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   LB_00  Henry Howland/Mary Newland

      John Howland b                   Emma Revell                        62 11G
      Henry Howland b                  Anne Margaret Aires                63 10G
      Henry Howland ~1564              Mary Newland b                     64  9G
      Elizabeth Howland b              Jedediah Allen b  b                65  8G
      Esther Allen b1677               James Adams b1671                  66  7G
      Thomas Adams b1699               Hannah Sharp b1700                 67  6G
      Joseph Adams b1732               Elizabeth Lynch b1734              68  5G
      Benjamin Adams b1755             Rachel Scott b1772                 69  4G
      John Adams b1793                 Clarissa C. Roberts b1793          70  3G
      Charles Adams b1819              Rebecca Ann Shaw b1823             71  2G
      Catharine Adams b1858            John William Crossley b1862        72  1G
      Clarence Wesley Crossley b1894   Hannah Remick Townsend b1893       73  gp
      Kathryn Adams Crossley b1924     Warren Southwood Cook b1921        74   p

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Henry Howland/Mary Newland

John Howland 62
   mf 1563 ___ __ Emme Revell 62 in London, England.
 with Emme (nee Revell 62) Howland
   Henry 63

Henry Howland 63
   bm~1564 ___ __ to John Howland 62 et ux Emme (nee Revell 62) Howland
   mf 1589 Apr 26 Anne Margaret Aires 63 at Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.
   n. There is more on their children.
   dm 1635 May 17 at Fen Stanton, Hunts, England.
 with Anne Margaret (nee Aires 63) Howland
   Henry 64

Henry Howland 64
   bm ____ ___ __ to Henry Howland 63 et ux Anne Margaret (nee Aires 63) Howland
   mf~16__ ___ __ Mary Newland 64
   bf 1609 ___ __ to John Newland 63 et ux Mary
   dm 1671 Jan 17 at Duxbury, MA.
   df 1674 Jan 17 at Duxbury, MA.
   n. 1998 Nov 12 GenForum #36 Mary Tucker Welch.
 with Henry Howland 64
   Elizabeth 65   Abigail 65     Samuel 65
   b              ~1630          b

Elizabeth Howland 65
   bf~164_ ___ __ to Henry Howland 64 et ux Mary (nee Newland 64) Howland
   mm~1668 ___ __ Jedediah Allen 65
   bm 1646/7 Jan 03 to Ralph Allen 64 et ux Esther (nee Swift 64) Allen at
      Sandwich, MA.
   n. NJ_HOMonC - New Jersey, History of Monmouth County - Ellis
      lived in northwest corner, Shrewsbury NJ_HOMonC P575
      <1692 emigrated from New England before NJ_HOMonC P620.
      1695 trustee of Friends' Meeting of Shrewsbury NJ_HOMonC P577
      1700 settler in Monmouth <1700 NJ_HOMonC P82.
      1700 member of Court of Inauiry NJ_HOMonC P98
      1703 member General Assembly, East Jersey NJ_HOMonC P36
   n. Sandwich Friends Register of B & M has a partial index showing the
      marriage on P61, but that page is missing from the book.
   n. 1695 Mar 05
      Grantee: Jedediah Allen, Peter Tilton and Remembrance Lippingot
      Description: one acre at Shrewsbury "to ye use benifitt & behoof of
      ye poor people belonging to ye Religious Socity of ye people of God
      called quakers forever and for a place to erect a meeting house and
      make a burying place."
   wm 1711 Sep 15 - 1711/2 Feb 06
      Jedediah Allen  names wife Elizabeth and 12 children, 2
      grandchildren and Mary, daughter of John Allen of Woodbridge.
   dm 1711/2 Jan 21 at Shrewsbury, NJ.
      inventory L1454:7:5  NJW-Unrec. 11:311;12:310
   df>1713 ___ __ Ply. Co. Wills, V3 P2,P10; Howland Gen.: 68-69; NEHGR
      25:146; AGDRI:65
 with Elizabeth (nee Howland 65) Allen
   Experience 66  Ephraim 66     Elisha 66      Nathan 66      Judah 66
   b16690830      b16701230      b16721017      b16730202      b16751017
   Esther 66      Ralph 66       Henry 66       Mary 66        Patience 66
   b16770326      b16780107      b16790324      b16811115      b16830508
   Meribah 66     David 66       Jonathan 66
   b16861112      b16891016      b16891016

LINKAGE END 00  Henry Howland/Mary Newland

James Howland _
   wm 1748 Nov 13 NJACOW V30 P249  Lib. E, P257.
      James Howland of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of.
      Wife, Deborah, executrix.  Son, Thomas, lands he now lives on in Dartmouth
      in New England and L120. Son, James, lands he lives on in Dartmouth and
      L120.  Daughter, Elizabeth.  Three younger sons, Cook, George and Charles,
      lands in Shrewsbury.  Daughter, Ruth.  Refers to "new house" when
      Witness: William Osborn, James Osborn, Jon. Herring.
      1748 Dec 13 proved.
      1748/9 Feb 04 Cook Howland affirmed.
      1748 Dec 27 Inventory of the estate, including a turning lathe, turning
      tools, part of a box of Locker's Pills, some "Jazuits Bark," gun, pillion,
      3 powder horns and 3 shot bags, part of cask of powder, bonds from Britten
      White, William Brand, Jacob Taylor, Francis Hance, James Parker and Peter
      White, 10 gal. rum, 45 gals. molasses, silver tankard (L14), silver
      porringer (L4).  Made by Gisbert Longstreet, Gershom Bills, William
      1748/9 Feb 04 Bond of Cook Howland, of Shrewsbury, as administrator, with
      will annexed.  Daniel Cornell, of Shrewsbury, and Richard Fitz Randolf, of
      Perth Amboy, fellow bondsmen.
      Witness: John Royce, Thomas Bartow.
 with Deborah
   Thomas _       James _        Cook _         George _       Charles _
   b              b              b              b              b
   Elizabeth _    Ruth _
   b              b

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      1. Soundex H___ Howland

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Elizabeth Howland 65 P2                Henry Howland 63 P2                   
Henry Howland 64 P2                    James Howland _ P2                    
John Howland 62 P2                                                           


Aires, Anne 63 P2                      Allen, Jedediah 65 P2                 
Newland, Mary 64 P2                    Revell, Emme 62 P2                    

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