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   LB_00  Eden Merseilles/Elizabeth Runyon
          Glenn Bingham found many of the dates and the surname Runyon on the
          monuments at the Broad St., Presbyterian Cem., Bridgeton, NJ.
          Earliest record of the family seems to be in Bergen Co., NJ, thus far.
          Curiously, there is a Doty association there.

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LINKAGE BEGIN 01  Eden Merseilles/Elizabeth Runyon

Eden Merseilles 05
   bm 1759 Sep 06 to
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth Runyon 05
   bf 1767 May 05 to
   n. TAX Records for 1793 from GJB Bergen Co., NJ - Saddle River Pharis Doty,
      Edo Marselis, John Merselis, Corns. Merselis.
   dm 1808 Jan 13 at 88._._ widow of Eden and interred Presbyterian Cemetery,
      50, 3, Broad St., Bridgeton, NJ.
   df 1855 Mar 30 and interred Presbyterian Cemetery, 7 _, Broad St.,
      Bridgeton, NJ.
                      "Elizabeth Runyou, wife of Eden M. "
   n. 1850 Jun 13 two children of Eden? interred Presbyterian Cemetery, 29,
      86, Broad St., Bridgeton, NJ.
 with Elizabeth (nee Runyon 05) Merseilles
   Sarah R 06     Sarah 06       Hugh R 06      Joanna 06      Hannah 06
   b1787          b17931207      b17950507      b1798          b17990906
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Sarah R. Merseilles 06
   bf 1787 ___ __ to Eden Merseilles 05 et ux Elizabeth (nee Runyon 05)
   df 1793 May 27 at 6Y interred Presbyterian Cemetery, Broad St., Bridgeton,

Sarah Merseilles 06
   bf 1793 Dec 07 to Eden Merseilles 05 et ux Elizabeth (nee Runyon 05)
   df 1794 Jan 21 at 0.1.14 and interred Presbyterian Cemetery, 7, 47.4,
      Broad St., Bridgeton, NJ.

Hugh R. Merseilles 06
   bm 1795 May 07 to Eden Merseilles 05 et ux Elizabeth (nee Runyon 05)
   dm 1860 Dec 29 at 6Y interred Presbyterian Cemetery 29, 91'8", Broad St., Bridgeton,

Joanna Merseilles 06
   bf 1798 ___ __ to Eden Merseilles 05 et ux Elizabeth (nee Runyon 05)
   df 1799 May 27 at 1Y interred Presbyterian Cemetery, Broad St., Bridgeton,

Hannah Merseilles 06
   bf 1799 Sep 06 to Eden Merseilles 05 et ux Elizabeth (nee Runyon 05)
      Merseilles of Bridgeton arb 1821 Sep 19 Woodbury Columbian Herald,  he a
      "Merchant of Philadelphia."
   n. 1820 Philadelphia City Directory. Hardware merchant, 41 High St.
   mm 1821 Sep 13 John Doughty 06 Thu eve arb the Washington Whig 1821 Sep
      17 P48 by Rev. Jonathan Freeman, he a merchant of Philadelphia, she a
      daughter of Eden Merseilles, merchant of Bridgeton, NJ.
      National Gazette & Literary Register 18210915, Phila., PA.  The Herald and
      Gloucester Farmer, Woodbury, NJ 18210919.
      The Woodbury Columbia Herald reported John as a merchant of Philadelphia.
      He may also be the John Doughty of Camden having 1849 inventory. He is
      absent in the 1850 Census.
   bm ____ ___ __ to James Doughty 05 et ux Margaret (nee Young 05) Doughty
   ld 1823 Dec 18 B43 P391 John Doughty et ux Hannah of Camden, Co., Gloucester
      Co., NJ to Nathan L. Stratton and John Buck of Bridgeton $1450 land in
      Deerfield.  N85E 52 rods; N16.25E 25 rods; NeE 7r3l; S88W 128r; S3E 31r;
      S88.75W 100r; S25E 141r; N38E 40r; S66.5E 40r; S66.5E 100r to POB
      containing 119 acres which said John became seized of when Eden Merseilles
   n. 1829 Philadelphia City Directory. Hardware merchant, 45 High St.
   n. 1830 Philadelphia City Directory. Hardware merchant, Front below Chestnut.
   n. 1833 Philadelphia City Directory. J & T Doughty, Landscape Painters, 59
      S. 4th St.
   n. 1846 Philadelphia City Directory. Pickles & Preserves, 72 Fitzwater
   wm 1849-36 Philadephia    John Doughty     Will     21 358    GET
      I could not find this will when I looked for it.  I'll try again.
   n. 1849 Nov 08 inventory of a John Doughty of Camden Co., NJ. B120D, NJA
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R446 P193A L28 51/52
      NJ, Cumberland Co., Bridgeton Twsp.
      1850 Aug 12 F. Devereux Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remark
 Elizabeth Merseilles       73F                        2000NJ
 Hough R.                   54M Surrogate of the Co.       NJ
 Hannah Doughty             47F                            NJ
   c. 1860 U. S. Census M653 R687 P406 L25 108/108
      NJ, Cumberland Co, Bridgeton Twsp., P14
      PO:  Bridgeton, 1860 Jun 19 E. E. Sheppard, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIRemark
 H. R. Mersellais           62M Surrogate        1000   100NJ
 Hannah Doughty             55F House keeper     4000   400NJ
 Margaret Conway            14F Domestic                   PA
   wf 1883 Dec 05 In the name of God, Amen.  I Hannah M. Doughty of the City of
      Bridgeton, County of Cumberland and state of New Jersey, being of sound
      mind memory and understanding do make and publish this my last will and
      testament in manner following, that is to say -  1st It is my will and I
      hereby direct my executor hereinafter named to pay all my debts and
      funeral expenses as soon as can be after my decease. 2nd I direct my
      executor hereinafter named to sell at public or private sale as he may
      deem act.... within four years after my decease all my real & personal
      property except such as is hereinafter specificality bequeathed.  3rd I
      direct my executor to expend the sum of one thousand dollars, or so much
      as is necessary to procure a monument to be placed on my family burial lot
      in the Presbyterian cemetery on Broad Street, Bridgeton. 4th I give and
      bequeath to the following named persons as follows.  To Phebe, Mary Ann,
      Angelina, Abbie and Sarah Riley, each the sum of twenty five dollars. To
      the Ladies Benevolent Society of Bridgeton the sum of one hundred dollars.
      To Margaret Williamson, daughter of Catharine F. Williamson the sum of
      twenty five dollars.  To Eliza and Harriet Freeman and Mrs. Mayant son and
      daughter of _  _  Rev Iona Freeman of Philadelphia the sum of fifty
      dollars each.  To Florence Heintz of Bridgeton, the sum of fifty dollars.
      To Jennie Ward of Philadephia the sum of fifty dollars.  To Joseph C.
      Kirby the sum of one hundred fifty dollars.  To Jane P. Kirby one hundred
      dollars.  To William B. Kirby twenty five dollars.  To Mary S. Kirby my
      gold watch, chain and attachments.  To Florence Heintz and Mrs. Belle
      Robbins, wife of Eli T. Robbins, my wearing apparel.  To Mitilda, wife of
      James Telford of Philadelphia, my larger gilt frame mirror, now at Riley's
      To Margaret and Phebe Fithian, sisters of the ___ Samuel L. Fithian,
      twenty five dollars each.  To Rebecca Heintz of Bridgeton twenty five
      dollars.  To Emerella Kennedy (colored) twenty five dollars.  To Angelina
      Murray, wife of Othaniel Murry, twenty five dollars.  To Mary Hampton,
   n. From GJB, "A large black pillar up on the hill ...
   df 1890 May __ at 91 interred Broad Street Presbyterian Cemetery, Bridgeton,
 with John Doughty
   no issue

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      1. Soundex M624 - Merseilles
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Eden Merseilles 05 P2                  Hannah Merseilles 06 P3               
Hugh R. Merseilles 06 P3               Joanna Merseilles 06 P3               
Sarah Merseilles 06 P3                 Sarah R. Merseilles 06 P3             


Doughty, John 06 P3                    Runyon, Elizabeth 05 P2               

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