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   LB_00  Sarah Field/Jonathan Whitehead

   LB_01  Benjamin Field
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Robert Field _
   ld 1671 Oct 16 LISR P122
      Grantor: Robert Field of Newtown
      Grantee: John Marshall of Newtown
      Description: house & lot bounded east by Thomas Robards.  To be paid for
      in Indian corn at three shillings a bushel, or five shillings a bushel
      for wheat.

LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Sarah Field/Jonathan Whitehead

Sarah Field 07
   bf ____ ___ __ to
   mm 1697 Jul 23 Jonathan Whitehead 07
   bm~1672 ___ __ to Daniel Whitehead 06 et ux Abigail (nee Stevenson 06)
      Whitehead in Jamaica, Queens County, N. Y.
   zm 1713 Apr 18 at 41Y. H. O. Ladd, "Origin & History of Grace Church,
      Jamaica." NY 1914 P270
   n. 1705-9 Member Co. Assembly from Queens Co.
   df probably before Jonathan.
   wm 1736 Jun 13
      Jonathan Whitehead
   dm 1737
      1739 Jul 26 will proved
 with Sarah (nee Field 07) Whitehead
   Daniel 08      Abigail 08     Charity 08     Thomas 08      Benjamin 08
   b1698          b              b              ~1704          b1705
   Sarah 08       Deborah 08     Susannah 08    Susannah 08
   b              b              z1713          b

LINKAGE END 00  Sarah Field/Jonathan Whitehead

Thomas Field _
   n. wm 1703 Nov 17 LISR P138
      George Langley of Flushing.  To wife Rebecca L100, goods, my sheep at
      Block Island, two Indian slaves, they to be freed at her death.  To
      Benjamin Haviland my sheep that he now has.  My plantation near the fresh
      meadow in Flushing, goods & live stock to my friends Samuel Bowne, Benj.
      Haviland & John Ryder, and they to be exrs.
      Executor: Samuel Bowne, Benj. Haviland & John Ryder.
      Witness: Thos. Hinchman, Thomas Field & Samll. Hight.
      dm<1703 Jan 04
      1703 Jan 04 will pro.

Thomas Field _
   mf ____ ___ __ Hannah Thorne _, he of Flushing.
   bf 1680 Aug 26 to Joseph Thorne _ et ux Mary (nee Bowne _) Thorne
   n. GotSF

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LINKAGE BEGIN 01 Benjamin Field

Benjamin Field _
   mf ____ ___ __ Sarah _ widow of Henry Taylor _
   wf 1732 9th __
      Sarah Field, wife of Benjamin, leaves L100 to "my grandson, William
      Doughty."  Leaves all the rest of her moveable estate to "my three
      grandsons, William Doughty, William Marsh and Henry Marsh." (The day
      before this will was made, a deed of trust had been made to Doughty, by
      Benjamin and Sarah Field, covering the major holdings of lands and
      premises.)  William Doughty, Benjamin Field and David Humphrey were
      made executors.
      1734/5 Mar 20 will proved at Hempstead.

Benjamin Field 06
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary _ 06
 with Mary (_ 06) Field
   William 07

William Field 07
   bm 1751 Oct 06 to Benjamin Field 06 et ux Mary (nee _ 06) Field
   mf ____ ___ __ Hannah Taylor 07
   bf 1755 Apr 19 to Timothy Taylor 06 et ux Letitia
   n. Field Family Bible, Bible Records P205, Bucks Co. Hist. Soc.
      The first date is stated as "old style" and the rest were presumed so.
      Therefore two was added to each month and the year bumped if crossed. rwc
   dm 1800 Feb 25
   df 1815 Mar 18 at 60
   n. additional data on the page:  Hannah H. McDowell df 18270412 at 23;
      Charles Yardley Warner dm 18620323 at 33.7.
 with Hannah (nee Taylor 07) Field
   Letitia 08     Benjamin 08    Mary 08        William 08
   b17761106      b17800622      b17830209      b17980506
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Letitia Field 08
   bf 1776 Nov 06 to William Field 07 et ux Hannah (nee Taylor 07) Field

Benjamin Field 08
   bf 1780 Jun 22 to William Field 07 et ux Hannah (nee Taylor 07) Field

Mary Field 08
   bf 1783 Feb 09 to William Field 07 et ux Hannah (nee Taylor 07) Field

William Field 08
   bf 1798 May 06 to William Field 07 et ux Hannah (nee Taylor 07) Field the
      third day of the week between five and six in the afternoon.
   dm 1798 Sep 03

LINKAGE END 01 Benjamin Field
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         of Homestead, L. I., by GEORGE d. a. cOMBES, Pages 11 & 12.  This came
         to me from WANDA SPARKS From Lin Tue May 11 09:07:53 1999
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         Doylestown, PA.
      4. LISR, Long Island Source Records, FWPL 974.71L ~1993.
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      5. GotSF - Genealogy of the Stokes Family by Richard Haines 1903   version by Jim L. Stokes

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Benjamin Field 06 P3                   Benjamin Field 08 P4                  
Benjamin Field _ P3                    Letitia Field 08 P4                   
Mary Field 08 P4                       Robert Field _ P2                     
Sarah Field 07 P2                      Thomas Field _ P2                     
William Field 07 P3                    William Field 08 P4                   


P2, H P2                               P3, S P3                              
Taylor, Hannah 07 P3                   Whitehead, Jonathan 07 P2             
_, Mary 06 P3                                                                

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