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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  William B. Marshall

William B. Marshall 72
   bm 1865 Jan __ to
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary S. Test 72
   bf 1864 Nov __ to David B. Test 71 et ux Josephine (nee Moore 71) Test
   c. 1900 U. S. Census T623 R   V172 SD ED512 S12 L97
      PA, Philadelphia, E. Penn St., 536

 Name                  Rel.  CSMonYearAgeSYrsNbNlPOB    FPOB   MPOB   YearYrsNatOccupation             UneSchRWELFT
 William B. Marshall   Head  WMJan1865           PA
 Mary S. T.            Wife  WFNov1864           PA
 Charles G.            Son   WMJun1890           NY
 Josephine             Dau   WFNov1891           NY
 Josephine Test        M-i-l WFAug1843           NJ
 Elena                 S-i-l WFMar1875           PA

   c. 1910 U. S. Census T624 R    ED102 F0113 L0071
      PA, Delaware Co., Chester
      Enumerated: 1910 Apr

 Name                   Rel.  SCAgeSYrsNbNlPOB       FPOB      MPOB      YearYrsNatLanguage  Occupation     General        UneD D RWSchHome  SBDRemarks
 William Marshall                54
 Mary T.                         55

   c. 1920 U. S. Census T625 R350 V110 ED134 S2 L9
      PA, Delaware Co., Chester, W5th St., #523
      Enumerated: 1920 Jan

 Name                   Rel.  HHSCAgeMYOI NYON SRWPOB        Lang    FPOB       Lang    MPOB       Lang    ETrade       Industry    EFarm
 William Marshall                  65             PA
 Mary Jane                         65             PA

 with William B. Marshall 72
   Charles G 73   Josephine 73
   b189006 NY     b189111 NY
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Charles G. Marshall 73
   bm 1890 Jun 27 male to William B. Marshall 72 et ux Mary S. (nee Test 72)
   c. 1920 U. S. Census T625 R608 V112 SD2 ED180 S3B L91 69/72
      PA, Delaware Co., Middletown Twsp., Black Horse Prcnt.
      Enumerated: 1920 Jan 9-10, Dora A. Love

 Name                   Rel.  HHSCAgeMYOI NYON SRWPOB        Lang    FPOB       Lang    MPOB       Lang    ETrade       Industry    EFarm
 Emmet Smith            Head  R MW43M          YYYPA                 PA                 PA                 YLaborer     Farm        W
 Elsie                  Wife    FW33M          YYYPA                 PA                 PA                 YNone
 Charles Marshall       B-i-l   MW28S          YYYPA                 PA                 PA                 YPlasterer   Journeyman

   n. There is also a Chas. G. Marshall 51 in Chester w/ R. Mary
   dm 1965 Feb __ SISSN PA 178-09-3377

Josephine Marshall 73
   bf 1891 Nov __ in NY

LINKAGE END 00  William B. Marshall
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      1. Soundex M624
         1900 PA  R373  ->Emma R.
                  R374  ->end
         1910 PA T1274 R328  ->Victoria
                       R329  ->end
         1920 PA M1584 R451  ->Lyle
                       R452  ->end
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Charles G. Marshall 73 P2              Josephine Marshall 73 P2              
William B. Marshall 72 P1                                                    


Test, Mary 72 P1                                                             

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