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   LB_00  Henry Buck/Elizabeth Churchill of Wethersfield, CN
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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Margaret Good/William Buck of Wethersfield, CN

Margaret Good 63
   bf 1590 in Sussex, England.
   mm ____ ___ __ William Buck 63
   bm 1585 ___ __ to James Buck 62 et ux in Padbury, England.
   n. 1635 William Buck came to the Americas from England on board the ship
      "Increase", Capt. Robert Le Master, from England to Salem, Mass.
      William was a ploughwright. He was allocated 20 acres by the town of
      Cambridge located in the west field northeast from Garden Street, where
      was formerly one of the highways, now called Raymond Street, led to the
      great swamp.  It was bounded by the stream which divides Woburn from
      Cambridge, on the Winthrop farm and was where he built his home. It is
      said that William had a total of 9 sons all of whom eventually joined him
      in New England. - GenForum Buck file.
   n. GDFSNE. William, Cambridge, ploughwright.
      1635 came in the Increase, aged 50.
   dm 1658 Jan 24 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts and is interred in the
      old cemetery at Harvard Square there.
      1658 Apr __ administration of estate given to son Roger.
   n. Craig Westerman & I seek proof of these children.
 with William Buck 63.  No known proof for these children.
   Isaac 64       James 64       Christian 64   John 64        Roger 64
   ~1602          ~1603          ~1609          b16131219      b1617
   Thomas 64      Emanuel 64     Grace 64       Henry 64
   ~1618          ~1623          ~1624          b1626

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      1. Soundex Gnnn Good

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