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   LB_00  Jonathan Humphries/Sarah Doughty
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Samuel Humphreys 64
   n. of Portheven parish of Llanegrin or Llanglyning.
   Daniel 65

Daniel Humphreys 65
   bm 1660 6th __ to Samuel Humphreys born in Llangelynin, Merionethshire.
   mf 1683 ___ __ Hannah Wynne 65 at Merion Monthly Meeting, 1695 8th [11,25],
      he a bachelor, of Haverford West, then in Chester and now Delaware Co., PA
   bf ____ ___ __ to Thomas Wynne 64 et ux Martha (nee Buttall 64) Wynne in
      England or Wales, sixth daughter.
   n. Doughty: bm  Daniel Humphrey 65 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 65) Humphrey in
   wm 1734 9th 26
      Daniel Humphreys, will.
   dm<1735 Apr 7 probably at Haverford shortly.
   df 1750 7th 22 interred Old Haverford Burying Ground.
      "Our .. friend, Hannah Humphrey, widow, received a gift .. the ministry,
      about the year 1700, which she exercized in humility and lowliness of
      mind, to the effort and edification of the hearers in general and lived
      in love and unity with Friends."
   n. children from page 577,578 and I don't have 578.
 with Hannah (nee Wynn 65) Humphreys
   Samuel 66      Thomas 66      Jonathan 66    Hannah 66      Benjamin 66
   b16960603      b16970420      b16980709      b16991129      b17011107
   Charles 66

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Samuel Humphries 66
   bm 1696 6th 03 to Daniel Humphreys 66 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 66) Humphreys
   dm 1784 2nd 24 at ~88.  Left a legacy to his brother Charles.

Thomas Humphries 66
   bm 1697 4th 20 to Daniel Humphreys 66 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 66) Humphreys

Jonathan Humphries 66
   bm 1698 7th 09 to Daniel Humphreys 66 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 66) Humphreys
   mf 1724 8th 09 Sarah Doughty 66 Hunterdon Co., NJ Hinshaw's Quaker
      Genealogy, Volume 2 Burlington MM (p215)
   bf 1704 11th 19 to Jacob Doughty 65 et ux Amy (nee Whitehead 65) Doughty
   df 1744 Jul __ interred 23 Merion, PA
   dm 1771 8th __
      1771 8th 27 interred Merion.
 with Jonathan Humphrey 66
   Amy 67

Hannah Humphreys 66
   bf 1699 11th 29 to Daniel Humphreys 66 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 66) Humphreys
   mm 1758 ___ 27 Abraham Dawes 66 of Whitpain Twp., widower
   bm 1704 9th 01
   dm 1776 Feb __ his obituary in Pennsylvania Gazette.  No issue by Hannah.
   df 1785 8th 01

Benjamin Humphreys 66
   bm 1701 11th 07 to Daniel Humphreys 66 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 66) Humphreys
   mf 1725/6 12th 24 Esther Warner 66 at Merion Meeting House.
   bf ____ ___ __ to Isaac Warner 65 et ux Ann (nee Crav... 65) Warner
   df 1775 11th __ interred 1775 11th 26

Charles Humphreys 66
   bm ____ ___ __ to Daniel Humphreys 66 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 66) Humphreys

Joshua Humphreys 66
   bm 1707/8 Jan 10 to Daniel Humphreys 66 et ux Hannah (nee Wynn 66) Humphreys
   mf 1742 Sep 11 Sarah Williams 66
   dm 1791 Nov
 with Sarah (nee Williams 66) Humphreys
   Joshua 66

Joshua Humphreys 66
   bm 1751 Jun 12 to Joshua Humphreys 66 et ux Sarah (nee Williams 66) Humphreys
   n. 1762 apprenticed to James Penrose (maybe 1765).
   n. 1774 joined partnership with John Wharton (cousin?).
   n. 1775-6 outfitted Ezek Hopkins' squadron.
   mf 1776 Jan 18 Mary Davids 66
   bf 1757 Dec 28
   n. 1776 Apr 03 disunited from Friends Society for "... learning wrlike
      excersises; and has also lately accomplished his marriage contrary to the
      good order established amongst us."
   n. 1776 possible Philadelphia City Militia.
      1777 Jul to 1779 Apr 6'th Batallion, 8'th Batallion.
   n. notes contributed by R. L. Eddy 1992/08/24
   df 1805 Aug 22
   dm 1838 Jan 12
 with Mary (nee Davids 66) Humphreys
   Samuel 66

Samuel Humphreys 66
   bm 1778 Nov 23 to Joshua Humphreys 66 et ux Mary (nee Davids 66) Humphreys
   mf 1808 Mar 31 Letitia Atkinson 66
   bf 1786 Jul 16
   dm 1846 Aug 16
   df 1859 Jan 24

LINKAGE END 00  Jonathan Humphries/Sarah Doughty
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John Humphries _
   mf 1758 May 08 Sarah Doughty _ he of Burlington - Craig P120

_ Humphreys _
   mf ____ ___ __ Margaret (nee _ _) Lewis _
   wf 1817 Apr 15 Abstract of Philadelphia County Wills B7 N145 P5156
      Proved 1821 Oct 03
      Margaret Humphreys formerly of Lower Merion Township, now of Phila.,
      widow - Legacies to son David Lewis and to my son Alexander Lewis, should
      he return home within sixteen years - all residue of estate to my
      daughters Cisley, (wife of William Mendenhall) Margaret (wife of William
      Garrigues, Junior) and Mary Thomas, (wife of Joseph Thomas) and to all
      children of sd. daughter Mary. Recorded page 373.
      Executor: sons in law William Mendenhall & William Garrigues, Jr.
      Witness: Israel Maule, Edward B. Garrigues

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Morris Humphreys _
   n. 1689 Mar 31 witness to Hugh Roberts marriage to Elizabeth John

John Humphreys _
   n. Hugh Roberts
      1683 ___ __ first arrived in America P41
      mf 1689 Mar 31 Elizabeth John __, he of Merion in the County of Phila,
      Province of PA in America, she of Cillagarth in the County of Meirioneth,
      were married at Llwyn y Branar Wit:
      Caddwalader ap William   Edward Howell           Margaret David
      David John               Hugh Cadwalader         Dorety Jones
      Raltze Evan              John Humphrey           Jane Jones
      Thomas Hughes            Edward Griffiths        Rebecca Owen
      Robert Churen            Griffit John            Catherine William
      Rowland Owen             Morris Humphrey         Ellen Jones or James
      David John               John Roberts            Annie Jones
      Humphrey Morgan          David Evans             Anno Jones, bis.
      Ellis Witt               Ellis David?            Dorrety Jenkens
      Caddwalader John         John Jones              ?Gwen Jones
      Wm. Morgan               Joseph Cadwald          Jane Griffits
      Evan Owen                Margaret Roberts        Anne Griffits
      John ap John             Gaynor Jones            Gaynor Lloyd
      John Lloyd               Margaret Thomas         John'th John
      Lewis Owen               Gaynor vch John         Ellin Wm
      Roland Ellis             Margaret vch Hugh       Annie Jones
      Owen Lewis               Elizabeth Jones
      Robert Vaughn            Jane David
      P18, FCPL, Fairfax, VA
   ld 1692 Aug 16 Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P449  LDSR0021872
      Grantor: Hugh Roberts
      Grantee: John Humphrey
   ld ____ ___ __ Philadelphia Exemplification B7 P387  LDSR0021872
      Grantor: William John and Thomas Eva
      Grantee: John Humphreys

Joshua Humphries _
   n. Clifton: Joshua Humphries, of Haverford, Chester C.

William Humphreys _
   n. Clifton: William Humphreys, Mary Hand, Cape May. Hugh James,
      Anna Maria King (2)
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James Humphreys _
   n. Clifton: James Humphreys the elder, Esquire; James Humphreys the younger,

James Humbpreys _
   bm ____ ___ __ to James Humphreys _
      Dickinson: .....James Humphreys, Capt. 6th Ditto.
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Charles Humphreys _
   n. Dickinson: Pennock, Charles Humphreys, William Allen.
      Dickinson: Charles Humphreys, Jonas Preston
      Dickinson: Chester County. Representatives, Charles Humphreys,...
      Dickinson: Charles Humphreys,...  Thomas Johnson,... Virginia.
      Dickinson: Dickinson, Robert Morris, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Humphreys,
      Dickinson: Ordered, That Mr. Dickinson and Mr. Humphreys make enquiry upon
      Whitehead: Chester County. Representatives, ..., Charles Humphreys,
      Whitehead: Chester County. Representatives, Charles Humphreys,

Thomas Humphreys _
   n. Dickinson:  Thomas Humphreys,

W. Humphrey _
   n. Dickinson:      CLEARED OUTWARDS. Sloop Molly, W. Humphrey, S. Carolina;

T. Humphries _
   Doughty: Witness: Joseph Hinchman, T. Humphrey, John Yates and John Cornell.
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Joshua Humphries _
   n. Horner:  mf ____ ___ __ Lydia _ 65 probably Humphreys - rwc75
      Horner: Joshua Humphries and son-in-law Stokes as advisers.  Witnesses
      Horner: Joshua Humphreys and Thos. Stoakes, junior.
      wf 1713 Dec 09 NJA V23 Widow of Isaac, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
      NJ.  Inventory of personal estate. #100.6.-; made by Peter Frettwell
      and John Wills. 1714 Jan 05 administration of the estate granted to
      Joshua Humphreys and Thos. Stoakes, junior.
      Deliverance 66 Hannah 66 Isaac 66 Jacob 66 Bartholomew 66 Rachel 66
   Joshua _       Samuel _

Joshua Humphries _
   bm ____ ___ __ to Joshua Humphries _

Beulah Humphreys _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Joshua Humphreys

Clement Humphries _
   wm 1816 Dec 18 PA_PCW 1820-9 Abstracts P5352, B7 N46 P630.
      Clement Humphreys of Phila, PA. Inspector of the Customs.  Late Father
      Joshua Humphreys
         To my niece Sarah Humphreys daughter of brother Daniel Humphreys, after
      my wife's decease thirty five dollars as a token for her attendance to her
      Aunt Beulah in her last illness.  To wife Elizabeth Humphreys, income of
      all estate and at her decease to my nieces Sarah Humphreys, Mary George &
      Margaret Humphreys, daughters of my brother Daniel Humphreys, my real
      estate in Haverford Township, County of Delaware, PA. - and in Phila. -
      to Abigail Bassett Williams, Elizabeth Constance Marr & William Allen Marr
      Executor: Sd wife and my friend Joseph Williams.
      Signed: 1816 Dec 18
      Proved: 1823 Mar 21
      Witness: James Engle, James Stuart, Maria Richards.
      Codicil: 1818 Jul 08 - Appoints William Allen and Exr. with sd. wife, Jas.
      Stuart & Maria Richards - surviving witnesses.

Samuel Humphries
   bm ____ ___ __ to Joshua Humphries
   n. Doughty: worked for Joshua Humphries, Jr. Joshua had a brother Samuel
      Humphries, 2nd son to Joshua Humpries, Sr.

John Humphries
      Doughty: P120 17580508 Sarah Doughty  m John Humphries  Burlington

William Humphreys
   Whitehead:      William Humphreys, Ellis Lewis.  Thomas Preston (2)

Whitehead Humphreys
   n. Whitehead: Phila., by Whitehead Humphreys, who says it is the best he
      Whitehead: lottery, No. 2209, signed by Mr. Whitehead Humphreys, and
      Whitehead: present this ticket to said Mr. Humphreys, he is requested to stop
      Whitehead: Joseph Reed,...  Whitehead Humphreys, ...  Thomas Proctor,Robert Roberts,
      Whitehead:      ...Major Henry Fisher, Lewis Town...  Jacob Harman... Whitehead Humphreys.
      Whitehead:      Joshua Humphreys, jun.
      Whitehead:      Whitehead Humphrey,
      Whitehead:      Whitehead Humphries, ...............
      Whitehead:      A MEMORIAL from Whitehead Humphreys, of the city of Philadelphia,
      Whitehead:      Whitehead Humphreys, made report, which was read, and Ordered to lie on the
      Whitehead:      Whitehead Humphreys, was read the second time: Whereupon
      Whitehead:      the State Treasurer, in favour of Whitehead Humphreys, for a sum
      Whitehead:      to Whitehead Humphreys, of the city of Philadelphia, for the
      Whitehead: A petition from Daniel Humphreys, of the city of Philadelphia,
      Whitehead: The petition of Daniel Humphreys, read November 19th, was read the
      Whitehead: pounds to Whitehead Humphreys, of the city of Philadelphia, for
      Whitehead: Humphreys, of the city of Philadelphia, for the purpose of
      Whitehead: .. R. Whitehead,.. Samuel Preston, Assheton Humphreys,

Richard Humphreys
      Whitehead:      ... Richard Humphreys,Alexander Nesbitt,

Assheton Humphreys
   n. wm 1787 May 22 PA_PCW BU N140 P344 Abstracts P2549
      Joseph Blewer - Soughwark, Co. of Phila.  Mariner Wife Sarah, Son Joseph
      Blewer. Signed.
      Executor: Sarah Blewer, John Stille, Joseph Turner.
      Witness: David Allen, Assheton Humphreys.
      Proved: 1789 Aug 25

Abraham Humphreys _
   mf 1747 Nov 25 Hannah Smart _
   n. Hinshaw - Salem MM   P80 Humphries
      1747 Nov 25 Abraham, of Duck Creek MM, MD, rmt Hannah Smart
      1748 Jan 28 Hannah [Humphrey] gc
      1764 Apr 02 Richard & Mary, ch Abraham & Hannah, rocf Duck Creek MM, dtd
      1763 Dec 24
      1764 Apr 30 Richard [Humphreys] gct Phila. MM
      1769 Feb 27 Mary gct Abington MM
      1770 May 28 Mary rocf Abington MM
      1771 Jan 28 Mary gct Duck Creek MM
      1771 Apr 30 Richard rocf Abbington MM, PA, dtd 1771 Mar 19
      1774 Jul 25 Richard [Humphreys] dis

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Abraham Humphreys _ P8                 Assheton Humphreys P8                 
Benjamin Humphreys 66 P3               Beulah Humphreys _ P8                 
Charles Humphreys 66 P3                Charles Humphreys _ P7                
Clement Humphries _ P8                 Daniel Humphreys 65 P2                
Hannah Humphreys 66 P3                 James Humbpreys _ P6                  
James Humphreys _ P6                   John Humphreys _ P5                   
John Humphries P8                      John Humphries _ P4                   
Jonathan Humphries 66 P3               Joshua Humphreys 66 P3                
Joshua Humphries _ P5                  Joshua Humphries _ P8                 
Morris Humphreys _ P5                  Richard Humphreys P8                  
Samuel Humphreys 64 P2                 Samuel Humphreys 66 P3                
Samuel Humphries 66 P3                 Samuel Humphries P8                   
T. Humphries _ P7                      Thomas Humphreys _ P7                 
Thomas Humphries 66 P3                 W. Humphrey _ P7                      
Whitehead Humphreys P8                 William Humphreys P8                  
William Humphreys _ P5                                                       


Atkinson, Letitia 66 P3                Davids, Mary 66 P3                    
Dawes, Abraham 66 P3                   Doughty, Sarah P4                     
P4, M P4                               P8, H P8                              
Williams, Sarah 66 P3                  Wynne, Hannah 65 P2                   
mf, mf 17 P3                           mf, mf 17 P3                          

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