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   LB_00  Martin Finkle/Mary Orr of NY.

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Martin Finkle 15
   bm 1818 ___ __ to
   mf~1843 ___ __ Mary Orr 15
   bf 1826 ___ __ to _ Orr 14 et ux Hannah
   n. only evidence thus far is 1850 census of Robert Orr 15 and is there a jump
      to conclusion.
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R496 P190A L27 96/111
      Dutchess Co., Pine Plains
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 14, William H. Tell..., Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Robert Orr                 26M Farmer                  150NY
 Margaret                   19F                            NY
 Susan Jane                  1F                            NY
 Hannah                     51F                            NY
 Peter                      21M Farmer                     NY
 William                    18M Farmer                     NY
 George                     17M Farmer                     NY
 Walter                     15M                            NY
 Martin Finkle              32M Farmer                     NY
 Mary                       24F                            NY
 Sarah                       6F                            NY
 Christy                     4F                            NY
 John                        1M                            NY
 Martin Smith                2M                            NY
 with Mary (nee Orr 15) Finkle
   Sarah 16       Christy 16     John 16
   b1844          b1846          b1849

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Sarah Finkle 16
   bf 1844 ___ __ to Martin Finkle 15 et ux Mary (nee Orr 15) Finkle

Christy Finkle 16
   bf 1846 ___ __ to Martin Finkle 15 et ux Mary (nee Orr 15) Finkle

John Finkle 16
   bm 1849 ___ __ to Martin Finkle 15 et ux Mary (nee Orr 15) Finkle
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      1. Soundex  F524 - Finkle
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Christy Finkle 16 P3                   John Finkle 16 P3                     
Martin Finkle 15 P2                    Sarah Finkle 16 P3                    


Orr, Mary 15 P2                                                              

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