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John Knight 05
   mf<1741 ___ __ Elizabeth Hubbs 06
   bf ____ ___ __ to Charles Hubbs 05 et ux Mary
   ld 1741 Dec 28
      Grantor: Charles Hubbs of Philadelphia City, Gentleman, Father of
      Isaiah Hubbs
      Grantee: John Knight, release.
   wm 1744 Jun 14 Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834
      Philadelphia County Will Abstracts 1726-1747 P1131  BH P929 N127
      Charles Hubbs. Phil. Gentleman. Wife, Mary, Executrix. Children: Robert,
      Charles, Joseph, Elizabeth (wife of John Knight) and Martha (Thornhill).
      Witness: Andrew Edge, Jacob Shoemaker and John Durbarow.  Signed with his
      mark 1744 Jun 14.
      1746 Feb 23 proved. Recorded P221.
   ld 1741 Dec 28 Philadelphia Deeds B6 P727
      Eldest brother and heir at law of Isaiah Hubbs who died intestate for
      50# from John Knight
   wm 1808 Oct 10  B_2 P399.
      1808 Nov 26
   mm<1769 ___ __ Peter Dehaven 05 see Elizabeth's mother's letters of admin.
   n. land transactions - see f-i-l Charles & b-i-l Robert.
   wm 1806 Dec 27 PA_PCW B_6b P217.
      Peter DeHaven. Phila. Gentleman.
      1816 Jan 26
 with Elizabeth (nee Hubbs 05) Knight

Jonathan Knight _
   n. wf 1814 Mar 10 PA_PCW B_6b P227
      Martha Knight, Phila. Widow. Late husband, Jonathan Knight.
      1816 Feb 21

Daniel Knight _
   mf Rachel
   wm 1821 Mar 03 PA_PCW B_7b P287.
      Daniel Knight
      brother Jonathan, son Charles, exec.
      1821 Apr 21

LINKAGE BEGIN 00  John Knight/Elizabeth Hubbs
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