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   LB_00  William Mason/Lydia Goodwin   (Silas Blizzard)
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William Mason 67
   bm ____ ___ __
   mf ____ ___ __ Lydia Goodwin 67
   wm 1798 Nov 23 NJA V P301  File 1268F
      William Mason of Downe Twsp., Cumberland Co.;  Wife, Lydia,
      1/3 of lands, also room in house with furniture for same, while my
      widow.  Son, David, homestead plantation; also tract of land purchased
      of John Camp and 1/2 of residue.  Son William, tract of land purchased
      of Daniel Tullis and tract purchased of estate of Thomas Campbell, dec'd;
      also pair of oxen and other 1/2 of residue, when 21.  Daughters Elizabeth
      Blizzard, Tabitha Conrow and Lydia Blizard, each #5.  Executors-sons,
      David and William.  Witnesses- William Kemble, Edward Moore, Abraham
      [Wm. Mason mentions land pur. from estate of T. Campbell]
         1797       For dt pd Wm Mason (2 Rects)        45.46   4 13  5
 with Lydia (nee Goodwin 67) Mason
   David 68       Elizabeth 68   Tabitha 68     Lydia 68       William 68
   b              b              b              b              <1783
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David Mason 68
   bm ____ ___ __ to William Mason 67 et ux Lydia (nee Goodwin 67) Mason
      tentative association -rwc75.
   mf ____ ___ __ Phebe Lore 06 in Cumberland Co., NJ - The Lore Family, S.
      R. Hoffman
   bf 1783 May 15 to David Lore 05 et ux Tabitha (nee Sheppard 05) Lore twin to
      Phebe Lore 06 in Maurice River Twp., NJ.  Inherited a share of her
      father's moveable estate with her two sisters.  Geneal. Data from Cumb. Co
      Wills - Craig & NJA V38 P62.
   ld 1810 Jan 31 Jonathan Lore (son of David) of Maurice River and David Mason
      et ux Phebe (nee Lore, dau of David), Joseph Doughty et ux Prudence (nee
      Lore, dau of David) division of land of David Lore, dec'd.
   ld 1813 Apr 14 B24 P145
      Grantor: David Mason of Downe Twsp. et ux Phebe, Joseph Doughty of Maurice
      River Twp. et ux Prudence
      Grantee: Richard Shaw of Maurice River Twp.
      Transaction: $90 for 3 acres situate on N. side of Manumushkin Ck. Land
      was previously interited from David Lore - late of Downe Twp.
   ld 1814 May 20 25-192 Joseph Doughty of the township of Maurice River and
      Prudence his wife for $750 US from Samuel Laycock N39.25W 146p; N28.25E
      144p; W 90p; S 216p; E to Scott's line; along Scott's line to POB
      containing 100 acres.  Being a part of lands of David Souder per deed of
      partition executed by Jonathan Lore, David Mason et ux Phebe 1810 Jan 31.

Elizabeth Mason 68
   bf ____ ___ __ to William Mason 67 et ux Lydia (nee Goodwin 67) Mason
   mm ____ ___ __ _ Blizzard 68

Tabitha Mason 68
   bf ____ ___ __ to William Mason 67 et ux Lydia (nee Goodwin 67) Mason
   mm ____ ___ __ _ Conroe 68

Lydia Mason 68
   bf 1778 Jan 24 to William Mason 67 et ux Lydia (nee Goodwin 67) Mason in
      Cumberland Co., NJ.
   mm ____ ___ __ Silas Blizzard 68
   bm 1767 Mar 04 to James Blizzard 67 et ux Abiah (nee _ 67) Blizzard in
      Cumberland Co., NJ.
   c. 1800 U. S. Census M32 R___ P044 Book P23
      NJ, Cumb. Co. Other:  free____  slaves____
 Silas Blisard__________/00 00 01 __ __/01 00 01 __ __ __/__ __ _____________
 (Silas)________________ 16-25MW
 (Lydia)________________ 16-25FW
 _______________________ 00-09FW
   ld 1787 ___ __ Vital Records of Kent & Sussex Co., DE PV, Intro.
      Grantor: Joseph Oliver
      Grantee: Avenue Church, Milford, DE
      Transaction: Donated lot
   ld 1814 Sep 07 B27 P439 CuCDR
      Grantor: Joseph Oliver of Milford Twsp, Kent Co., DE
      Grantee: John Ogden, Silas Blizzard and Uriah Stites of Downe Twsp.
      Transacton: for $150 land in Downe Twsp 32 acres
      Description: Joseph bought from John Bailey and he bought from Bagwell
      Bailey and he bought from Samuel Wells 1795 Nov 15 and he bought from
      Job Ellis.
   ld 1817 Nov 04 B33 P247 CuCDR
      Grantor: Thomas Sutton et ux Dolly of Downes
      Grantee: Silas Blizzard, Jr. of Downes,
      Transaction: $21.93 for 2 3/4ac & 29 sq perches additional which he became
      seized of from Chas (dec'd) and Ann Brown.
   dm 1868 Jan 12 at Tuppers Plains, OH. LDS
   df 1878 Jan 24 at Tuppers Plains, OH. LDS
 with Silas Blizzard
   Silas 69       Isaac 69       Eliza 69
   b              b18010803      b18090105

William Mason 68
   bm ____ ___ __ to William Mason 67 et ux Lydia (nee Goodwin 67) Mason

LINKAGE END 00  William Mason/Lydia
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Elizabeth Ballenger _
   mm 1773 Jan 27 John Mason _, he of Evesham/Burlington, NJ, she of Pilesgrove,
      NJ. NJ_SCGDV1 P158

Lydia Mason _
   mm 1791 Jan 04 Jonathan Borden _ NJ_BuCMR P25

Erma Mason 12
   mm ____ ___ __ Francis Asbury "Asbury" Campbell 12
   bm 1895 Feb 01 to Samuel Campbell 11 et ux Lillian Maria (nee Cobb 11)
   n. Like a couple of his uncles before him, he was named for a Bishop of the
      Methodist Church who lived in the late 1700s. Called Asbury by the family,
      he first married Erma MASON but was later divorced.  His second
      marriage was to Alice WILLIAMSON.
   mf 1925 Jan 18 Alice Williamson 12
   dm 1992 Mar 28 in Auburn, New Jersey at the age of 97.
      His obituary reads:
         F. Asbury Campbell, 97 of Swedesboro died March 28 at his home.
      Born in Dividing Creek, he lived in Auburn for 64 years.
         Mr. Campbell was a retired bridge contractor with Campbell & Sons
      in Bridgeton and later worked as a millwright at the DuPont Co.'s
      Chambers Works in Deepwater.
         He attended the Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Auburn.
         Surviving are his wife Alice (nee Williamson) to whom he had been
      married for 67 years; one son, Daniel Berkley Campbell of Thorofare;
      five grandchildren and five great grandchildern.
         Graveside services were held March 31 at the Pedricktown Methodist
      Cemetery, Pedricktown.
         Arrangements were by H. T. Layton and Son Home for Funerals,
         The family suggests contributions in Mr. Campbell's memory be
      made to the Memorial Fund of Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Main
      Street, Auburn, R.D. 2, Swedesboro, NJ 08085
 with Alice (nee Williamson 12) Campbell
   Daniel B 13

H. G. Mason _
   n. ____ ___ __ Oak Hill Cemetery, Vineland, NJ  Deed # 90, 2 gr in 4 and 5
      E.  Lots 5 & 6, Blk F.  M. A. Cook in grave 1.  Block 6 transferred to
      H. G. Mason 19180718 for $15.  Enter, left, immediate right, right &
      1/2 way 5' high monument w/round ball is across from it.

Jonathan Mason 70
   mf ____ ___ __ Lucinda Goddard 70, he of O.
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Goddard 69 et ux Hannah (nee Forrestall 69) Goddard

_ Mason 70
   mf ____ ___ __ Paulina Goddard 70, he of New London.
   bf 1797 Jun 03 to Hezekiah Goddard 69 et ux Phebe (nee Halsey 69) Goddard
   n. son Hezekiah Goddard Mason 71.
 with Paulina (nee Goddard 70)
   Hezekiah G 71  Willard 71     Julia 71
   b              b              b

Henry Mason _
   mf 1836 Aug 06 Mary Johnson _, he of of Cape May Co., NJ _, NJGCMR P130

George Mason _
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth King _

George Mason _
  n. 1786 February 8 The Pennsylvania Gazette ITEM #72485
                           PHILADELPHIA, February 8.
                          From the VIRGINIA GAZETTE.
                 In the House of Delegates, January 21, 1786.
      Resolved, That Edmund Randolph, James Madison, junior, Walter
      Jones, St. George Tucker, Meriwether Smith, David Ross, William
      Ronald, and George Mason, Esquires, be appointed commissioners,
      who, or any three of who, shall meet such commissioners, as may be
      appointed by the other states in the Union, at a time and place to
      be agreed on, to take into consideration the trade of the United
      States, to examine the relative situation and trade of the said
      states, to consider how far an uniform system in their commercial
      regulation may be necessary to their common interest and their
      permanent harmony, and to report to the several States such an act
      relative to this great object, as, when unanimously ratified by
      them, will enable the United States in Congress assembled,
      effectually to provide for the same. That the said commissioners
      shall immediately transmit to the several States, copies of the
      preceding resolution, with a circular letter, requesting their
      concurrence therein, and proposing a time and place for the
      meeting aforesaid.
      A letter from a gentleman in New York says, "The honorable the
      Congress have been pleased to appoint Major SAMUEL SHAW to be
      Consul, and THOMAS RANDALL, Esq; Vice-Consul, from this nation, to
      the Emperor of China, and they will embark in a few days for the
      port of Canton."
      We hear that the Supreme Executive Council have, by an unanimous
      Vote, appointed Doctor ENOCH EDWARDS one of the Judge of the Court
      of Common Pleas for the county of Philadelphia.

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      1. Soundex M250 - Mason

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David Mason 68 P3                      Elizabeth Ballenger _ P4              
Elizabeth Mason 68 P3                  Erma Mason 12 P4                      
George Mason _ P4                      H. G. Mason _ P4                      
Henry Mason _ P4                       Jonathan Mason 70 P4                  
Lydia Mason 68 P3                      Lydia Mason _ P4                      
Tabitha Mason 68 P3                    William Mason 67 P2                   
William Mason 68 P3                                                          


Blizzard, Silas 68 P3                  Blizzard, _ 68 P3                     
Borden, Jonathan P4                    Campbell, Francis 12 P4               
Conroe, _ 68 P3                        Goddard, Lucinda 70 P4                
Goddard, Paulina 70 P4                 Goodwin, Lydia 67 P2                  
Johnson, Mary P4                       Lore, Phebe 06 P3                     
P4, E P4                               P4, J P4                              
Williamson, Alice 12 P4                                                      

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