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   LB_00  Ruth Osborne/Philip Godfrey

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William Osbourne
   ld ____ ___ __ Philadelphia Exemplification B8 P448 LDSR021872
      Grantee: Joshua Secok of Hemstead, NY
      Grantee: William Osborne of Peltenstead

Charles Osbourne
   ld 1720 Sep 26 Philadelphia Exemplification B6 P540 LDSR021871
      Witness: Charles Osborne

LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Ruth Osborne/Philip Godfrey

Ruth Osborne 67
   bf 1730/1 Feb 14  sister to Nathan & Richard in Cape May Co., NJ
      src: Cape May Co. Historical Society Godfrey File #1
   mm 1748 Oct 19 Philip Godfrey 67
   bm 1723 Aug 04 to Andrew Godfrey 66 et ux Elizabeth (nee Garrettson 66)
      Godfrey in Cape May Co., NJ
      src: Latter Day Saints International Genealogical Index (New Jersey)
   n. 2000 Apr 17 Letter from Carolyn Mae Campbell
         1989 NJ, Cape May Co., Upper Twp. published a book called "A History of
      Upper Twp. & Its Villages."  It has numberous Godfreys and a picture of
      Philip Godfrey's House ca. 1740.  It was moved 1962 from Swainton to
         Carolyn says more in her letter about Godfreys.
         This is a weak link.  The timing is about right for the Elizabeth
      Godfrey who married Archibald Campbell.  The location is near.  If DOBs of
      Philip Godfrey & Ruth Osborne children is ever found, that will confirm or
      deny this supposition.  RWC75
   dm 1797 Oct 14 in Cape May Co., NJ
      src1: Cape May Co. Historical Society Godfrey File #1.
      src2: New Jersey Archives, Abstracts of Wills 1796-1806
   df 1810 Jun 09
      src: Cape May Co. Historical Society Godfrey File #1
 with Philip Godfrey 67
   Philip 68      Nathan 68      Thomas 68      Sylvia 68      John 68
   b              b              b              b              b
   Mary 68        Phebe 68       Lydia 68       Rachel 68      Elizabeth 68
   b              b              b              b              b17640504

Nathan Osborne 67
   bm brother to Ruth & Richard

Richard Osborne 67
   bm brother to Ruth & Nathan (Jonathan?)
   n. Christian Belanger 08 bf to Evi Belanger 08 Sr.
      mm 1736 Richard Osborn 08 NJ_BuCMR P169
   n. wm 1761 May 10 NJA_COW V_ Pg 339 Lib12 P331
      Smith Uriah of Cape May Co.
      Son Joseph ( Under 14 )
      Wife Mary.
      Daughters Neome and Experience.
      Executors wife and friend Elihu Smith.
      Witness Jonathan smith, Shamgar Hand, Richard Osborne.
      1764 May 17 Proved.
      1764 Apr 28 Inventory by John Shaw and Lewis Greese.
   wm 1765 Sep 20 NJA_COW V_ Pg 316
      Osborne, Richard of cape May Co.  Brother Nathan Osborne, all my land,
      only my wifes part during her life, and all that land to philip Godfrey's
      eldest son Philip, and said Philip Godfrey Jr. Is to pay to his brother
      Nathan Godfrey L50. Brother Nathan 1/2 the moveable Estate and my sister
      Ruth Godfrey the Other 1/2. To Daniel Smith Jr, the son of Jeremiah Smith,
      L20, but if Daniel die before he comes of age, then it is to go to
      Jesey Smith, also a son of Jeremiah and if Jesey die then to his brother
      James Smith.
      Executors: Brother-in-law Philip Godfree, and Cousin David Smith.
      Witness John Willets and John Nickelson.
      1765 Nov 02 Proved
      1765 Dec 12 Inventory by John Willets and Levi Billings.
      1767 April 22 Account of Philip Godfrey, the Executor. Lib 12 Pg 347
   n. wm 1774 May 05 NJA_COW V_ P304 Lib18 P689, Lib19 P214
      Leek John of Little Egg Harbor, Burlington Co., Yeoman.
      Wife Phebe, son John Leek Jr.
      Daughters Phebe Mathis, Mary Seay.
      Grandson John Leek ( under age) Grandsons Samuel and William Leek, sons of
      John Leek. Grandsopn John Leek, son of John Leek Jr.
      Land bought of Hananiah Gaunt, which I hold in partnership with
      Jacob Falkinburg, Richard Orsborne, John an Robert Ridgway.
      Executors, Recompence, samuel and Nathan Leek, all of Cumberland.
      Daughters Phebe, Martha, Mary, Achsah Leek.
      Grandson George Washington Leek.
      Witness Lewis Darnel, Grace Darnel, Hannah Darnel.
      1777 Aug 26 Proved.
      1777 Aug 25 inventory by Lewis Darnel and John Bodine
      1778 Jan 26 account by Executors.

Richard Osborne 69
   mf 1762 May 03 Hanna Smith 69
   bf 1745 Mar 22 to Thomas Smith 68 et ux
   mm 1767 Mar 26 David Townsend 69, of Cape May. Hannah spelled that way in

Ananias Osborne _
   mf 1738 Jun 09 Lydia Buck _, both of Cape May, NJ. NJA V_ P5
   wm 1772 Jan 22 NJA_COW  Pg 373 Lib 16 Pg 8
      Osborn, Ananias of Cape May Co., Gentleman.
      Daughter, Mary Garritson, wife of Daniel Garritson Jr.
      Daughter Phebe.
      Granddaughter Hanna Stites(Under 18)
      Grandson Stephen Smith( Under 21).
      Eexcutors , Mary Garretson and her husband Daniel Garretson Jr., and also
         Thomas Leaming, if he pleases, but if he refuses then Jesse Hand.
      Witness: Jonathan Cresse, Elijah Smith, Arron Leaming.
      1772 Feb 08 Proved
      1772 Feb 07 Inventory by Philip Godfrey and Eli Eldredge.

LINKAGE END 00  Ruth Osborne/Philip Godfrey

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Mary Osbourn _
   mm 1763 Sep 12 Robert Wilson _, PA_SPPECR.

Robert Osburn _
   mf 1763 Dec 03 Eleanor Blake _, PA_SPPECR.

Page 3
               Essex Co. Osborne

Joseph Osborne _
   wm 1760 May 08 NJA_COW V_ P315 Lib H Pg 16
      Osborn Joseph of the borough of Elizabeth town, Essex Co.
      Son James, The place I live on Joining land I sold to Henry Pirson, lying
      for 50 acres, also my land in the Great Swamp by Long Hill in Morris Co.
      Sons Thomas, Enos, Jesse the other 1/2 part of my 50 acres in said swamp.
      Daughters Sarah, Abirgal, and Desire, my movable Estate.
      Executors, Friend Caleb Brown and Amos Day.
      Witness Johgn Ogden, William Parsel, John Nester.
      1761 Mar 05 Proved.
      1761 Mar 9 Inventory by William Broadwell and Silvanus Totten.
   James _        Thomas _       Enos _         Jesse _        Sarah _
   b              b              b              b              b
   Abigail _      Desire _
   b              b

John Osborn _
   n. wm 1762 Jul 06 NJA_COW V_ Pg 91 Lib I Pg142
      Cory, Elnathan of Elizabeth Borough, Essex Co.
      Wife Sarah.
      sons, Ebenezer, Daniel, James, Joseph, Thomas, Jeremiah, Job.
      Daughter Mary. Grandaughter Sarah Cory.
      Daughter Sarha Johnson.
      Exexcutors Sons James and Thomas.
      Witness John Osborn, Jonathan Elmer, Peter Fleming.
      1766 Oct 27 Proved
   n. wm 1780 Jul 18 NJA_COW V_ Pg 56 Lib22 P316
      Bowers, John of Hanover, Morris Co.
      Son Samuel Bowers( under 21) Youngest son John,
      Only Daughter Mary ( Under 18),
      Wife Catharine, sons Philo, Jesse and Whitemore.
      Executors, Wife Catharine, Friends John Ball and John Cobb.
      Witness Ebebezer Hayward, John Osborn, John Hayward,
      1780 Nov 15 Proved

James Osborne _
   bm ____ ___ __ to Joseph Osborne _

Jesse Osborn _
   n. wm 1761 Nov 21 NJA_COW V_ Pg 224 Lib H Pg101
      Jones, Caleb of the Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co.
      Wife, Mary
      eldest sons Edward(under 21), sons Jacob and Caleb.
      Daughters Catharine, Mary, Abigail, and Tabitha.
      Executors Brothers William and Isaac Jones.
      Witness William Carl, Jesse Osborn, Jonathan Elmer.
      1762 Apr 01 Proved
      1762 Mar 08 Inventory by William Parsons and William Parrat.

Nathaniel Osbern _
   dm<1770 Mar 05
   n. wm 1770 Mar 05 NJA_COW V_ P315  LibK P185.
      Osbern Cooper of Essex Co Ward
      Son of Nathaniel Osbern, of said place, Deceased.
      Gaurdian, Thomas Woodruff, Esq.
   Cooper _

Timothy Osbern _
   wm 1770 Jan 16 NJA_COW V_ P315 LibK P156.
      Osbern Timothy, Of Newark Twsp, Essex Co. Int.
      Adm'rs James Osbern and Moses Osbern.

David Osborne
   wm 1776 May 01 NJA_COW Pg 373 Lib M Pg 30
      Osborn David of Essex Co Int.
      Admr's Mary Osborn, Michael Osborn, and Daniel Osborn
      Fellowbondsman Josepg Magie all of said Co.

Elias Osborn _
   n. wm 1780 Jul 14 NJA_COW V_ Pg 574 Lib22 P339.
      West, Thomas of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co.
      Wife Hannah, My kinsman Samuel Holly, son of Noah and Hannah Holly,
      when 21 he is to pay out to Aron Shipman, son of John Shipman L20.
      To thomas Baldwin son of Thomas Baldwin L20 when he is of age.
      Executors, Freinds Thomas Baldwin and Asher Brown.
      Witness Elias Osborn, Lewis Baldwin, John Tuttle.
      1780 Sep 22 Proved.

_ Orsborn _
   n. wm 1764 Aug 11 NJA_COW V_ P30 LibK P525
      Baldwin, John of Newark, Essex Co.
      Wife, sons Ezekiel, and Enos.
      Daughters Phebe, Mary and Jemima.
      Granddaughters Rebeckah and Lydia Orsborn.
      Son Nathan
      Executors, wife and son Enos.
      Witness Lewis Baldwin, Thomas Baldwin, Moses Baldwin.
      1773 Jan 14 Proved
   Rebeckah _     Lydia _
   b              b

Samuel Osborn _
   n. wm 1772 May 22 NJA_COW V_ Pg 117 Lib L P87
      Crane, Caleb of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co.
      sons Caleb, Nehemiah and Jacob. Lands Bought of William Trotter, Dec'd.
      Lands Joining John and Noah Crane, given to me by my father Nathaniel
      Crane, Dec'd. Land near John Megies.
      Plot bought of Brother Jonathan Crane, joining land of William Stiles.
      Land that joins David and Stephen Crane, bought of Epharim Terril and
      Jonathan Allen.
      Land that Joins Caleb Osborn and Michel Osborn bought of Samuel Osborn.
      Land Joining John Chandler.
      Land bought of Jacob Mitchell, joining William stiles.
      Land Joining Joining David Crane , Bought of Charles Woodruff.
      Land Joining John Harriman, Stephen Richard and Matthias Crane.
      Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Jeremiah Garthwait.
      Executors Daniel Sale, son-inlaw Jeremiah Garthwait.
      Witness John Emott, David Crane, John Chetwood.
      1774 Jan 03 Proved.

Michael Osborn _
   wm 1780 Feb 19 NJA_COW V_ Pg 272 ( Michael Osborn ) Lib21 P307
      Jewell, Moses of Brorough of Elizabeth, Essex Co.
      Wife Rachel Jewell, sons Seth and Jonathan.
      Land near Joseph Headly. Daughter Rebecca Jewell. To my mother L100.
      Exexcutors, Friends Michael Osborn and Robert Wade.
      Witness Michael Osborn, William Brandt Jr., Ezekeil Ogden.
      1780 Mar 10 Proved
      1780 Mar 20 Inventory by Thomas West and William Brandt.

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              Monmouth Co. Osborne

James Osborn _
   bm brother to Samuel of Monmouth.
   mf ____ ___ __ Anne _ _
   wm 1759 Nov 18 NJA_COW V_ P315
      Osborn James of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co
      Wife Anne, son John, Daughter Rebecca Swaine, Daughter Kathrine Osborn.
      Executors, Richard Longstreet and my Brother Samuel Osborn.
      Witness; Thomas Bell, Remembrance Lippincott, Mary Wilkens.
      1761 Apr 18 Proved.
      (No Date) Inventory by John Denman and Thomas Bell. Lib G pg 381
   n. wm 1760 Jan 10 NJA_COW V_ Pg 256 ( Anne Osborn)
      Longstreet Aaron of Shrewsbury Twsp in Manasquan, Monmouth Co
      I am the son of Derick Longstreet, and am very sick with Smallpox.
      Brothers Samuel and Derrick. Catharine, my Brother Stoffles Daughter.
      Mother, Uncle Samuel.
      Executors Uncle Samuel and Brother-in-law Peter Wycoff.
      Witness Anne Osborn, Moses Richards, Remembrance Lippincott.
      1761 Oct 03 Proved
      1762 April 10 Inventory by William Morton and Gersham Bills Lib H p494
   wf 1764 Aug 08 NJA_COW V_ P315
      Osborn, Anne of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.
      Daughter, Bebaco Swaine ( Rebecca Swaine?), a Potter.
      Daughter Catrin, "Bedde", and she is to have Schooling.
      Executor, Samuel Longstreet.
      Witness Andrew Allen, Faith Tilton, Thomas Bell.
      1764 Oct 09 Proved.
      (No Date) Inventory by Thomas Bell and Samuel Osborn Lib H p495

Samuel Osborn _
   bm brother to James of Monmouth.
   n. wm 1754 Mar 22 NJA_COW V_ Pg 12 LibG P425
      Allen, David of Manasquan in town of Shrewsbury Monmouth Co. Yeoman
      Wife Catharine.
      Daughter Mercy Wife of Thomas Jeffery.
      son Sanuel( only son).
      Brother Joseph Allen.
      Executors son Samuel son-in-law Thomas Jeffery.
      Witness Joseph Lawrence, Ananiah Gifford Jr. Anthony Woodward Jr.,
      Jacob Dennis.
      1761 Apr 13 Proved.
      1760 Mar 05 Inventory made by James Irons, David Johnston and
      Samuel Osborn.
   n. wm 1759 Dec 23 NJA_COW V_ P256
      Longstreet, Richard of Shrewsbury Monmouth Co., Yeoman.
      Wife Alice, Eldest (Living) son Samuel, sons Aury and Richard.
      Three Eldest daughters (Married) Catharine, Mocia, and Mary.
      Daughters Alice and Anne.
      Grandaughters Catharine and Alice, daughters of Eldest son Stoffel.
      Executors, sons Samuel and Aury.
      Witness William Brewer, Michael Roberson. Thomas Bell Mery Wilkins.
      1761 Apr 18 Proved. Probate to Samuel Longstreeet Surviving Executor, the
      son, Aury, being dead.
      1761 June 10 Inventory by James Lawrence and Samuel Osborn
   n. wm 1762 Dec 03 NJA_COW V_ P214 LibH P203 File No. 2495M.
      Irons, James of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. Int.
      Adm'rs James Irons Eldest son and William Morton.
      Fellowbondsman William Brewer, all of said place.
      Witness Jacob Dennis Jr. And Anthony Dennis.
      Renunciation by Thomas White and Deborah White, formerly widow of
      James Irons of Squan, Dec'd., in favor of James Irons and William Mortan.
      Witness Rachel White and Hannah White.
      1762 Oct 29 Inventory by Gersham Bills, Samuel Osborn and Thomas Ellison.
   n. wm 1766 Sep 10 NJA_COW V_ Pg 130 LibK P291
      Ellison, Thomas of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., Yeoman
      Wife Margaret.
      Daughter Annar Allen's eldest son, Samuel Allen.
      Gradaughters Elizabeth Ellison and Mary Ellison.
      Daughters Rebekah, Hannah and Elizabeth Morris.
      Sons Amos Lewis and Thomas.
      Executors, Friend William Morton and son Lewis.
      Witness William Brewer, Robert Morris, Garret Longstreet.
      1770 Dec 01 Proved.
      1770 Nov 2 Inventory by Garret Longstreet, Samuel Osborn, William Jackson,
   n. wm 1771 Sep 17 Pg 501 Lib K pg367
      Stillwell, Obediah of Monmouth Co Int.
      Admr's William Stilwell and Daniel Ketcham
      Fellowbondsman: Samuel Osborn, all of said Co.
   wm 1774 Dec 16 NJA_COW V_ P373 LibL P243.
      Osborn Samuel of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.
      Wife Jane Osborn, the plantation I bought of Richard Chamberlin, during
      her life, except 1/2 ther meadow on the north side of Squan River and 2/3
      of Meadow on south side.
      Eldest son Samuel L10 to be paid to him by son Abraham. Son Abraham rest
      of my land.
      Daughter Mercy Journel L30, Daughter Catharine Green L50,
      Daughter Hannah Osborn L50 when 18.
      Executors Wfe Jane and son Abraham.
      Witness Garret Longstreet, Richard Longstreet, William Jackson Jr.
      1774 Dec 30 Proved.
      1775 Jan 06 Inventory by William Jackson Jr and Samuel Allen.
   n. wm 1775 Feb 18 NJA_COW Pg 240, Lib M pg 16
      Henrickson, Daniel Jr. Of Middletown, Monmouth Co.
      Brothers Garret and Hendrick Hendrickson. Wife Mary,
      Siters Nelly Vanmakert ( Vanmater ), Mary Covenhoven, Anne Honce.
      To Jane Schank, a Cow when 18.
      Executors: Brothers Garret and Hendrick Hendrickson
      Witness Samuel Osborn, Thomas Basher, Joseph Dennis.
      1776 Mar 12 Proved

_ Osborn _
   bm probably Samuel
   mf ____ ___ ___ Catharine Knott  _
   bf ____ ___ __ to _ Knott _ et ux Jane (unless she remarried).
   n. wf 1774 Oct 10 NJA_COW V_ Pg 290 LibL P280
      Knott Jane of Shrewsbury Monmouth Co.
      Daughter Maycah Vanmater,
         Granddaughters Mary Vanmater, Catharine Vanmater, Nelly Vanmater.
         To Richard Vanmater and his wife Maycah
      the rest of my estate to maintaine my Daughter Catharine Osborn,
      Children Samuel Osburn , Staufel Osburn
      and to Maycah Vanmater, the rest.
      Executor Son-in-law richard Vanmatter.
      Witness Abraham Bucklew, Thomas Bucklew, William Jackson Jr.
      1775 Dec 09 Proved
 with Catharine
   Samuel _       Staufel _
   b              b

Page 5
_ Osborne _
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth _ _
   n. wm 1766 May 06 NJA_COW V_ Pg 392 Lib 13 Pg 331
      Smith Daniel of Gloucester Co.
      Wife Sarah.
      Executrix, Wife.
      Witness Elizabeth Osborne, Mary Dannally.
      1768 Apr 12 Proved

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                   Morristown, Morris Co. Osborne

Jonathan Osborn _
   n. Hannah Osborn _
   n. wm 1760 Jun 05 NJA_COW V_ Pg 74 Lib K Pg 32
      Catterling, Francis of Morristown, Morris Co., Yeoman.
      Eldest son Francis, about Oct 31, 1751 I bought land of Joseph Prudden and
      Jonathan Osborn, the land I live on Which I give to my wife Phebe.
      Five sons Isaac, James, Joseph, Benjamin and Jacob.
      Daughters Phebe, Susannah, Mary, Martha.
      Executors Wife Phebe.
      Witness Peter Kemble, Hannah Osborn, Mary Solegard.
      1768 Dec 27

Thomas Osborn _
   n. wm 1768 Aug 27 NJA_COW V_ P207 LibK P12
      Howell, Mica of Morris Co.
      Daughter Ann Howell. Daughters, Rachel Totten, Mary Broadwell, Sisbah.
      Son William Sons John, Mica, Jonathan (Under 21 ).
      Executors; Friends William Parrat and Jonathan Mulford.
      Witness John Williams, and Christopher Namsly, Thomas Osborn.
      1768 Dec 04 Proved.
      1768 Inventory by William Parrot and Jonathan Mulford.
   n. wm 1768 Oct 28 NJA_COW V_ P37 LibH P326
      Bedell, Daniel of Morristown, Morris Co. Int.
      Adm'r Mathias Clark, Fellowbondsman Abraham Rutan, both of said place.
      1768 Oct 27 Renunciation By Adness Bedell, the Widow, in Favor of
      Mathias Clark, the highest creditor. Witness Benjamin Bedell.
      1768 Oct 21 Inventory by Isaac Clark and Thomas Orsborn.

Joseph Osborn _
   mf ____ ___ __ Patience Fowler _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Benjamin Fowler _
   n. wm 1764 Jan 07 NJA_COW V_ Pg 172 LibH P375
      Hambleton, Stephen of Morristown, Morris Co. Int
      Admr's Bejamin Fowler and Joseph Osborn, Yeomrn, both of said Co..
      Said Adm'rs are two of the largest creditors.
      Witness Jacob Hamton
      1764 Jan 11 Inventory by Samuel Frost and Joseph Lacy.
      1764 Nov 19 Account by Benjamin Fowler, Admr.
   n. wm 1778 Apr 02 NJA_COW V_ P188
      Fowler, Benjamin of Morristown, Morris Co.
      Grandson Joseph Ozbourn ( Under 21)
      Daughter Pations Ozbourn ( Patience) mother of said Joseph.
      Son-in-law Thomas Simmons, sons and daughters of daughter Freelove
      Simmons. Executors, John Brookfield and Thomas Miller.
      Witness Gideon Riggs, Jedediah Frost, Samuel Carter.
      1779 Oct 18 Proved,
      1779 Oct 22 Inventory by Job Brookfield and Samuel Oliver Lib 20 pPg 329
 with Patience (nee Fowler _)
   Joseph _

Page 7
Samuel Osborn _
   mf ____ ____ __ Jane Lane _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Abraham Lane _ et ux Hannah
   wm 1760 Sep 11 NJA_COW V_ Pg 239  Lib H pg 80
      Lane, Abraham of Middlesex Co.
      Wife Hannah
      son Abraham
      Daughters Rebecca and Hannah. Residue to my Children Viz;
      Mary, wife of Aaron Van Sickle; Jane wife of Samuel Osborn;
      Lucretia, wife of Arie Lane, Rebecca, Hannnah, and Abraham.
      Executors, Wife, Brother Gysbert Lane, and Bernarous Lagrange.
      Witness Evert Duychinck, Henry Kip, Andres Ten Eick.
      1761 Oct 03 Proved.

Jeremiah Osborne _
   n. wf 1761 Jul 05 Pg 168
      Hackney, elizabeth of Chester Twsp, Burlington Co
      Sister, Rebeckah Matlack's ( Decd ) four daughters,
         Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth and Rebeckah ( Under 18 )
      cousin Jeremiah Osban (Under 21 )
      Brother Thomas Hackney's eldest son William, (Under 21 )
      Brother Joseph Hackney's eldest son Joshua ( under 21 )
      Cousin Susannah Dudley ( Under 18 )
      Executors; Brother Joseph.
      Witness Noah Haines, Hannah Turner, Jonas Cattell.
      1762 Jun 11 Proved
      1762 May 28 Inventory by Darling Conaroe and Richard Borden

William Osborne _
   wm 1777 Mar 17 P373 Lib 18 P139
      Osbourn William of Burlington Co, Int.
      Adm'r John Cogler
      Fellowbondsman Hugh Hollinshead, both of Chester Township said Co.

Page 8

Samuel Osborne _
   mf ____ ___ __ Esther _ _
   wm 1776 Nov 15 NJA_COW V_ Pg373 Lib18 P418.
      Osborn Samuel of Pittsgrove Township, Salem Co.
      My brother William Osborn 7 Shillings, Brother John, 7 shillings, brother
      Absalom, 7 shillings. Wife Ester 2/3 of my estate. Brother Joab the other
      1/3. Executrix wife Ester.
      Witness John Murphy, David Sayre, Elizabeth Sayre.
      1777 Mar 08 Proved.
      1777 Mar 03 Inventory by John Murphy and William Hampton.

Page 9
Stephen Osborn 70
   bm 1793 Jan 08
   mf 1816 May 16 Mary Babcock 70, he of Templeton in Northborough, MA.
       MANMR P74.
   bf 1795 Mar 06 to Reuben Babcock and Hannah (nee Goddard) Babcock at
      Northborough, Mass. MANBR P12.
   dm 1872 Mar 20
   df 1885 Mar 25
 with Mary (nee Babcock 70) Osbourne
   Mary L 71      Rebecca R 71   Stephen D 71   Eliza H 71     Charles W 71
   b              b              b              b              b
   William H 71   Francis E 71   Henry H 71
   b              b              b

Henry Osborne _
   n. Campbell: standing in the line of Henry Osborne's land.

P. Osborn _
   n. Clifton:  Freights, lost at Sandy Point, Crew saved, owned by Osborne and
      Clifton:      CLEARED. Ship Pennsylvania Packet, P. Osborn, to London.

   n. Dickinson:  Captain Osborn, from Maryland, is arrived at Barcelona; and
      Dickinson: Captain Osborne, from Lisbon, on the 2d ult. in Lat. 23:41, spoke
      Dickinson: Captain Osborne, from Liverpool, on the 30th ult in lat. 35: 39,

      Doughty: Debts due to him from Richard Stockton, Henry Cornelis, Mr. Osborne,
      Doughty: Witnesses: Elizabeth Osborne, Bartholemew Thatcher. Signed Jn.o Reading.
      Doughty: Witnesses: Elizabeth Osborne, Bart. Thatcher.
      Goddard:   mm 1826 May 01 Francis Osborne Watts 70

Martha Osborn 66
   bf 1646 Aug 22 to John Osborn 65 et ux Hannah (nee _ 65) Osborn
   mm ____ ___ __ Thomas Hand 66
   bm 1644 Jul __ to John Hand 65 et ux _ (nee _ 65) Hand probably on Long Isl.
   df 1690
   mf ____ ___ __ Katherine Stubbs 66, presumably from John Stubs will.
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Stubbs 65?
   n. Will of John Stubs 1702 Aug 29 mentions Thomas Hand I,II, Benjamin Hand I,
      II, Abraham Hand, Shamger Hand II, Cornelius Hand, Mr. Hand, Peter Hand,
      John Hand
   ld 1699 May 13
      Grantor: William Jacocks who purchased the land in 1689.
      Grantee: Thomas Hand, yeoman
      Transaction: 340 acres
      Description: "on the seaside between Randall Hewitts' and a pint athwart
      Cape Island." The distance from the ocean across the island to the creek
      known later as Cape Island Creek was 265 perches and  one line called for
      a "line of trees" as a boundary.
   ld 1700 Oct & Dec
      Grantor: Thomas Hand
      Grantee: sons Jeremiah, Thomas, Recompense, John and George.
   ld 1701 Apr 08
      Grantor: Thomas Hand by power of attorney granted to Thomas Chatfield in
      Easthampton, "Well beloved friend."
      Description: a certain tract of land lying in Wainscott commonly known by
      the name  of Celtt Bushes.
   n. 1705 Nov 06 commissioned Justice of the Peace of the Court of Cape May Co.
      NJ.  The position corresponded to a judgeship.
   wm 1707 Oct 21 NJCD v31 p208 of Cape May, yeoman; will of.  Wife Katharine.
      Daughters - Deborah, Alce, Prudence Crowel; sons - John, Recompence and
      two others not named.  Real and personal estate, incl. slaves.  Witnesses-
      Shamgar Hand, John Townsend and Samuel Matthews.  1714 Nov 03 proved at
      Salem.  Lib. I, p. 501
   dm 1714 Oct 21 drowned in the Tuckahoe River or off Cape May, NJ
      1714 Oct 09  Inventory of the personal estate (502.14.-); made by John
      Paige and John Parsons.
      1714-5 Mar 07 Letter from Recompence Hand to _____, asking for letters of
      administration and promising a keg of oysters, if granted.
      1715 Apr 01 Bond of Recompence Hand as administrator; Richard Downes and
      Christopher Church fellow bondsmen.
 with Thomas Hand 66
   Deborah 67     Alice 67        Prudence 67    John 67        George 67
   b              b              b              b              b
   Jeremiah 67    Thomas 67       Recompence 67
   b              b               b1690

Nathan Osborne _
   n. Thomas Hand 67: Crowell, Joseph Lord, Nathaniel Foster, George Crandall,
      Nathan Osborne,

   n. Hand: Benjamin Johnson, Ruth Hand, Ananias Osborn, James Cresse, John Garlick,
      Hand: Ebenezer Swaine, Robt. Cresse, John Cress, Jacob Spicer, Nathan Osborn,
      Hand: Witnesses - James Flood, Bezabel Osborn, Nathan Osborne.  1732 Mar 20
      Howland: Witness: William Osborn, James Osborn, Jon. Herring.
      Hubbs: by John Osborn, south by Hans Urz, east by land that did belong to
      Hubbs: CLEARED.  Brig Hetty, P. Osborne, Lisbon.
      Hubbs: CLEARED.  Ship Pennsylvania Packet, P. Osborne, London.

Katherine Osborn 10
   bf 1684 Aug 22
   mm 1704 Aug 22 John King 10
   bm 1677 Jan 26 to Samuel King 09 et ux Frances (nee Ludlam 09) King _
   n. Capt., of Southold.
   n. received from his father lands at Southold and Salem
   wm 1736 Feb 24
      John King names his wife Katherine, his daughters Mary Booth and
      Elizabeth Hopkins, and all the sons mentioned below except Joseph (lib.
      XIV., P269 NY Wills)
   dm 1741 Jan 19 interred in the old graveyard at Orient.
      1742 Mar 17 will proved.
   df 1752 Jul 20 interred in the old graveyard at Orient.
 with John King 10
   Mary 11        Joseph 11      Henry 11       Constant 11    Alexander 11
   b17050722      b17061227      b17081219      b17120219      b17130918
   Elizabeth 11   Prosperous 11  Benjamin 11
   b17150417      b17170614      b17220626

Ada Osborne 18
   mm ____ ___ __ Joseph Hill Powers 18, as his second wife.
   bm 1852 ___ __ to Joseph Powers 17 et ux Jane "Jenny" (nee Farley 17) Powers

Charles Osborne _
      n. wm 1720 Mar 17 Abstract of Philadelphia Co. Wills P399 BD N127
      Joseph Taylor, Philadelphia, Brewer.
      Executor: Wife Sarah and friend Peter Stretch, Philadelphia - Watchmaker
      Daughter Hannah. Richard and Humphrey Morsey and Joseph Shippen mentioned.
      Witness: David Hughes, Ralph Oliver, Charles Brockden, Nehemiah Allen,
      Charles Osborne, Anthony Hartley.
      Trustees: Father John Fisher and Peter Stretch.  Recorded P150.
      1720 Mar 26 proved

Abiah Osborne _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Jonathan _ _
   mm Recompense Hand _
   n. Townsend: dau of Johathan had sis Deborah & bro Recompense

  n. Whitehead: Witnesses: Elizabeth Osborne, Bartholemew Thatcher.
         Signed Jn.o Reading.
  n. Whitehead: Witnesses: Elizabeth Osborne, Bart. Thatcher.

Ethan Osborn 68
   mf ____ ___ __ _ Foster 68, he the Rev./pastor of "Old Stone Church,"
      Cumberland Co., NJ.
   bf ____ ___ __ to Ephraim Foster 67 et ux Hannah (nee Whitaker 67) Foster the
      youngest of ten children.
   bf 1742 Mar 03 to Nathaniel Whitaker 66 et ux Ruth (nee Buck 66) Whitaker
 with Ephraim Foster 67

Page 10
             Bergen Co.

Charles Osborne _
   n. husband of Anne Osborne, nee Shepherd?
   n. wm 1772 May 13 Pg 460 File No 988 B.
      Shepherd, John of Barbadoes Neck, Bergen Co. Int
      Adm'rs Elizabeth Sheperd and Charles Osbourn both of Bergen Co.
      fellow Bondsman Teunis Joralemon of Essex Co.
      Witness Jan H. Van Bos Kirck, and John Zabriski Jr.
      1772 May 12 Inventory by John Berry, Isaac Kingsland and Teunis Jaralemon
   n. wf 1773 Jun 14 Pg 460 Lib L pg50
      Shepherd, Elizabeth of New Barbadoes Neck, Bergen Co., Widow.
      Daughters, elizabeth Davey, Mary Greenfield, Anne Osborne, Martha Thomas,
      Hannah Shepherd. Son John ( under 21) son-in-law john Davey.
      Executors John Hornblower and Doctor John Hicks.
      Witness William Stuart, Anne Kingsland.
      1773 Jul 02 Proved
   n. 1774 Feb 15 NJA_COW V_ Pg 459 File No 1080 B
      Shepherd Anna ( Hannah?) of Barbadoes Neck, Bergen Co.
      Ward. Daughter of John Shepperd.
      Guardian Charles Osborn.
      Fellow Bondsman George Winnants both of said place.

Benjamin Osborne _
   n. wm 1780 May 02 Pg 354
      Moore, Edminster of Somerset Co.
      Wife Catharine Moore.
      Children Joseph, Gershom, Amey, Coon, John, Rachael Moore, Reuben, Levi,
      Jesse, Enoch, Lydia Moore.
      Son Gersham is to have deed for 10 acres I sold him,
      Bejamin Orsborne is to have deed for land he has in possession of, 61/4
      Place I live on, deed to be executed to David Smalley by Jacob Bergin and
      Henrick Wilson.
      Executor, Friend, David Smalley and Wife Catharine.
      Witness Jacob Smalley, David Ruckman Proved Sept 11, 1780
      1780 June 6 Inventory By Isaac Moore, Jonathan Ruckman. Lib 22, Pg 248

Jonathan Osborn _
   n. wm 1779 Aug 28 NJA_COW V_ P375 Lib22 P18
      Palmer Samuel of Philadelphia, Silversmith, Int.
      Adm'r William Burns of Middlesex Co., Taylor.
      Fellowbondsman, Jacob Tucker od said Co., Stone Cutter.
      1779 May 20 Inventory by Jonathan Osborn and Benjamin Miller.

Page 11

David Osborne _
   mf ____ ___ __ Hannah Brewster _, then wife of Laban Bronson
   df 1827 Jul __ age 81 yrs.
      (She was lineal descendant of Elder Wililam Brewster who came over on the
      Mayflower in 1620).
                  Liberty Street off Main St., Middletown, CT
               Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

John Osborn _
   bm 1740 Mar 24  died June 7, 1825, age 85 yrs.
     Osborn, Ruth, consort of John, died Feb 5, 1810, age 67 yrs.
     Osborn, Mary, daughter of John & Ruth, died Jan 11, 1816, age 46 yrs.
     Carpenter, Mrs. Anne C., daughter of John & Ruth Osborn, born Nov 25, 1784,
        died Oct 6, 1874.
                  Liberty Street off Main St., Middletown, CT
               Transcribed by Coralynn Brown

Page 12

   n. Osborne_NJ1850_monoline

Ethan Osborne _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R446 P184B L1  322/337.
      NJ, Cumberland Co., Fairfield Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 21, F. Devereux, Asst Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Ethan Osborne              93M NJPresbyt Clergyman    2000CN
    additional here.

Dennis Osborne _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R447 P6A L11  49/63.
      NJ, Essex Co., Newark, N._Ward.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 04, Stephen Congar, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Stephen Monroe             45M Boot & Shoe Man            NJ
 Susan     "                51F                            NJ
 Dennis Osborne             22M Clerk                      NJ
 Nathaniel Kingsland        17M Clerk                      NJ

Alen Osborn
   bm 1795
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R449 P319B L6  170/184.
      NJ, Essex Co., Clinton Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 26, David Wade, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Alen Osborn                55M Shoemaker                  NJ
 Sarah  "                   42F                            NY
 Fredeus A.  "              25F   "                        NJ
 Henry O.  "                12M                            NJ       S
 James R.  "                12M                            NJ       S
 Lavenia   "                 7F                            NJ       S
 Edwn                        4M                            NJ       S
 Julia A. Thompson          25F   "                        NJ

George H. Osborn _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R449 P319B L32  174/188.
      NJ, Essex Co., Clinton Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 26, David Wade, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Georg3 H. Osborn           34M Shoeaker               1200NJ
 Mary F.   "                28F                            NJ

Ruben Osborn _
   bm 1815
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R449 P321B L35 204/218.
      NJ, Essex Co., Clinton Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 25, David Wade, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Ruben Osborn               35M Shoemaker               800NJ
 Martha  "                  31F                            NJ
 Martha  "                  31F                            NJ
 Liluz?  "                   2M                            NJ
 Nathan Taylor              21M                            NJ
 Joseph F. Walpool          12M                            "

Moses R. Osborne _
   bm 1833
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R451 P22  L1  342/348.
      NJ, Gloucester Co., Franklin Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Dec 20, David B. Leslie, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 . previous page
 Moses R. Osborne           17M none                       NJ

Nathaniel Osborne _
   bm 1780
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R459 P266B L7 39/41.
      NJ, Morris Co., Pequanac Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 02, F. W. Cook, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Henry C. Vance             36M Farmer                 2900NJ
 Jane                       31F                            NJ
 Catherine                  12F                            NJ       S
 Cornelius H.                9M                            NJ       S
 William                     7M                            NJ       S
 Sarah F.                    5F                            NJ
 Nathaniel Osborn           70M                            NY
 Clarissa A. DeMott         63F                            NJ

Abram Osborne _
   bm 1824
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R460 P7A L20 94/94.
      NJ, Ocean Co., Brick Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 26, L. N. Barclay, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Abram Osborne              26M Laborer                    NJ
 Debora L.  "               30F                            NJ
   n. 1850 between Cook so Debora may be one.

Ainga Osborne _
   bm 1811
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R464 P252A L15 ??2/?44.
      NJ, Sussex Co., Franklin Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 27, David T. Howell, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Ainga P. Osborn            39M Shoemaker                  NJ,Morr
 Ann M. Osborn              26F                            NJ,Suss   I
 Ellis M. Osborn             4M                            NJ,Esse
 Ann E. Osborn               1F                            NJ,Suss

Page 13
      1. Soundex O215 - Osborn, Osborne, Osbourne
      2. NJA_COW  New Jersey Archives, Calendar of Wills
         First Series Vol 33, Calender of New Jersey Wills, Vol 4 1761-1770
         Edited by A. Van Doren Honeyman, Somerville NJ 1928
         First Series Vol 34, Calender of New Jersey Wills, Vol 5 1771-1780
         Edited by A Van Doren Honeyman, Trenton NJ 1931
      3. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hubbard/xtra/mort_cem_full.htm
                  Liberty Street off Main St., Middletown, CT
               Transcribed by Coralynn Brown
      4. Home: Surnames: Osborn Family Genealogy Forum
         Posted by: Joe Osborn Date: August 06, 2000 at 15:09:16 of 2695
      5. Sue and Al Porter
         Carolyn Campbell

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Abiah Osborne _ P10                    Abram Osborne _ P13                   
Ada Osborne 18 P10                     Ainga Osborne _ P13                   
Alen Osborn P13                        Ananias Osborne _ P2                  
Benjamin Osborne _ P11                 Charles Osborne _ P10                 
Charles Osborne _ P11                  Charles Osbourne P2                   
David Osborne P4                       David Osborne _ P12                   
Dennis Osborne _ P13                   Elias Osborn _ P4                     
Ethan Osborn 68 P10                    Ethan Osborne _ P13                   
George H. Osborn _ P13                 Henry Osborne _ P10                   
James Osborn _ P5                      James Osborne _ P4                    
Jeremiah Osborne _ P8                  Jesse Osborn _ P4                     
John Osborn _ P12                      John Osborn _ P4                      
Jonathan Osborn _ P11                  Jonathan Osborn _ P7                  
Joseph Osborn _ P7                     Joseph Osborne _ P4                   
Katherine Osborn 10 P10                Martha Osborn 66 P10                  
Mary Osbourn _ P3                      Michael Osborn _ P4                   
Moses R. Osborne _ P13                 Nathan Osborne 67 P2                  
Nathan Osborne _ P10                   Nathaniel Osbern _ P4                 
Nathaniel Osborne _ P13                P. Osborn _ P10                       
Richard Osborne 67 P2                  Richard Osborne 69 P2                 
Robert Osburn _ P3                     Ruben Osborn _ P13                    
Ruth Osborne 67 P2                     Samuel Osborn _ P4                    
Samuel Osborn _ P5                     Samuel Osborn _ P8                    
Samuel Osborne _ P9                    Stephen Osborn 70 P10                 
Thomas Osborn _ P7                     Timothy Osbern _ P4                   
William Osborne _ P8                   William Osbourne P2                   


Babcock, Mary 70 P10                   Brewster, Hannah P12                  
Foster, _ 68 P10                       Godfrey, Philip 67 P2                 
Hand, Thomas 66 P10                    King, John 10 P10                     
P2, L P2                               P3, E P3                              
P3, R P3                               P5, A P5                              
P5, C P5                               P6, E P6                              
P7, P P7                               P8, J P8                              
P9, E P9                               Powers, Joseph 18 P10                 
Recompense, mm P10                     Smith, Hanna 69 P2                    
Stubbs, Katherine 66 P10               Townsend, David 69 P2                 

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