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Jeremiah Goff _
   ld 1768 Jun 07 from copy of original deed.
      Grantor: Daniel Taylor
      Grantee: John Blizzard
      Description:  This Indenture made the Seventh Day of June in the year of
      our Lord One thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Eight and in the Eigth year
      of the Reign of our Soverring George the third by the grace of God of
      Great Britain, King Defender of the faith & etc.  Between Daniel Taylor of
      Salem County and Province of New Jersey yeoman of the one part and John
      Blizard of Cumberland County and province aforesaid yeoman of the other
      part.  Now this Indenture witnesseth that I the Said Daniel Tayler for and
      in consideration of the Sum of Fifty five Pounds Current Lawfull Money of
      Said province to me in hand paid by the Said John Blizard before the
      Sealing and Delivering of these presents, the Receipt whereof I Do hereby
      Acknowledge and myself therewith fully Satisfyed Contented and paid, and
      there of and from Every part and parcel thereof, I Do hereby acquit and
      Discharge the Said John Blizard his heirs, Executors and Administrators
      forever Have Granted, Bargained, Sold, Alleived Enfeofed, Convey and
      Confirmed, and by thes presents fully freely and absolutely Grant,
      Bargain, Sell allieve, Enfeofd, Convey and Confirm unto him the Said John
      Blizard his heirs and Assigns, a Certain tract of Land lying & being
      Situate in Fairfield township in the County and province aforesaid upon
      the Kings Highway that Leads from Dividing Creek Bridge to Dollisis ferry
      over morris River, ans is part and parcel of a tract of Land formerly
      Belonging to Jeremiah Goff Deceasd and by his last will and testament
      Demiseed to his Son Joseph Goff and by him Granted and Conveyed to the
      foresaid Daniel Tayler ans is Bounded as follows viz: Beginint at a Black
      Oak marked twelve notches and the Land ....  ... an Ancient C.... (in
      fold of parchment) Bell. Land Standing the the Edge of the Marsh. thence
      Running South One Degree East ..fty perches into the marsh to the mouth of
      a Small Gut, thence up the Same bounding therwith north about twenty five
      Degrees East fifty Eight perchis to a Stake Standing on an Old Bank.
      thence north One Degree West Seventy Perch.. to a young Black Oack tree
      marked twelve Notchis for a Corner Standing by the Edge of a field and
      Swamp: thence north thirty Degrees west Seventy One perchis to a Small
      Maple marked twelve notchis for a Corner. thence north forty seven
      degrees East forty nine perchis to a black gum marked 12 notchis for a
      corner. thence North El..en Degrees West fifty four perchis to a Black
      Oak marked twelve Notchis for a Corner. thence West Eleven Degrees South
      f...ty Eight perches to a Stake for a Corner. thence North twelve Degrees
      West of a parraleel line with the lines of Bells Land one ...dred and
      twenty Six perches to a Stake. thence South Seventy nine Degrees west to
      a Gum Corner of Bells Land. thence South twelve Degrees East along Bells
      L.ne to the first mentioned Oak Corner, Containing fifty five Acres of
      Land Marsh and Swamp, Together with all and all and Singular the woods,
      ways, waters, fishing fowling and all and Every of the privelidgeis and
      Appurtunances to the Sam.. belonging.  To have and to hold the said fifty
      five Acres of Land Marsh and Swamp as above bouund.. and described to him
      the Said John Blizard his heirs and Assigns forever, and I the Said Daniel
      Tayler for me my heirs, Executors and Administrators, do Covenand and
      promise to and with the said John Blizard his heirs and .ssigns, that
      before and untill the Ensealing and Delivering of these presents I the
      said Daniel Tayler am .o.. and Lawfull Owner of the above Bargained
      premises in mine Own Right, as of a Good and Absolute Estate of
      Inheritance in Fee Simple and have in my Self Good and Lawful Authority to
      Grand and Convey the Same on manner as above and that the said John
      Blizard his heirs and assigns shall and may from time to time and at all
      times forever hreeavter by force and Vertue of these presents.  Lawfully
      and Quietly Have hold Occupy and Enjoy the Said Granted and Bargained
      Premises with all the previledges and Appurtenances to the Same Belonging
      as in any wise appertaining Free and Clear fully Acquitted Exonerated and
      Discharged of and from all manner other and former Gifts Grants, Bargains,
      Sales, or Encumbrances Whatsoever And I the Said Daniel Tayler for me my
      heirs Executors & Administrators Do Covenant and promise to and with the
      Said John Blizard his heirs and assigns by these presents the Said Land
      marsh and Swamp with all the Appurtenances hereby Granted against the
      Lawfull Claim or Demand of me the Said Daniel Tayler my he.rs or assigns,
      and all and every other and manner of De..one whatsoever the same forever
      to warrant and defend.  In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and
      Seal the Day and year first above written - Daniel Taylor (his clearly
      readable sigature.
      Witness: Theo Elmer, Joseph Goff
      Note: the fifth corse and distance being omited in drawing this Deed is
      now interlined as above in these words. thence North forth Seven degrees
      East forth nine perchas to a black bum marked ... .otches for a Corner at
      the time of Signing and Sealing.
   ld 18070620 11-385
      John Goff 106 ac. to John Blizzard for 2000#
   ld 18070708 11-473
      Sam'l Kimble et ux Susannah to Lewis Shellhorn. Susannah is heir of John
      Blizzard, decd who had prcd from John Goff 17ac and 50 ac.
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      1. Soundex G100 - Goff

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