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   LB_00 David Mulford/Sarah C. McGear

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00 David Mulford/Sarah C. McGear

David Mulford 70
   mf ____ ___ __ Sarah C. McGear 70
 with Sarah C. (nee McGear 70) Mulford
   Richard 71

Richard Mulford 71
   bm 1833 Jun 05 to David Mulford 70 et ux Sarah C. (nee McGear 70) Mulford
   mf 1854 Jul 03 Mary Elizabeth Dare 71
   bf 1834 Jun 10 to Jonathan Dare 70 et ux Sarah (nee Doughty 70) Dare in
      Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., NJ.
   df 1859 Oct 21 at Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., NJ.
   dm 1870 Jul 29 at Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., NJ.
 with Mary Elizabeth (nee Dare 71) Mulford.
   William 72

William Mulford 71
   bm 1855 ___ __ to Richard Mulford 70 et ux Mary Elizabeth (nee Dare 70)
      Mulford in Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., NJ.
   mf ____ ___ __ Kate Synor 71

LINKAGE END 00 David Mulford/Sarah C. McGear

Mary B. Mulford _
   mm 1878 April 16 Eugene Ely _ of Lambertfille, she of Millville, N.J. by
      Friends' ceremony.  The Hunterdon County Democrat: 1878 May 7, V_XL
      N_37, Whole No. 2060. NJGF 5610 On the topic of Mulford - Carol Thompson

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   n. Jarvis_NJ1850_monoline

William P. Mulford _
   bm 1775
   c. Census M432 Index P_get   R449 P3B L41  41/48.
      NJ, Essex Co., Elizabeth Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 02, A. M. Elmer, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 William P. Mulford         45M Tanner + Couri..       5000NY
 Henrietta Mulford          44F                            NJ

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David Mulford 70 P2                    Mary B. Mulford _ P2                  
Richard Mulford 71 P2                  William Mulford 71 P2                 
William P. Mulford _ P2                                                      


Dare, Mary 71 P2                       McGear, Sarah 70 P2                   
P2, E P2                               Synor, Kate 71 P2                     

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