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Benjamin Miles 64
   Elizabeth 65

Elizabeth Miles 65
   bf ____ ___ __ to Benjamin Miles 64
   mm ____ ___ __ William Goddard 65
   bm 16__ ___ __ to Edward Goddard 65 et ux _ (nee Doyley 65) Goddard
   n. six children born in London, ENG three of whom died young.
   n. 1695 came to America with wife and three surviving sons.
   n. settled in Watertown, MA. where he was adm. f. c. , 1687-8 Jan 08,
      admitted freeman 1677 Dec.
   n. some information from Forbes Lib., Northampton.
   n. came from London, England in 1665 and settled at Watertown, MA.
   n. Reference the National Cyclopaedia
   n. "1680 Mar 27 These are to certify that Mr. William Goddard, of Watertown,
      whome the said towne by covenanting engaged to teach such children as
      should be sent to him to learne the rules of the Latine tongue, hath
      those accomplishments, which render him capable to discharge the trust
      (in that respect) committed to him. (Signed) John Sherman, pastor." Co.
      Court File.]  In the Mid. Prob. Office, is an agreement, dated 1694 Oct 19
      between Elizabeth his wid., and his sons William, Joseph, Robert, Benjamin
      Josiah, and Edward.
   dm 1691 Oct 06.
   df 1697/8 Feb 08
 with William Goddard 65
   William 66     Joseph 66      Robert 66      _ 66           _ 66
   _ 66           Thomas 66      Benjamin 66    Elizabeth 66   Josiah 66
   Edward 66

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