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   LB_00  Elizabeth Ismond/Thomas Doughty, Mary Ismond/Elias Doughty

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John Ismond 64
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth
   n. 1698 NY, Flushing Census, John Esmond et ux Elizab. Esmond, John, Mary,
      Wm. Jewell - Servt.  from GJB 19980622 (It was last entry on P99 - could
      be more on next).
 with Elizabeth
   John 65        Mary 65        Elizabeth 65
   <1698          <1698          >1698

Mary Ismond 65
   mm 1718 Jun 05 Elias Doughty 66 at Flushing, Queens Co., NY
   bm 1692 ___ __ to Elias Doughty 65 et ux Elizabeth (nee Hinchman 65) Doughty
      in Flushing, Queens Co., NY
   n.  some places Eastman
   wm on record at NYC
   dm 1777 May
   n. 1782 Apr 15 New York Gazette-Mercury: For sale by John & Charles Doughty,
      the farm of Elias Doughty (dec'd) in Township of Flushing, LI, near the
      Great Plains DTV19N4P57
 with Elias Doughty 65
   John 67        Jacob 67       Charles 67     Mary 67        William 67
   b1717          b1718          b1720          b1722          b1725
   Joseph 67      Sarah 67       Timothy 67
   b1727          b1730          b1732

Elizabeth Ismond 66
   bf 1698
   mm ____ ___ __ Thomas Doughty 66 in Flushing, Queens Co., NY
   bm 1695 ___ __ to Elias Doughty 65 et ux Elizabeth (nee Hinchman 65) Doughty
      in Flushing, Queens Co., NY
   ld 1737 Apr 05 BAV P152
      Thomas Doughty and wife, Elizabeth, yeoman, of Upper Freehold Twp.,
      Monmouth Co., NJ to Thomas Woodward, yeoman of the same place for #449.10.
      Thomas received land from Elias Doughty and his wife Elizabeth on 1738 May
      11. [This date is obviously wrong--GJB]
      Plot #1 of 180 acres borders Crosswicks Creek; Joseph Arney's land,
      formerly John Arney, dec'd.; Thomas Woodward of the John Woodward tract.
      Plot#2 of 2 acres bounds Joseph Arney; Thomas Woodward, late John
      Woodward.  Witnesses: Joseph Arney, Owen Cayne, James Pascoe(s).
      1803 Sep 05 recoded by Judge Isaac Smith.
      Richard Potts, a Quaker, told that his daughter married Joseph Arney and
      Potts identified Arney's signature. Potts said that Cayne was dead and
      Pascoe's location was unknown. Thomas and Elizabeth Doughty, according
      to Potts, were "dead many years."
      AV (next deed) 1782 may 25
      Joseph Woodward to Thomas Lewis Woodward of Upper Freehold Twp.,
      Monmouth Co, NJ, for #73, the plantation called "Doughties Place."
      Bounded by Anthony Woodward, Crosswicks Creek; Samuel Lippincott, et al.
      for 182 acres.  Witnesses: Andrew Reed, George Harrison.
      1803 Sep 05 recorded by Judge Isaac Smith. John Smith, aged about 43 years
      [so b. c1760] said he knew Reed. They both worked at Hanover Furnace. Reed
      died four years ago [c1799]. Smith knew Joseph Woodward, brother of Thomas
      Lewis Woodward and he also knew Harrison, saying they were both dead many
      ANALYSIS by GJB:
      Apparently, Thomas Doughty and Elizabeth Ismond/Esmond, originally of
      Flushing, LI, NY, acquired the land from father Elias Doughty, son of
      Elias, son of Rev. Francis Doughty. Thomas Doughty sold the land to
      Thomas Woodward in 1737. Thomas died (conjecture) and left the land to a
      son, Joseph Woodward (conjecture). Joseph Woodward in 1782 sold the land
      to his brother Thomas Lewis Woodward. Anthony could be another brother,
      having inherited another part of the original John Woodward tract.
      How do all the Woodwards and Smiths and Doughtys connect? I read one
      undocumented account that said that Thomas L. Woodward married Elizabeth
      Dennis and produced Isaac Woodward. Does that point to a relation to
      Isaac Smith? Aside from this deed in far western Monmouth County, Henry
      Woodward married Ruth (Cordrey [possibly a second marriage for Ruth
      Ireland]) in Egg Harbor Township, Gloucester (now Atlantic) County, NJ.
      They have daughters listed in Quaker records in 1749, '51, '54, '56, and
      '59. In addition, Richard Smith OF LONG ISLAND appears in Quaker records
      in Egg Harbor Twp. Richard had a son Isaac Smith born in 1745 (among
      many other children). Furthermore, from the wills of Sarah Doughty and
      Gilbert Woodward in 1815 and 1811 (NJA), we find that another Elias
      Doughty married Sarah Woodward, daughter of Gilbert Woodward and had
      sons William, Elias, and Gilbert Doughty. Gilbert Woodward lived in New
      York City and also had a brother John and a sister Charity of Hoboken.
      Elias and Sarah Doughty lived in Hoboken, just across the river from New
      York. Elias had a brother John from Brooklyn who had a son Charles.
   n. removed to Mansfield, Burlington Co., NJ.
 with Thomas Doughty 66
   Thomas 67      Elias 67       Jacob 67       John 67        William 67
   b              b              b              b              b
   Joseph 67      Isaiah 67      Daniel 67      Elizabeth 67   Mary 67
   b              b              b              b              b
   Ann 67         Amy 67
   b              b

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LINKAGE BEGIN 01 Elizabeth Ismond/Jacob Doughty

Elizabeth Ismond 67
   bf 1720 ___ __
   mm ____ ___ __ Jacob Doughty 67
   bm 1718 ___ __ to Elias Doughty 66 et ux Mary (nee Ismond 65) Doughty at
      Flushing, Queens Co., NY
 with Elizabeth (nee Ismond 67) Doughty
   Isaiah 68      George 68      Caroline 68    James 68       Thomas 68
   b1742          b1744          b1748          b1750          b1752
   Elias 68       Charles 68
   b1753          b1756

LINKAGE END 01 Elizabeth Ismond/Jacob Doughty
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Thomas Esmond _
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth _ _
   n. 1732 Nov 02 Thomas Esmond and Jeremiah Fowler of Rye amde bond in the sum
      of L2,100 in favor of Samuel Treadwell and Samuel Thorn, both of the said
      town, "to save the obligees harmless as sureties for th payment of said
      Esmond's debt to Isaac Willett of the Borough of Westchester. Rec. 42:429
   ld 1734 Mar 20 LI Families, Hoff P259,P411.
      Grantor: Thomas Esmond et ux Elizabeth, of Rye, yeoman.
      Grantee: Samuel Treadwell, Gent.
      Transaction: L255 for farm
      Description: conveys a farm in Harrison's Purchase in Rye, part of the
      tract grantor bought Isaac Willett, bounded, easterly, by the middle line
      of Harrison's purchase; southerly, partly by land of Christopher
      Isinghartt and partly by grantor's land; westerly, by Mamaroneck River;
      northerly to grantor's land, making 100 acres.

   n. NJ_HOMonC P613-614
      1731 Apr 01 Taxable Inhabitants of Upper Freehold "A Tax For raising
      Money By order of y^e Justices & Freeholders, for Building A Cort house In
      y^e County of Monmouth". A few of interest here:
      Thomas Doughty                    170 acres
      John King                         450
      Richard Horsfield                 250
      Thomas Woodward                   400
      Benjamin Lawrence                 950
      John Lawrence, Sr.                300
      John Williams                     100
      John Dennis                       240
      Widow Lawrence                    300
      Widow Woodward                     15
   n. NJ_HOMonC P614-616
      1758 Oct List of all the Taxables in the Township of Upper Freehold, in
      William Eastman                   150
      John Eastman                      330
      Daniel Dole
      Robert English
      Robert English, Jr.               110
      David English                     110
      John Fenton                         6
      Joseph Humphrey                    16
      John Horsfield                    680

Hannah Esmond _
   n. From Dotscott\ 1999 Mar 23 17:56:20 Tue LDS Ancestral File
   mm 1811 Jan 01 Jefferson Burr Bingham
   bm 1802 Jan 10 to Shubael Bingham _ et ux Elizabeth Brewster _ at Salisbury,
      Litchfield, Ct.
   n. Dau Sarah Ann (1833-1861) mm 1853 Nov 25 John J. Lowe
      Dau Caroline Elizabeth (1836- )
      Son George Washington Bingham bm 1838 Oct 01 mf 1864 Jul 03 Sarah C.

   n. I found listings for 40 other Esmonds, most probably too late to be of
      interest but can copy and send if wanted by anyone.
      I made a copy for Ron of 100 topics for Phila. which can be accessed from
      their Family History Library Catalog. Dorothy
   n. From Dotscott\ 1999 Mar 17 17:57:26 Wed
      Ethan Doty had Elias (Jr) Doughty m. Elizabeth Hinchman w. 8 ch.
      Hinshaw states that NY monthly Meeting shows Elias (Jr.) Doughty wed to
         Mary Eastman w. 7 ch.
      Hinshaw lists no Ismonds but does have Esmonds, p 11 in his NY Vol.
      Eseias (sic), s John, Flushing
      Frederick E., s Josepj & Rhoda (Titus), bm 1854 Jan 16 at Fulton NY dm
         1904 Nov 09
      bPP; m Lulu NASE
      Ch: Ethelwynn df1904 Dec 15 ae 20y bPP (both nm)
      Jacob, s John, Flushing, d 1735
      John, Flushing & ----------
      ch: Eseias
      Jacob d 1735
   n. source:  American Genealogical - Biographical Index appears to list no
      ESMOND but does have refs to ISMOND & ISMAN
   n. 8 or 9 of listed names appeared in the Gen columns of the "Boston
      Transcript" I don't know how one can access this data.
      Among others ISMAN lists 2 under NY heads of families, 2 under N.Y.
      Marriages and others apparantly are in the Boston Transcript.  Given names
      listed are Cornelius, Isaiah, Jacob, James, Mercy, Rebecca, Sylvia and
      William all mid 17th to mid-18 c.
   n. L. I. Eastman family seems to appear quite a bit later.  Did find gen.
      data and can copy.  It does not seem to relate to Doughty from this view.
   n. From Dotscott\ Sat Mar 20 10:17:00 1999 Was digging into Ethan
         Doty's "Doty-Doten Family" and found a few marriages:
      Peter Doty of Schaghticoke, NY (near Mechanicsville, close to Hudson R.)
      mf Catherine Esmond c1800.  Had 9 children incl 2 sons - Thomas and Joseph
      Sarah Doty, same town, m. 1840, Abraham Richard Esmond, farmer, son of
      Watts Esmond & Sarah Gurney.  Had 3 ch.
      Hester Ann Doty mm Wm Watts Esmond b Queensbury, NY Feb1 1838, son of
      Watts and Sarah Gurney Esmond - farmer living Dean's Corners, Saratoga
      Co., NY
   n. For Eastman: Alphia Perry dau of Abijah Perry and Eleanor Doty, b. prob
      Youngstown NY b. Feb 7 1821 m George Eastman in 1849.

   n. American Genealogical - Biographical Index (from dms)
         Cornelius, 175? NY Heads Fams NY:39
         Isaiah 175? NY Heads Fams. NY:127
         Jacob 174? NY NY Marriages: 200
         James 165? Transcript:1912 Feb 07, 2339
         Mercy (Thorne) 174? NY Marriages:200
         Rebecca E. 182? NY Ws LaCrosse Mems:40
         Sylvia () 165? Transcript:1912 Feb 07, 2339
         William 168? Transcript:1912 Feb 07,2339
         Aaron 175  Transcript: 1901 Jun 12 4896
         Electa  Adams Gen:136,182
         Elict 175? Transcript: 1901 Jun 12 4896
         Hannah 185?  NY  Transcript: 1926 Apr 12 4065
         James 175? Vt Heads Fams. Vt: 27
         Letitia 175? Transcript:  1901 Jun 12, 4896
         Millah 1768  NY Transcript: 1901 Jun 12 4896
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   n. From Dotscott\ Mon Jul 26 10:49:21 1999
      Ron I found a casual mention of John Esmond in the very impressive article
      on the Thorpe family of Long Island.  This is in Vol 2 of Henry Hoff's
      edition of Gens. of L.I. Families.  Briefly, in speaking of Samuel Thorne,
      states:  Thorne is in 6th place in the Flushing census of 1698, following
      Col. Thomas Willett, Justice Thos Hicks, Major William Lawrence, Richard
      Cornell and John Esmond and preceding James Clement and the Dutch
      Indication is that if one were near top of list of a census one had wealth
      and social standing, etc.  This census was found in Vol 1 of Callaghan's
      Documents of New York.  I will check that Vol if Duke has it to see if
      Esmond is mentioned again.
      This is the only mention of an Esmond in Hoff's book #2 and of course the
      name is spelled with an "i" - Ismond in V1 (Doughty Family). I guess it's
      all in how one interprets the handwriting of the clerks who wrote down the
      records.  Writing of that era is quite a challenge to interpret.  Glenn
      does pretty well with it.
      I hope to be getting out of the house later this week and will photocopy
      any other refs and send snail mail.
      Was looking through AOL white pages and found addresses and tel #s for 111
      Doughtys in NJ.  Also found a B.D. Esmond  13205 160th St Jamaica, NY
      Tel 718-978-3439.  Sorry I didn't write down the zip.  There are 27 other
      Esmond listings in NY State.  Do you access these lists through your
      provider? I tried to print out but data was overlaid in a way that blocked
      out some of the addresses - mostly the Zips.

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      1. Soundex   I255 Ismond  E255 Esmond  E235 Eastman

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Elizabeth Ismond 66 P2                 Elizabeth Ismond 67 P3                
Hannah Esmond _ P4                     John Ismond 64 P2                     
Mary Ismond 65 P2                      Thomas Esmond _ P4                    


Doughty, Elias 66 P2                   Doughty, Jacob 67 P3                  
Doughty, Thomas 66 P2                  P2, E P2                              
P4, E P4                               P4, J P4                              

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