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   LB_00  Thomas Hanson 64/Mary

      Thomas Hanson                    Mary                               64  9G
      Elizabeth Hanson                 John Hance b1634                   65  8G
      Mary Hance b                     James Antrim b                     66  7G
      Elizabeth Antrim b               Joseph Garwood ~1700               67  6G
      Rachel Garwood b1735             John Scott b                       68  5G
      Rachel Scott b1772               Benjamin Adams b1755               69  4G
      John Adams b1793                 Clarissa C. Roberts b1793          70  3G
      Charles Garwood Adams b1819      Rebecca Ann Shaw b1823             71  2G
      Catharine A. Adams b1858         John William Crossley b1862        72  1G
      Clarence Weslen Crossley b1894   Hannah Remick Townsend b1892       73  gp
      Kathryn Adams Crossley b1924     Warren Southwood Cook b1921        74   p

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Thomas Hanson 64/Mary

Thomas Hanson 64
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary _ 64
 with Mary
   Elizabeth 65

Elizabeth Hanson 65
   bf ____ ___ __ to Thomas Hanson 64 et ux Mary
   mm ____ ___ __ John Hance 65
   bm 1634 ___ __ to Hewe Hance 64 et ux Anne (nee Lashbroocke 64) Hance
   ld ____ ___ __ NJ, Monmouth Co. Deeds, B_B P53 #124
      Grantor: John Bonne of Flushing in Long Iyland
      Grantee: Samuell Dennis & William Leeds
      Description: Whereas Samuell Dennis formerly gave William Leeds an order
      to dispose of the share of land that he and ... William Leeds bought of
      John Bonne of Flushing in Long Iyland provided the said order was not
      cancelled these are to signifie ... that he does by these presents firmly
      ... revoke the sd. order and all other writtings... concerning the
      disposeing of the sd. share of land .... dated 1688 Jun 26; signed -
      Sam'l Dennis.]
      1688 Jun 26 Ordered to be recorded; signed Justices John Hance, Petter
      Tilton, Lewis Morris.
   ld 1706 Dec 14 NJ, MCDR B_D P? #? (I didn't get previous page).
      Shrewsbury.. Whereas ye sd John Reid [is seized].. of an undivided tenth
      part of an undivided twenty fourth part of All that ... Portion of land
      formerly called East New Jersey.. excepting ye land of ye first Dividend,
      ye land of ye second dividend, and ye addition to ye second Dividend land
      belonging to the sd Tenth part of ye Property.  Now this Indenture...
      [sells for 5 shillings to John Hance]... [All that undivided 1/12th of
      undivided 1/10th of an undivided 1/24th part]... of All that Eastern
      Division of ye Provence of New Jerse3y .. [with the above exception] ...
      [Reid claims the land by a deed from Marion Cambell and John Cambell dated
      May 1 last]...,
      Signed: John Reid
      Witnesses: H. Lindley, George Allin-[Black]Smith, Edmond Lafetra
      1706 Dec 14 acknowledged by Reid before George Allin.
      1707 Jun 10 recorded.
   ld ____ ___ __ NJ, Monmouth Co. Deeds, B_D P187 #99
      Grantor: Richard Hartshorne of Middletown
      Grantee: James Bowne of Middletown
      1785 Sep 22 Richard Hartshorne acknowledged this deed before John Hance
      1707 Jun 13 recorded.
   dm 1709
 with John Hance 65
   Mary 66        Elizabeth 66   Deborah 66     Judah 66       John 66
   b16700729      b16721008      b16740301      b16800130      b16820311
   Isaac 66

LINKAGE END 00  Thomas Hanson 64/Mary

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      2. GenForum Hance - Rebecca Frank

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Elizabeth Hanson 65 P2                 Thomas Hanson 64 P2                   


Hance, John 65 P2                      _, Mary 64 P2                         

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