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   LB_00  John Fenton of Monmouth Co., N. J.

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John Fenton _
   n. NJ_HOMonC P614-616 As in 1731, John Lawrence is the Assessor.
      1758 Oct List of all the Taxables in the Township of Upper Freehold, in
      Monmouth Co., NJ.
      William Eastman                   150
      John Eastman                      330
      Daniel Dole
      Robert English
      Robert English, Jr.               110
      David English                     110
      John Fenton                         6
      Joseph Humphrey                    16
      John Horsfield                    680
      Joseph Woodward                   200
      Joseph Woodward, Jr.              300
      Thomas Woodward, Esq.             500
   Margaret _

Margaret Fenton _
   bf 1755 Apr 03 to John?
      Tim Mattingly at Fenton GenForum.
   mm ____ ___ __ Peter Gravat _
 with Peter Gravat _, Nine children including son Peter.

John Fenton _
   n. from Lin Doughty: LIPPINCOTT, the skinny on that name
      Daniel Doughty, builder of Northern Liberties of the city of Philadelphia.
      Will recorded in Phil. dated 1807 Aug 06.  Gives estate to wife
      Susannah and legacies to the children of his brothers and sisters: 1)
      There is also a mention of a Joshua Lippincott m Elizabeth White,
      dau. of Joseph White and Rebecca Smith.  All for now.  Gotta run.  Lin
      Sarah Doughty bf mm 1781 Feb 27 John Fenton, Monmouth Co. BR
      William Doughty bm ____ ___ __
      Hester Doughty mm ____ ___ __ _ Swift 06
   wm 1807 Aug 06 PAPCWA Philadelphia County Will Abstracts P3728 B2 P80
      Daniel Doughty, Northern Liberties, Phila. Wharfbuilder provides for wife
      Susanna Doughty, during life or widowhood, after her decease or
      intermarriage he bequeaths all estate to children of brother William
      Doughty and sisters Elizabeth Lippincott, Sarah Fenton and Hester Swift.
      Exrs. friends Jacob Beck and Alexander McKinley.  Signed 1806 Aug 06
      Proved 1807 Aug 21 Letters granted to Jacob Berk and Alexander McKinley.
      Wits: R. Whitehead, Francis Turnre, William Preston, Junr. Recorded P148

Robert Fenton _
   mf 185_ ___ __ Isabella Calvin _
   n. Lived in Ocean and Monmouth Co., N. J.
   dm 1876 Nov 17 at 46
   df 1921 Oct 14
 with Isabella (nee Calvin _) Fenton, 10 children

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John Fenton _
   n. ld 1834 May 03
      Grantor: Simeon Norcross of Springfield Twp., Burlington Co., N. J.
      Grantee: John Barber of Upper Penns Neck, Salem Co., N. J.
      Description: Land formerly owned by Robert Kitts of Upper Penns Neck,
      situate at Sculltown, Upper Penns Neck 1788 May 09.
      see deed posted at Fenton GF#787.
   mf ____ ___ __ Drusilla Kitts _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Robert Kitts
   mm ____ ___ __ Simeon Norcross _
 with Drusilla (nee Kitts _)
   John _
 with Simeon Norcross
   William _   Drucilla _

John Fenton _
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Fenton _ et ux Drusilla (nee Kitts _) Fenton

Eleazar Fenton _
   n.  Might be a Doughty - McCormick/Cormick liason.
       Maybe Stephen Cormick wife Susannah is a Fenton.
       Aaron Ireland mf 1823 May 10 Aksah Fenton    NJ_GCMR P111 CCR.
   n.  From Val (VNC)
   ld 1800 Feb 06 NJ, Salem Co., Book B Deeds. p. 3 & etc.;
      Clerk's Records (map room)
      Grantor: Stephen Cormick, of Gloucester County, Gentleman and wife
      Grantee: Eleazar Fenton
      Surnames: Acton, Buck,Cormick, Cozens, Crips, Dalbow, Fenton, Katts,
      Linch, Lloyd, Swift, Vanneman, Watmouth
      Transaction: Whereas Stephen Cormick, late of Phila, by Will divided real
      estate equally among his children, and Joseph Swift and Anna Cormick,
      Executor and Executrix, purchased lands part in Pilesgrove - 3 tracts,
      for the use of sd. heirs. from Sheriff Whitten Crips by deed 1799 Dec 13.
      Tract #1
      Beginning at a Black oak notched and standing in the Pilesgrove line,
      being a corner to Garret Vanneman's land,
      N 49 deg W 73 perches along sd. land to a Black oak, corner to Vaneman's
      and Linch's lands
      N 64 deg E 122 perches along Linch's land to a black oak corner
      N. 21 deg W 35 perches, crossing Two Penny Run to a post, corner of
      Linch's land
      S 50 deg E 50 perches to a white oak marked WP & NB, standing in the
      Pilesgrove line.
      Then along same to the beginning, containing 35 acres, more or less.
      Tract #2
      Beginning at a White oak corner, then by Vanneman's land
      N 30 deg. W 2 chs and 94 lx.  Still by same,
      S 60 deg W 29 ch and 40 lx to post by same.
      S 60 deg. W 29 ch and 40 lx to a post, still by same.  ,
      N 40 deg. W 12 ch to a white oak corner of Wm. Dalbow's land
      Then by same, N 68 deg & 30" W 2 ch& 1/4 to a post.
      Then N 58 deg W 9 ch to a hickory corner
      Then N 66 deg E 36 ch to a corner
      Then N 38 deg E 7 ch & 1/2 to a black oak corner
      Then by Linch's land, S 39 deg E 20 ch to a black oak
      s 60 deg W 11 ch to beg
      Containing 81 Acres of land and swamp, more or less.
      Track # 3
      Beginning at a White Oak in the Pennsneck line, corner to lands late
      George Katt's, deceased
      S 49 deg E 12 ch & 16 lx to a stake in Lloyd's line.
      Then by lands late of Stephen Cormick, S 38 deg 30" W 80 chs to a stake in
      John Vanneman's line.
      Joining thereon, N 69 deg W 13 chs to a White oak marked N. B.
      Then still joining Cormick and Katts, N 38 deg & 30" E 84 ch & 50 lx to
      first corner Containing 100 acres more or less.
      Richard Cormick, one of the heirs of Stephen Cormick, dec'd, by Quit Claim
      dated 1798 Dec 13, conveyed all right to his brother Stephen Cormick,
      party of these presents
      And whereas James Watmouth and Ann h/w, Daniel Cormick, Sarah Cormick,
      Elizabeth Cormick, as all the other heirs, sold their Rights 1799 Apr 24,
      whereby Stephen Cormick became lawfully seized.
      Now Stephen Cormick and Susannah h/w for the Consideration of L510 gold
      and Silver paid, sell to Eleazer Fenton.
      Witnesses: Samuel Cozens and Jacob Cozens.
      Acknowledged 6 Feb 1800 by John Buck, Justice
      Recorded 1800 Feb 17 Clement Acton, Recorder

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      1. Soundex Fnnn    Fenton

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