 3y, all
      came on the ship Griffin which arrived in the Delaware River with their
      parents and Major John Fenwick, their grandfather. Edward Champneys and
      wife Priscilla (nee Fenwick), with their two children John and Mary also
      came as did Anna Fenwick.
   n. 1676 Dec 08 John Fenwick was arrested, taken to NY and detained until 1677
      Aug. Paroled until 1677 Oct 06, he was rearrested, taken to New Castle,
      then NY on 1678 Jul 14. See John Clement's "A Sketch of the Life and
      Character of John Fenwick."
   n. 1676 Dec 08 John Fenwick arrested and taken to NY
   n. 1683 Apr 18 John Fenwick signed a receipt for 10 pounds from William Hall.
      1682 Aug 20 John Fenwick signed a warrant to Roger Pedrick
      The Gloucester Co. Hist. Soc. has both these documents.
   n. John Fenwick's original Day Book is in possession of the Salem Co. Hist.
      Society.  The first entry is dated 1639. The book is on ufilm.  They have
      many more documents - see "Major John Fenwick - Stewart."
   n. Thomas Spry - 1st Eng. speaking Atty on the Delaware River, there several
      years before Fenwick.  Spry had a knowledge of Dutch.  "He translated the
      Lucas Peterson Indian deed for land in Salem Co. dated 1671 Dec 30.
      Samuel Land came with Fenwick and J. Dickson was probably one of the early
      Quaker settlers in Maryland." - Stewart in "Major John Fennwick"  I don't
      understand.  John Frederick Lewis, Esq., President of HSP, wrote a book
      about the legal activities of Spry.
   n. 1678 Aug 27, 1678 Aug 31, 1679 Feb - three original letters from John
      Fenwick's wife Mary.
   p. "A picture of Major John Fenwick astride his horse is to be found in the
      1908 issue of the Almanac and Year Book of the First National Bank of
      Woodstown, NJ.  This is a photograph from a reproduction in the "American
      Historical Register" of 1896.  The accompanying artice states that John
      Fenwick played an important part in one of the greatest historical events
      that ever happened in England.  He was commissioned as major of cavalry,
      1648 Jan 13, to be in attendance with his squadron, and, in conjunction
      with the foot troops, to protect the scaffold during the execution of
      Charles I; which was done 1649 Jan 30.  In John Vanderbank's famous
      painting of the execution of Charls I, the leader of the cavalry is
      clearly shown, of which the illustration mentioned is a facsimilie, and is
      the only known portrait of John Fenwick.
   n. I suspect Thomas Fenwick of DE is a son.
 with John Fenwick
   John 65        Elizabeth 65   Ann 65         Priscilla 65
   b16430630      ~1645          ~1647          ~1649

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James Covert _
   bm 1804
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R524 P317A L29 _/182
      NY, Livingston Co., Avon
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 09, William Scott, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 James Covert               46M Laborer                    NY       3
 Betsey Covert              22F                            NY
 Jacob Covert               11M                            NY
 Caroline Covert             6F                            NY
 Sarah Covert                5F                            NY
 Jannet Covert               2F                            NY
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R524 P317A L25 _/180
      NY, Livingston Co., Avon
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 09, William Scott, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Warren Doughty             26M Laborer                 100NY
 Henrietta Doughty          22F                            VT
   n. note Gillettes and Doughtys for neighbors.

Ebenezer Covert _
   bm 1818
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary _ _
   bf 1817
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R_  P223A L7 2/2
      NY, Ontario Co., Hopewell Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 07, Myron H. Clark, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Ebenezer Covert            32M Farmer                 1000NY
 Mary      "                33F                            NY
 Hannah J. "                 4F                            NY       S
 Mary                       33F                            NY
 George B.                   1M                            NY
 Harriet J. Johnson         13F                            NY       S

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