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   LB_00  Mary Marlon/Merritt Horner

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Mary Marlon 69
   bf ____ ___ __ to
   n. Ann Kerr records 199903
   mm ____ ___ __ Merritt Horner 69
   bm 1772 ___ __ to Isaac Horner 68 with Mary (nee Burtis 68) Horner
   ld 1801 Dec 01 Gloucester Co., NJ BE P373
      Grantor: Merritt Horner
      Grantee: Abraham Browning et ux Beulah, Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co.
      Description: sitting on the River Delaware by lands of late Casper Fish,
      lands which Michael Hollings became seized of and did by deed 1776 Jun 01
      convey 200 acres to George Browning recorded BL F446, Trenton and whereas
      George Browning died intestate leaving one son Jacob to become seized of
      said parcel and Jacob having made a will 1794 Oct 12 appointed his wife
      Margaret Browning executrix and brother George executer.  She remarried
      Joshua Bigelow 1799 Aug 20.
   ld 1803 Mar 12 BG P300
      Grantor: Merritt Horner
      Grantee: Isaac Fish et ux
   ld 1804 Aug 28 BH P355
      Grantor: Merritt Horner
      Grantee: Isaac Browning et ux
   ld 19-5 Jul 29 BI P265
      Grantor: Merritt Horner
      Grantee: Abraham Fenimore et ux et al
   lm 1807 Oct 31 BE P11 NJ, Burlington Co. Court House Mortgages.
      Grantor:  Benjamin Horner 68 et ux Hannah of Burlington Co., NJ
      Grantee:  Merritt Horner of Gloucester Co., Land situate in Twp of
      First 1797 Nov 27 a lot purchased of David Finimon by deed of four acres.
      Second 1803 Apr 29 a lot purchased of Rob't Coe et ux of 15 acres.
      Third 1803 Aug 20 a lot purchased of Ab'm Vansciver et ux of 5 acres.
      these deeds all have Metes & Bounds description but RWC75 ran out of time.
   n. Benj & Hannah are tenatively presumed to be parents of the Merritt in my
      direct line
   wm 1845 May 24 NJA 35D Camden Co. Book of Inventories P39+e.
      William Horner and Marlon Horner Administrators.
 with Merritt Horner 69
   William 70     Beulah 70     Meriam 70      Ann 70         Margaret 70
   b17971013      b1800         b1802          b1805          b1806
   Marlon 70      John 70       Joel 70
   b1811          b1813         b1814
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      1. Soundex M645 - Marlon
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Mary Marlon 69 P2                                                            


Horner, Merritt 69 P2                                                        

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