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   LB_00  Eunice Higgins/Isaac Fish
         Thanks to Hobson Woodward and Powell Woodward, Anne L. Kerr.
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Jediah Higgins _
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary _ _
   n. 1682 List of Freeholders of Piscataway  LDSR0946001
      1684 Constable
      1691 J. Higgins., Overseer of Highways
      1696 Deputy
 with Mary
   Ann _          Rose _
   b16840308      b168_0606

Thomas Higgins _
   n. LDSR0946001
   n. 1682 List of Freeholders of Piscataway  LDSR0946001
      1687 Overseer of Highways
      1694 Deputy

Frank Higgins _
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth _ _
   n. LDSR0946001
 with Elizabeth
   Jonathan _     Sarah _
   b16831118      b16860915

Elenkan _
   mf ____ ___ __ Alice _ _
   n. LDSR0946001
 with Alice
   Elizabeth _

   lm NJ, Burlington Co., 1766-1863 Index to Mortgages #1
      Book C, Letter H 1800 Apr 18 - 18050826
         Eleakim Higgins to Mr. Blakely  56
      Book E, Letter H 18071105-18130714
         Jos. Higgins to E. Rockhill     423
      Book F, Letter H 1813 Jul 14 - 1818 Mar 30
         Goldy Higgins to James Pancoast  14
         Goldy Higgins to Mr. Rogers      74
      Book L, Letter H 18340909 - 18370425
         Jno. Higgins to James Pancoast  240

Eliakim Higgins
   son_dow3 _     dau_dow3 _     son_dow1
   b17800910      b17820319      b17850725

Bridget Higgins _
   mm 1733 Oct 16 John Rhodes _ both of Burlington, cordwainer and
      spinster.  GMONJ NJML 1724-34 P23.

Katherine Higgins _
   mm 1742 May 21 Joseph Campbell _, PA_1stPCR.

Ichabod Higgins _
   mm 1763 Oct 27 Gemima Nola _, PA_SPPECR.

Patrick Higgins _
   mm 1770 Jun 11 Dorothea Pennyfeather _ by license, PA_SM&ZCR.

John Higgins _
   mm 1789 Nov 19 Nancy Glover _ PA_SM&ZCR

Franklin B. Higgins _
   n. Elizabeth Linton, Mary L, PA_SPMECR P127

Catherine Higgins _
   n. PA_SPMECR P60

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LINKAGE BEGIN  00 Eunice Higgins/Isaac Fish

Susannah Huggins 69
   bf~1760 ___ __ to Benjamin Higgins 68 et ux Rebecca (nee _ 68) Higgins of
      Allentown, NJ
   mm 1782 Apr 06 Isaac Fish 69 by license, PA_SM&ZCR.
   bm 1755 ___ __ to Isaac Fish 68 et ux Hester (nee _ 68) Fish of
      Gloucester Co., NJ.
   n. My father and I are descendants of Isaac Fish and his first wife
      Susannah Huggins (who we hope to prove was the sister of your ancestor and
      Isaac's second wife Eunice Huggins). We, too, were stuck for a long time
      on who the father of Susannah and Eunice Huggins was, but we believe we
      have a good lead and thought you would like to know too.
         We, too, found that strange Gloria Dei record in which Eunice says she
      cannot remember the name of her father. We thought that was a dead end,
      until we noticed another marriage record in the same collection (the
      collection we examined was a transcript entitled "Old Swedes Church,
      Gloria Dei, Marriages" which we viewed at the PA Historical Society in
      Philadelphia). The second record (on p. 1939) states the following:
      "1798 December 16
      Benjamin Huggins, son of decsd. Benjm and Rebecca Huggins, heret.
      [resides?] in Phil. p. [age] thirty.  Sarah Guy, dr. of decsd. Alexander
      and Ann Guy, heret. in Phil. p.  twenty-three Ev. pr. George Gibson,
      Susannah Staires. All of Philadel."
         We believe that Benjamin Jr. and Eunice were siblings, and that
      therefore Eunice was the daughter of Benjamin Huggins, and here's why: we
      note that in both cases the mother is named Rebecca and that the fact that
      the father was apparently deceased in 1798 might explain why Eunice could
      not remember his name when she married in 1800 - not proof, but we think
      good evidence.
         Furthermore, we were intrigued by the reference to the will of John
      Huggan, which you state mentions his granddaughter Eunice (our question
      is: might it also have mentioned a granddaughter named Susannah?). We were
      also intrigued by your suggestion on WorldConnect that John Huggan was
      2002 Apr 13 Hobson Woodward and Powell Woodward, Rowley and Cambridge, MA
      personal communication.
   df 1795 Aug 15
 with Isaac Fish 69

Eunice Higgins 69
   bf 1773 ___ __ to Benjamin Higgins 68 et ux Rebecca (nee _ 68) Higgins of
      Allentown, NJ
   mm 1800 Apr 26 Isaac Fish 69 Old Swedes Church, Phila, PA
   bm 1755 ___ __ to Isaac Fish 68 et ux Hester (nee _ 68) Fish of
      Gloucester Co., NJ
   n. From frogette@bedford.net 1999 Apr 10 20:35:32 Sat
      > Why Huggins and not Higgins.
          It was Huggins on the marriage record between Eunice and Isaac
      Fish.  They married at Gloria Dei Church in Philadelphia.   Isaac
      gave his parents names as Isaac and Hester, but Eunice stated as
      being from Allentown, NJ  (in Monmouth Co.) and gave only her
      mother's name, Rebecca, saying she did not remember her father's
      name, as she had been "long away from her family"  (She was about 29 years
      old at that time, 1800).  In the will of John Huggan (Hugan, Huggin, etc.
       many spellings.....) in 1779 (when Eunice would have been about 8
      years old)  he mentions granddaughters "Lukey Ackley and Unice
      Huggin".  I still have no idea who her father might have been.
   wm 1824 Oct 30 ANJ 3540H
      Be it remembered that I, Isaac Fish of the Township of Waterford in the
      County of Gloucester and State of New Jersey being aged and infirm but of
      sound and disposing mind and memory do make and constitute this instrument
      to be my last will and testament in manner and form following i. e.
      First.  I give and beaueath to my beloved wife Eunice Fish Three hundred
      dollars a year to be paid to her as shall be herein after directed;  I
      also give her two beds and bedding & half a dozen chairs of her own choice
      and also my case of Drawers, new bureau and large blue chest in lieu of
      her right of Dower.
      Second.  I devise to my son Charles H. Fish all my fishery opposite and
      adjacent to my farm at the place commonly called Fishes pointe with the
      cabbin thereon to him his heirs and assigns forever on the following
      condition, viz;  He is to occupy as much of the shore as may be necessary
      to fish the ground during the fishing season only and at other seasons
      the use & privilige of the shore is to belong to my son Benjamin Fish who
      also is to have the privilege of going from and coming to the said shore
      in the fishing season with any craft or crafts which may not impede the
      regular occupancy of the fishery and my son Charles H. Fish is to pay to
      my wife Eunice Fish one hundred dollars a year & deliver her one hundred
      shad a year during her natural life the first payment to be made in forty
      days aafter my decease and then continued annually and the shad to be
      delivered annually on the first Monday in May ..........
      Thirdly, I give to my son Jeremiah Fish eighty acres of the plantation
      which I purchased of Samuel Cooper beginning at the river Delaware and
      continuing up the width of the farm until the said eighty acres shall be
      included together with the buildings & improvements thereon to him his
      heirs and assigns forever with paying to my beloved wife Eunice Fish one
      hundred dollars per year during her natural life the first payment to be
      made in five months after my decease.......
      Fourth.  I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Fish eight acres of the
      plantation whereon he now resides at Fishes Point of that part thereof
      adjacent to the river Delaware with the buildings and improvements there-
      unto belong to him his heirs and assigns forever.  I devise also to him
      the meadow on Petties Island which I purchased of Joseph Hay known by the
      name of the Hay lot, also the lot purchased of my son Charles known by the
      name of the Wilkins lot together with all the bank and footing pertaining
      to any and all my meadow on the said island to him his heirs and assigns
      forever with paying to my wife Eunice Fish one hundred dollars annually
      during her natural life the first payment to be made in one year after my
      Fifth.  If my son Isaac Fish should ever return in person, I bequeath to
      him the sum of one hundred fifty dollars per year during his natural life
      to be paid by my sons Charles H. Fish, Jeremiah Fish and Benjamin Fish,
      fifty dollars each out of what has been heretofore devised to them.
      Sixth.  I give to my granddaughter Eunice Browning one acre of land of the
      tract purchased of Hosea Oliphant to join David Clements land and to be
      laid off by a line at right angles with the Burlington road provided she
      should live to the age of twenty one years to her, her heirs & assigns
      forever my executors to have charge of the same with the profits thereof
      until she arrives at the said age but should she not live to the said age
      of twenty one then the said lot is to be the property of her mother Grace
      Seventh.  All the residue and remainder of my estate both real and
      personal after my just debts, expenses and funeral charges are paid, I
      give and bequeath to my eight daughters namely: Grace, wife of William
      Browning; Rebecca, wife of Joshua Stone; Anna, wife of Samuel Rudderow;
      Kitturah Fish, Eunice Fish, Susannah Fish, Rachel Fish and Elizabeth Fish
      to them their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided between
      them, their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided between them,
      share and share alike.
      Eighth.  I also give and bequeath to each of my daughters which shall
      remain single at the ti e of my decease (excepting the youngest called
      Elizabeth) one hundred & fifty dollars each to be paid to them at the age
      of twenty one years or at the time of their marriage if they should marry
      before twenty one by my two sons Jeremiah and Benjamin seventy-five
      dollars each out of the property herein before devised to them.
      Ninth.  If my youngest daughter (Elizabeth) should remain single at the
      time of my decease, I then give & bequeath unto her the sum of two
      hundred dollars to be paid to her at the age of twenty one or at the time
      of her marriage if she should marry before she arrives at the age of
      twenty one years by my son Charles H. Fish out of the property herein
      before devised to him.
      Tenth.  It is my will that whatever property may be found in the possess-
      ion of my wife at the time of her decease should be equally divided among
      my eight daughters, herein before mentioned, share and share alike between
      Eleventh and lastly, I appoint and constitude my son Jeremiah Fish and my
      son-in-law Samuel Rudderow executors of this my testament and last will.
      In testimony of all which I have hereunto set my hand and seal this
      thirtieth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand eight
      hundred and twenty four. ..............  1824 ................
      Signed, sealed, pronounced published and declared by the said Isaac Fish
      to be his last will and testament in the presence of us.
      1824 Dec 22 proven and recorded in the Surrogates office in Woodbury in
      Lib B - folio 541 of wills, Jacob Glover, Surr.
   wf 1836 May 30 proven, Inventory
   df ____ ___ __ interred St. Mary's, Colestown
 with Isaac Fish 69
   Charles H 70   Jeremiah 70    George 70      Benjamin 70    Isaac 70
   b              b              b179508        b18011116      b
   Grace 70       Rebecca 70     Anna 70        Kitturah 70    Eunice 70
   b              b              b              b              b
   Susannah 70    Rachel 70      Elizabeth 70
   b              b              b

LINKAGE END 00  Eunice Higgins/Isaac Fish
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Israel Higgins _
   n. 1831 Feb 19 Washington Whig, Franklin Ferguson - Publisher, Index P196.
      (cont.) repaired, and house pipe made and put in at the shortest notice,
      Israel Higgins, and Thomas J. Painter.

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   n. Higgins_NJ1850_monoline

John Higgins _
   bm 1804 ___ __
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R443 P103B L32  295/314.
      NJ, Burlington Co., Chesterfield Twp., Moorestown.
      Enumerated: 1850 Oct 05, Jos. H. Smith, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 John Higgins               46M Hostler                    England
 Elizabeth  "               45F                            England
 Charles     "               8M                            NJ       S

Thomas Higgins _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R455 P217A L39 285/286.
      NJ, Middlesex Co., South Amboy Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 19, Simon Abraham, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Thomas Higgins             50M Laborer                 300NJ
 Julia A.   "               42F                            NJ       S
 Theadore French            12M                            NJ
 John Higgins               15M                            NJ
 Elijah "                   13M                            NJ       S
 Edgar  "                   11M                            NJ       S
 Arastus  "                  8M                            NJ       S
 James "                     6M                            NJ
 Emma   "                    3M                            NJ       S

   n. End monoline

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      1. Soundex H252 - Higgins, Huggins
      2. Pennsylvania Archives Series
         PA_1stPCR First Presbyterian Church Records 1702-1745
         PA_SM&ZCR St. Michael's & Zion Church Records 1745-1800
         PA_SPPECR St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church Records
         PA_3rdPCR Third Presbyterian Church Records 1775-1889
         PA_APCR - Abington Presbyterian Church Record
         PA_SPMECR - St. Paul's Methodist/Episcopal Church Records LDS0387881
         PA_MRRJC - Marriage Register of Rev. Joseph Castle 1825-1874.

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Bridget Higgins _ P2                   Catherine Higgins _ P2                
Elenkan _ P2                           Eliakim Higgins P2                    
Eunice Higgins 69 P3                   Frank Higgins _ P2                    
Franklin B. Higgins _ P2               Ichabod Higgins _ P2                  
Israel Higgins _ P4                    Jediah Higgins _ P2                   
John Higgins _ P2                      John Higgins _ P5                     
Katherine Higgins _ P2                 Patrick Higgins _ P2                  
Susannah Huggins 69 P3                 Thomas Higgins _ P2                   
Thomas Higgins _ P5                                                          


Fish, Isaac 69 P3                      Fish, Isaac 69 P3                     
P2, A P2                               P2, D P2                              
P2, E P2                               P2, G P2                              
P2, J P2                               P2, J P2                              
P2, M P2                               P2, N P2                              

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