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   n. wm 1695 Sep 28 NJA_COW V23 P468-9
      Thomasin Towle, of Burlington, widow; will of.
      Gives legacies to children of brothers Thomas and John Towle; to Mary
      Nelson, Susanna Des and Marrabella Fannsberry in trust for Devonshire
      Meeting of Friends in London; Degory Marshall, lately living near
      Ratcliffe Meeting House, London, or his daughter Sarah; Elisabeth Clarke,
      widow, of Shagsburry Walk, London; Nicholas Bell of Green Bank, Wapping,
      London; Alice, wife of George Hutchinson, and her daughter Rachel; John
      Day and wife Elizabeth, their daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah; John
      Willsford senior and junior; daughters of John Willsford, viz., Mary and
      Sarah; Richard Love and wife Priscilla; Susanna Pricket; Mary, wife of
      John Budd; Elizabeth Kirrill, London; Francis Davenport senior and his six
      children; Thomas Gilberthorpe and eldest dau.; Wm. Biles and wife Jane;
      Abigail Pemberton; Margaret, wife of Arthur Cook, Rebecca Davenport;
      widow Elizabeth Chipman; Samuel Jenningsk, widow Elizabeth Gardiner of
      Burlington; Hesterr, wife of James Wills; Hannah, wife of John Woolston
      senior; Thomas Scattergood senior and junior; Elizabeth, wife of Thomas
      Bryant; Joseph and Benjamin Scattergood; Sarah, wife of Richard French;
      Hannah Scattergood, Thomasin Scatergood; widow Andrews, Lydia, wife of
      Isaac Horner; John Brown and wife Anne; Thomas Janney and wife; William
      Gabitas; William Watson (considerable silver and gold were disposed of).
      Residuary legatees and executors - John Day, Francis Davenport and John
      Woolston senior.
      Witness: Henry Grubb, Richard Love, Priscilla Love.
      1695 Dec 07 will proved.
      1695 Dec 06 Inventory of the estate (L465.5.6, all personal, incl. debts
      due by Seth Hill, Joseph Scattergood, Rich. French, Jo: Addams and
      Daniel Smith); made by Sam'l Jenings, Richard Love and James Wills.
      1695 Dec 14 Bond of the executors, named in the will.  Isaac Marriott
      fellow bondsman.

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