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   LB_00  John Lawrence Fallon/Rachel Ellen Townsend
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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  John Lawrence Fallon/Rachel Ellen Townsend

John Lawrence Fallon 73
   mf ____ ___ __ Rachel Ellen Townsend 73
   bf 1909 ___ __ to John Milton Townsend 72 and Ellen Harding (nee Cobb 72)
      Townsend in Mass.
   df 1946 Sep 26 at 38
   n. of Quincy, MA
 with Rachel Ellen (nee Townsend 73) Fallon
   John L 74      Peter T 74     Arthur F 74
   b19320413      b19381005      b10411216

John Lawrence Fallon 74
   bm 1932 Apr 13 to John Lawrence Fallon 73 and Rachel Ellen (nee Townsend 73)
   mf ____ ___ __ Shiela Finnegann 74
 with Shiela (nee Finnegann 74) Fallon
   no issue

Peter Townsend Fallon 74
   bm 1938 Oct 05
   n. in U. S. Navy and apparently never married.

Arthur Francis Fallon 74
   bm 1941 Dec 16
   mf ____ ___ __ Marianna L. Pierson 74
 with Marianna L. (nee Pierson 74) Fallon
   Matthew S 75   Kelley L 75    Rachel G 75
   b19650120      b19681022      b19700127

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Matthew Shawn Fallon 75
   bm 1965 Jan 27 to Arthur Francis Fallon 74 et ux Marianna L. (nee Pierson 74)

Kelley Lynn Fallon 75
   bf 1967 Oct 02 to Arthur Francis Fallon 74 et ux Marianna L. (nee Pierson 74)

Rachel Gene-Kathleen Fallon 75
   bf 1970 Jan 20 to Arthur Francis Fallon 74 et ux Marianna L. (nee Pierson 74)

LINKAGE END 00 John Lawrence Fallon/Rachel Ellen Townsend
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      Mr. Cook,
        I don't know if this will help in your research, but I've always found
      the family story, or myth, that Ellen Cobb (72) was the only child and
      heir to the King Arthur Flour fortune very interesting.  When she married
      John Townsend she was disinherited. Apparantly a school teacher was not
      considered appropriate to the family.
        If you would like to include as grandchildren of Rachel Townsend (73)
      and John L. Fallon, through their son Arthur, our children, here are their
      names and birth dates.
         Matthew Shawn Fallon, 1-27-65
         Kelley Lynn Fallon, 10-2-67
         Rachel Gene-Kathleen Fallon, 1-20-70
      All were born in Terre Haute, Indiana, although shortly after Rachel's
      birth we moved to Quincy, MA and so they were all educated in
        Sorry I can't be of any further help.  Arthur knows very little of his
      family's history.  Rachel died when he was very young.  Peter and Arthur
      did not live with their father until they were in high school and there
      was hardly any contact with the Townsend relatives while the boys were
      young. Jack was older when his mother died and he even lived with the
      Townsends for a short time after his mother's death.  Both Peter and
      Arthur did reacquaint themselves with their aunts, Mary, Katherine, and
      Bertha as adults, but as far as I know family history was not really a
      topic of conversation when they were together.
        Arthur is only slightly more aware of his Fallon relatives.  I'm afraid
      when you don't live with your family as a youth you miss out on a lot of
      the stories that would seem normal to children who are always around and
      listening and absorbing their history.
        Thanks for contacting us.  When Arthur gets home from his next ship I'll
      have him come into school and look over your web sight.
      Good luck with your search!    Marianna Fallon
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      1. Soundex F450 - Fallon
      2. Marianna Fallon
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Arthur Francis Fallon 74 P2            John Lawrence Fallon 73 P2            
John Lawrence Fallon 74 P2             Kelley Lynn Fallon 75 P3              
Matthew Shawn Fallon 75 P3             Peter Townsend Fallon 74 P2           
Rachel Gene-Kathleen Fallon 75 P3                                            


Finnegann, Shiela 74 P2                Pierson, Marianna 74 P2               
Townsend, Rachel 73 P2                                                       

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