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   LB_00  John Miller 61

   LB_10  Louis Hunt Miller/Katherine Lanning Shaw of Maurice River

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  John Miller/Ann Winterhay

John Miller 61
   bm~1555 ___ __ in England
   mf ____ ___ __ Ann Winterhay 61
   bf~1551 ___ __ to Giles Winterhay 60 et ux Jane (nee Cockerham 60)
 with Ann (nee Winterhay 61) Miller
   Lawrence 62

Lawrence Miller 62
   bm 1575 ___ __ to John Miller 61 et ux Ann (nee Winterhay 61) Miller in
      Frome, Dorset, England
   mf ____ ___ __ Joanne Smith 62
   bf 1585 ___ __ to Angell Smith 61 et ux Catherine (nee Prout 61) Smith in
      Stratton, Dorsett, England
 with Joanne (nee Smith 62) Miller
   Elizabeth 63

Elizabeth Miller 63
   bf 1606 ___ __ to Lawrence Miller 62 et ux Joanne (nee Smith 62) Miller
      in Frome, Dorset, England.  Joanne was the dau. of Angell Smith 61 of
      Stratton, Dorset.
   mm ____ ___ __ Robert Husted 63
   bm 1596 ___ __ in Dorset or Somerset, England
   n. Robert Husted and his son Angell were witnesses to the deed for
      Greenwich, CN
      Ye Histoire of Ye Towne of Greenwich, Connecticut - New England
      Genealogical Society - Paul Husted of MA. 960623
   n. 1635 Mar 20 left from Weymouth, England for New England.  He lived in
      MA a short time, then moved to Stamford, Conn. where he died.
      Some of his descendants moved to Fairfield Twsp, Cumberland Co., NJ
   dm 1654 ___ __ Stamford, Fairfield, CN
   df 1654
 with Robert Husted 63
   Angell 64       Ann 64          Robert 64
   b1620          b1623          b1626

LINKAGE END 00  John Miller/Ann Winterhay

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LINKAGE BEGIN 10  Louis Hunt Miller/Katherine Lanning Shaw of Maurice River

Katherine Lanning Shaw 17
   bf 1878 Jan 04 to Charles C. Shaw 16 et ux Isabel (nee York 16) Shaw in
      Maurice River Township, Cumberland County, N. J.
   mm 1915 ___ __ Louis Hunt Miller 17
   n. Katherine was a member of the DAR with Revolutionary War ancestor Richard
      Shaw of Maurice River Township.
   n. Raised by her aunt Hannah C. Kemble in Millville, N. J.
   df 1961 Nov 21
 with Louis Hunt Miller 17
   William 18     Edward S 18
   b191501        b19170515

LINKAGE END 10  Louis Hunt Miller/Katherine Lanning Shaw of Maurice River

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      1. Soundex  M460 - Miller
      2. Paul N. Husted et ux

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Elizabeth Miller 63 P2                 John Miller 61 P2                     
Katherine Lanning Shaw 17 P3           Lawrence Miller 62 P2                 


Husted, Robert 63 P2                   Miller, Louis 17 P3                   
Smith, Joanne 62 P2                    Winterhay, Ann 61 P2                  

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