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   LB_00 Edmund Lockwood
      From jdevinney\@pickeringinc.com 1999 Apr 05 10:01:03 Mon
      Ron, This is what I had on Samuel Lockwood and family, I have probably 5
      more generations each way from Samuel.
      Descendants of Jared Lockwood
      Generation No. 1
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LINKAGE BEGIN 00 Edmund Lockwood

Edmund Lockwood 02
   bm ____ ___ __ to
   Robert 03

Robert Lockwood 03
   bm ____ ___ __ to Edmund Lockwood 02
   Gersham 03

Gersham Lockwood 04
   bm ____ ___ __ to Robert Lockwood 03
   Gersham 03

Gersham Lockwood 05
   bm ____ ___ __ to Gersham Lockwood 04
   Joseph 03

Joseph Lockwood 06
   bm ____ ___ __ to Gersham Lockwood 05
   Joseph 06

Joseph Lockwood 07
   bm ____ ___ __ to Joseph Lockwood 06
   Jared 08

Jared Lockwood 08
   bm 1758 Sep 04 to Joseph Lockwood 07 et ux in Greenwich, CN.
   mf 1780 Dec 23 Elizabeth "Betsey" Skelding 08 in Stamford, CN. by Charles
      Webb, Justice of the Peace.
   n. Jared was a Sergeant, 2nd Regiment of Artillery, New York, Commanded by
      Colonel John Lamb. Was discharged honorably, with orders signed by Ebne
      Stevens Lt. Colonel Commander of 2nd Battalion at Morristown New York.
      February 18, 1782. The Lockwood History book has a slight variation to his
      service. He enlisted in 1775 in Captain Hobby's 1st Company of Colonels
      Webb's 7th Connecticut Regiment, and as Orderly Sargeant in Colonel's
      Lambs Connecticut Artillery Regiment. Jared fought in the battles of
      Flatbush, Brooklyn, White Plains and Monmouth, Discharged in 1780.
 with Elizabeth "Betsey" (nee Skelding 08) Lockwood
   Samuel M 09    Horace F 09    Nancy 09
   b17870128      b17821215      b17850112

Samuel Mills Lockwood 09
   bm 1787 Jan 28 to Jared Lockwood 08 et ux Elizabeth (nee Skelding 08)
   n. It looks like Samuel was born in Eastern New York, probably Albany.
   mf 1808 Jul 20 Mary Doughty 09, Miss in Albany, NY, he a merchant of Albany.
      From marriage records published in the New York Weekly Museum.
   bf~1788 ___ __ to Samuel Doughty 08 et ux probably in Albany, NY.
   mf 1818 Nov 30 Gertrude Doughty 09
   bf 1795 Jun 14 to Samuel Doughty
   df 1875 Jun 06
   dm 1848 Nov 18
 with Gertrude (nee Doughty 09) Lockwood
   James Kent 10

Horace F. Lockwood 09
   bm 1782 Dec 15 to Jared Lockwood 08 et ux Elizabeth (nee Skelding 08)
   mf 1808 Nov 26 Prudence B. _ in Albany, NY.
   mf 1816 Oct 16 Elizabeth Starr _ in Albany, NY.
 with Prudence
   Catherine B 10 Catherine B 10 Horace B 10
   b1810          b1812          b1815

Nancy Lockwood 09
   bf 1785 Jan 12 to Jared Lockwood 08 et ux Elizabeth (nee Skelding 08)
   mm ____ ___ __ Alan Brower 09
   df 1867 Mar 11 Ithaca, NY.
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James Kent Lockwood 10
   bm 1819 Jul 31 to Samuel Mills Lockwood 09 et ux Gertrude (nee Doughty 09)
      Lockwood in Sandusky, Huron Co., OH.
   mf~1845 ___ __ Eliza C. Thomas 10
   bf 1818 May __
   n. James Kent Lockwood was apparently in the family lumber business as a
      young man. He married and had the two children in the Detroit area, he
      also lived a short time in Port Huron where he had his third Child.  He
      bought and sold large lumber (Virgin Pine) contracts from the government
      to build the major city's around the great lakes. He ran a schooner on the
      lake for wood shipments. He also purchased the land for settlement where
      Alpena is today. Land management records exist with his signature on land
      grants. Later he has been credited with founding the town of Alpena,
      Michigan. James was included in the 1860 census of Alpena Michigan,
      Elizabeth F. Rose was also shown as living at the residence, either
      Daughter, Housekeeper or Wife. The first School in Alpena was the Lockwood
      school, and the first crushed stone street was Lockwood Street. James died
      on a business trip to Sandusky in 1882, he is buried in Sandusky, Ohio,
      exact location is unknown.
         Notes for ELIZA C. THOMAS:
      The 1860 Census list's an Elizabeth F. Rose as a Head of Household in
      Frank's Alpena house. This could actually be his wife Eliza Thomas, or his
      daughter Eliza with a married surname or a housekeeper.
   dm 1882 Jul 09 Sandusky, Erie Co. OH.
   df 1883 May 22 in Detroit, MI.
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Catherine B. Lockwood 10
   bf 1810 ___ __ to Horace F. Lockwood 09 et ux Prudence
   df 1811 Jul 11

Catherine B. Lockwood 10
   bf 1812 ___ __ to Horace F. Lockwood 09 et ux Prudence
   df 1815 Oct 03

Horace B. Lockwood 10
   bm 1815 ___ __ to Horace F. Lockwood 09 et ux Prudence
   dm 1815 Oct 03

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Catherine B. Lockwood 10 P4            Edmund Lockwood 02 P2                 
Gersham Lockwood 04 P2                 Gersham Lockwood 05 P2                
Horace B. Lockwood 10 P4               Horace F. Lockwood 09 P2              
James Kent Lockwood 10 P3              Jared Lockwood 08 P2                  
Joseph Lockwood 06 P2                  Joseph Lockwood 07 P2                 
Nancy Lockwood 09 P2                   Robert Lockwood 03 P2                 
Samuel Mills Lockwood 09 P2                                                  


Brower, Alan 09 P2                     Doughty, Gertrude 09 P2               
Doughty, Mary 09 P2                    P2, E P2                              
P2, P P2                               Skelding, Elizabeth 08 P2             
Thomas, Eliza 10 P3                                                          

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