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Timothy Horsfield 66
   bm 1673 Aug 16 to
   mf 1730 Mar 20 Mary Doughty 66, he of Brookland, she of Flushing.  Records of
      Hempstead, LI, NY.  LDSR#0017693.
   bf 1704 ___ __ to Elias Doughty 65 et ux Elizabeth (nee Hinchman 65) Doughty
   n. Ethan Allen Doty, in preparing his extensive genealogy of the Mayflower
      Doty family, spent a lot of time separating Dotys from Doughtys.  The
      names were often used interchangeably - more by Dotys using the Doughty
      spelling.  When he had completed his work he offered an article to The New
      York Genealogical and Biographical Society and that work was printed in
      their publication NYG&B RECORD(1912).  In 1987 Editor Henry Hoff gathered
      up most of the published articles on Long Island Families and produced two
      volumes called Genealogies of Long Island Families.
         Outlining as briefly as I can, it lists children of the Rev. Doughty
      (Mary, Francis, Elias and Enoch).  Lists m. of Elias(2) and shows his
      children - one being Elias(3) who married Elizabeth Hinchman.  This couple
      is said to have had 8 children "the names rest on tradition" says Doty.
      He goes on to list as the 7th ch., Mary(4) who marries Timothy Horsfield,
      stating that they had several children.
         I later found in Pennsylvania German Church Records, V2, the statement
      that he Horsfield) was born in Liverpool, Eng. 1673 Aug 17. I have a note
      saying he was married 1731 in Flushing, NY and died 1761 in Bethlehem, Pa.
      I stated: See many letters between him and Governor Robert Hunter Morris
      (PA.) while he (Horsfield) was Justice for Northampton County (period
         Burial; Old Moravian Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pa. Trade: Butcher.  Life: He
      entertained many Moravian missionaries on their way from and to Europe and
      the West Indies. (Unknown where he was living at this period but probably
      Pa.  He had moved to Bethlehem in 1749 and was appointed their first
      Justice of the Peace, which office he held for 12 years. Twelve children
      survived him.
         I have a book: Daily Stories of Pennsylvania,  Frederick A. Godcharles,
      Milton, Pa. 1924 and came across an article about a Bethlehem Hopital Base
      during the Revolution. The story lists a number of the residents from that
      and earlier times. Following an item describing The Church Store on Market
      St, which during the Rev. War housed many of the sick and wounded,
      Godcharles goes on to write:
         The dwelling of Thomas Horsfield was nearby. He was a hero of the
      French and Indian War, a colonel of the Provincial forces and magistrate.
      Many refugees from Philadelphia and New York were provided a temporary
      home by the old veteran. End.
         French and Indian Wars (just to refresh our memories - I had to ck my
      encyclopedia- was between 1698 and 1763.)      Dorothy Scott
         Note that the Mary Doughty who married Timothy Horsfield and afterwards
      went to Pa. was the sister of Thomas Doughty who married Elizabeth Ismond.
      DMS. What a gal - rwc75. Many children...
   n. History of Allegheny county, Pa. 1889  P247.
         Timothy Horsfield was one of the founders of the Moravian Church in New
         He was a Colonel and removed to Northampton Co., Pa. where he became an
      active colonial officer.  Their son, Joseph Horsfield, who was a member of
      the first Constitutional Convention of Pennsylvania, married a daughter
      of Daniel Benezet.
         Parents of Eliza Horsfield who married Jacob Wolle, the son of a
      Moravian missionary in the West Indies.
         Dr. Thomas Horsfield, naturalist of Sir Stamford Raffles' expedition is
      a descendant.
   n. Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society, Vol. V, No. 3,
      "Old Moravian Cemetery of Bethlehem, Pa., 1742-1897, "Augustus Schultze
      and No. 4, "Index to Old Moravian Cemetery of Bethlehem, Pa."
      "Timothy Horsfield, 1708-73; born in Liverpool, England; butcher; came to
      America in his 17th year and, in 1731 married Mary DOUGHTY of Long Island.
      Having made the acquaintance of D[avid]. NITSCHMANN and Peter BOEHLER, he
      entertained many Moravian missionaries on their way from and to Europe and
      the West Indies. In 1749 he moved to Bethlehem and was appointed the first
      "Justice of the Peace," which office he held for 12 years. Three children
      survive him."
   dm 1761
 with Mary (nee Doughty 66) Horsfield
   Timothy 67     Joseph 67      Eliza 67
   b              b              b

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Richard Horsfield _
   bm<1710 ?
   n. NJ_HOMonC P613-614
      1731 Apr 01 Taxable Inhabitants of Upper Freehold "A Tax For raising
      Money By order of y^e Justices & Freeholders, for Building A Cort house In
      y^e County of Monmouth". A few of interest here:
      Thomas Doughty                    170 acres
      John King                         450
      Richard Horsfield                 250
      Benjamin Lawrence                 950
      John Lawrence, Sr.                300
      John Williams                     100
      John Dennis                       240
      Widow Lawrence                    300
      Widow Woodward                     15
      Thomas Woodward                   400
      Joseph Woodward                   250

John Horsfield _
   bm<1737 ?
   n. NJ_HOMonC P614-616 As in 1731, John Lawrence is the Assessor.
      1758 Oct List of all the Taxables in the Township of Upper Freehold, in
      Monmouth Co., NJ.
      William Eastman                   150
      John Eastman                      330
      Daniel Dole
      Robert English
      Robert English, Jr.               110
      David English                     110
      John Fenton                         6
      Joseph Humphrey                    16
      John Horsfield                    680
      Joseph Woodward                   200
      Joseph Woodward, Jr.              300

Stephen Horsfield _
   n. GenForum Whitehead 1777  -
      "Arthur Smith aged Forty-nine years ould or thereabouts said that the 22nd
      of August last past, being desired to go and see the widow Katherine Bathe
      that lay sick at the house of Stephen Horsefield her sonne-in-law, I went
      and Henry Clarke and John Watson with me and when the aforesaid widow saw
      me shee seemed to be very glad and tould me that she had a greate desire
      to make a will to dispose of that little she had and desired me to take
      notice of her words, and then tould me that all she had she did not give
      to her sonne-in-law Stephen Horsefield and his wife and children but one
      Weather she would give to her son Arthur Whitehead. Your deponent asked
      her whether that was all she would give her sonne she said "yes", for she
      had never bene noe help to Stephen Horsefield nor his wife since they was
      married and had always nene helping her sonne Arthur Whitehead, and told
      us there was five cows and three calves and two yearlinges heifers and
      three ould sheep at Arthur Whitehead of hers that she gave to her son
      Stephen Horsefield and three or four sheep at Stephen's house of hers, and
      what other things that was hers, as debts or any household goodes, she
      gave it all to her son-in-law Stephen Horsefield, only the aforesaid
      Weather for he must look after her as long as she lived declaring of it
      with weeping tears how unnatural her said sonne Arthur Whitehead was to
      her, this can be disposed of..."8William West Whitehead (Arthur2,Arthur1)
      was born in 1672 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia and died Abt. 1723 in
      Edgecombe County, NC. He married Rachel Lewis McKinney about 1700 in Isle
      of Wight County, VA.. William and Rachel had two children: Jacob, born
      Abt. 1712 and died Abt. 1761, William Jr. Born in Isle of Wight County,
      VA., and died Bef. 1750 in Edgecombe County, NC..

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