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   LB_00  Jasper Farmer of Tipperary, Ireland

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Jasper Farmer 05
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary _ 05
   df ____ ___ __ Tipperary, Kingdom of Ireland
   mf ____ ___ __ Katherine _ 05 who married Mr. Bellop after Jasper's death.
   n. Arrived on the "Bristol Merchant" 1685 Sep 09 John Stephens, Master SCGDV1
         Farner, Charles, s. Jasper, Sr.
         Farner, Edward, s. Jasper, Sr.
         Farner, Elizabeth, d. Jasper, Sr.
         Farner, Jasper, Jr., Ireland
         Farner, Jasper, Sr., Ireland
         Farner, John, s. Jasper, Sr.
         Farner, Katherine, wid., Ireland
         Farner, Katherine, dau. Jasper, Jr.
         Farner, Katherine, dau. Jasper, Sr.
         Farner, Mary, wid., Ireland
         Farner, Robert, s. Jasper, Sr.
         Farner, Sarah, dau Jasper, Sr.
         Farner, Thomas, Ireland
   dm<1689 Oct 16 Tipperary, Kingdom of Ireland
   ld 1689 Oct 16 Philadelphia Exemplification B2 P231 LDS#0021869
      Grantor: Katherine (late Farmer) now Bellop, relict of Major Jasper Farmer
 with Mary
   Edward _

Edward Farmer
   bm ____ ___ __ to Jasper Farmer _ et ux Mary
   ld 1694 Dec 04 Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P4_  LDS#0021872
      Grantor: Edward Farmer
      Grantee: Richard Keys of Phila.
      Transaction: 30 pounds
   ld ____ ___ __ Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P161  LDS#0021872
      Grantor: Edward Farmer, son and heir of Major Jasper Farmer, Sr. et ux
               Mary (dec;d)
      Grantee: Thomas Stroud of Kings Sessing.
   ld ____ ___ __ Philadelphia Exemplification B2 P375  LDS#0021869
      Grantee: Edward Farmer, came as indentured servant.   Land was reward.
      Transaction: 375 acres.
   ld 1697 Mar 09 Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P370  LDS#0021872
      Witness: Edward Farmer
   ld 1697 Dec 10 Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P433  LDS#0021872
      Witness: Edward Farmer
   ld 1699 Jan 11 Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P394  LDS#0021872
      Grantor: Edward Farmer
      Grantee: Casper Stael
   ld 1699 Mar 09 Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P346  LDS#0021872

Thomas Farmer
   n. Sheriff of Philadelphia Co., PA
   ld 1701 Dec 15 Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P602  LDS#0021872
      Sheriff: Thomas Farmer, Esq.

Richard Farmer
   mf ____ ___ __ Sarah _
   ld 1759 Mar 24 Philadelphia Exemplification B6 P860  LDS#0021871
      Grantor: Richard Farmer et ux Sarah
      Witness: James Humphries, Esq, Justice.
   ld 1763 Apr 01 Philadelphia Exemplification B6 P863  LDS#0021871
      Grantor: Richard Farmer et ux Sarah
      Witness: James Humphries, Esq, Justice.
LINKAGE END 00  Jasper Farmer
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Elizabeth Farmer
   mm ____ ___ __ George S. Orr _
   n. Bible of Elizabeth Farmer: Mrs. E. Farmer from Geo. S. Orr  Belfast,
      1858 Dec 17
   n. Newspaper obit. where?
      1883 Feb 23 Elizabeth, wd of late Geo. S. Orr at 53 while at and funeral
      at 736 Moore St., interred at Lafayette Cemetery.  This cemetery is now a
      playground after some Philadelphia political skulduggery.
   n. Newspaper obit. where?
      On the 5'th inst, Carrie, youngest dau. of Eliz. & late Geo. S. Orr at
   n. Newspaper obit. where? 1899 Jul 01 Albert E. Orr at 36 funeral at sisters,
      136 Seventh Ave. Brooklyn Ave., NY.

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Edward Farmer P2                       Elizabeth Farmer P3                   
Jasper Farmer 05 P2                    Richard Farmer P2                     
Thomas Farmer P2                                                             


P2, S P2                               P3, G P3                              
_, Katherine 05 P2                     _, Mary 05 P2                         

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