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   LB_00  William Parsons/Margaret Hoskins

   LB_01  Hugh Parsons of Philadelphia, PA.

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William Parsons 10
   n. GenForum #1129
   mf ____ ___ __ Margaret (nee Hoskins 10) Parsons
 with Margaret (nee Hoskins 10) Parsons
   William 11     Thomas 11      Christopher 11 Maria 11       Joseph 11
   ~1604          ~1608          ~1612          ~1617          ~1620
   Benjamin 11

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Thomas Parsons 11
   bm~1608 ___ __ to William Parsons 10 et ux Margaret (nee Hoskins 10) Parsons
      of Beaminster, Dorset, Canterbury, ENG.
   mf 1641 Jun 28 Lydia Brown 11 Windsor, Birkshire Co., MA
 with Lydia (nee Brown 11) Parsons
   Bethiah 12     Abigail 12     Thomas 12      John B 12      William 12
   b16420521      b16430121      b16450809      b16471113      ~1648
   Mary 12        Ebenezer 12    Samuel 12      Joseph 12
   b16550723      b165_0514      b16570716      b16610501

Benjamin Parsons 11
   bm~1625 ___ __ to William Parsons 10 et ux Margaret (nee Hoskins 10) Parsons
      of Beaminster, Dorset, Canterbury, ENG.
   mf 1653 Nov 06 Sarah Vore 11 Windsor, CT.
   n. Deacon
   mf 1677 Feb 21 Sarah Heald 11
 with Sarah (nee Vore 11) Parsons
   Sarah 12       Benjamin 12    Mary 12        Abigail 12     Samuel 12
   b              b16580915      b              b              b
   Ebenezer 12    Mary B 12      Hezekiah 12    Joseph 12
   b              b              b              b              b

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Thomas Parsons 12
   bm 1645 Aug 09 to Thomas Parsons 11 et ux Lydia (nee Brown 11) Parsons
   mf 1668 Dec 24 Sarah Dare 12 in Windsor, CT, USA.
   dm 1680 Dec 14 Windsor

John B. Parsons 12
   bm 1647 Nov 13 to Thomas Parsons 11 et ux Lydia (nee Brown 11) Parsons
   mf ____ ___ __ Lydia Garlick 12
   dm 1693 Jan __ Cape May, NJ.

      Maybe the two below are the two above??

Thomas Parsons _
   ld 1698 Sep 08 Philadelphia Exemplification (ie Deeds Grantor to Grantee)
      P287  LDS#0021872   19980731 Gleanings by RWC75
      Grantor: John Parsons of Phila, PA, carpenter; Thomas Bradford of
      Phila., PA, Carpenter and Thomas Parsons of Frankford, Phila. Co., PA
      Grantee: Mary Dowtty of Phila., widow and sole executrix of
      Edward Dowtty, her late husband (deceased).
      Description: Witnesseth that John
      Parsons for the consideration of three pounds current money of PA to
      him paid by ye said Edward Dowttey in his lifetime, ye receipt whereof
      he doth hereby acknowledge hath given, granted eight acres hath given,
      granted by William Penn to John Parsons, his heirs  and assigns and
      surveyed by the Surveyor General 1685 Mar 16. POB corner of Thomas
      Bradford's land at ye street on northside; thence westsouthwest 56.5pc to
      a marked post in George Willard's line, thence southsoutheast 20pc to a
      corner of Thomas Rudyard; eastnortheast 56.5pc to another corner at or
      near a runside; northnortheast 23 pc to POB.
      Ditto the above eight acres laid out to said Thomas Bradford 1685 Mar
      16 and sold for three pounds. POB a corner of land formerly of John Wall
      and John Wallis by ye said Rhoadside; thence westsouthwest 56.5 pc to a
      post in George Williard's line; southsoutheast 23 perches to another
      corner of ye above mentioned piece of land; easte northeast 56.5 pc to a
      post at or near the above said row; northnorthwest 23 pc to POB eight
      acres granted by ye said proprietors ~~~ to ye said Thomas Bradford in
      right of Robert Somers (dec'd), his heir, William Leverall ye same to
      Thomas Bradford by deed recorded in the Rolls office at Phila. BE2 V3 P141
      Ditto the above but for four acres to Thomas Parsons next to Thomas
      Bradford and sold for two pounds. POB corner of land of late Sarah Fuller
      ye said Rhoadside; westsouthwest 56.5 perches to a corner; southsoutheast
      11.5 pc to a corner of the last mentioned piece of land of Thomas
      Bradford; eastnortheast 56.5pc to another corner; northnorthwest 11.5 pc
      to POB 4 acres granted by the said Proprietors and surveyed 1865 Feb 26 to
      John Wall and John Wallis being the same 4 acres conveyed to William
      Tyler, then to Thomas Parsons by deed 1691 Dep 08 BE3 V5 P244.

John Parsons _

Benjamin Parsons 12
   bm 1658 Sep 15 to Benjamin Parsons 11 et ux Phebe (nee Vore 11) Parsons
      at Springfield, Hartfield Co., CT.
   mf 1683 Jan 17 Sarah Keep 12 at Springfield, Hartfield Co., CT.
   dm 1728 Dec 29 at Enfield, Hartfield Co., CT.
 with Sarah (nee Keep 12) Parsons
   John 13        Benjamin 13    Christopher 13 Sarah 13
   b              ~1688          b              b

Benjamin Parsons _
   n. ***** this is by no means trusted information
   mf ____ ___ __ Phebe Platts _ Veal _, widow of Enos Veal _ by whom she had
      children: Enos Veal & Platts Veal
   n. Benjamin Parsons of Gt. Egg Harbor, NJ.
   wm 1796
      Benjamin Parsons will, he lists his children John (who had Benjamin and
      Phebe), "Prudy" Doughty (who married his named son-in-law, Thomas Doughty)
      and Mary Garretson. He also lists his wife's son, Enos Veal.
   n. Consider this: Platts Veal shows as a petitioner in 1830 at Thomas and
      Prudence Doughty's Hamilton Twp Inn.
      Second, Enos Veal ended up in Wayne Co, IN.
      Benjamin Parson's granddaughter Phebe Parsons married a Hann and moved to
      Clermont Co, OH, according to Leslie.  Joseph Doughty, son of Thomas, and
      his wife Prudence Lore also moved to OH.
      Thomas Doughty's daughter Ruth (Joseph's sister) and her husband
      John Eggman also moved to Clermont Co, OH. GJB76.
   n. There seem to be several conflicts in this data - Mark.
   n. There is a Platts Doughty in NY.
 with Phebe (nee Platts _) Veal _ Parsons
   John _         Prudence _     Mary _
   b              b              b

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John Parsons _
   bm ____ ___ __ to Benjamin Parsons _ et ux Phebe (nee Platts _) Veal _
   Benjamin _     Phebe _

Prudence Parsons 05
   bf 176_ ___ __ to Benjamin Parsons 04 et ux Phebe (nee Platts 04) Veal 04
      Parsons, widow of _ Veal 04, by whom she had Enos, Moses and Platts Veal.
   mm ____ ___ __ Thomas Doughty 05
   bm 175_ ___ __
   n. it would be my guess this Thomas is the brother to Elias who mf Christina
      King, and uncle of Elias who mf Mary Babcock. See Richard Shaw land deals.
   n. wm 1796 Sep 06 Benjamin Parsons of Great Egg Harbour Twp., Glou. Co., NJ
      Wife Phebe, son John Parsons, Jr., Grandson Benjamin Parsons (son of John)
      Granddaughter Phebe Parsons (dau. of John). Enos Veal (son of wife, Phebe)
      and daughters Prudy Doughty and Mary Garritson.  Exec. where wife Phebe
      and son-in-law Thomas Doughty.  1802 Sep 28 Proved.  From the Karpolorich
      family, daughter Phebe Parson of John is thought to have married Hann and
      went west.
   n. reference Edward Doughty, the butcher and his widow Mary's dealings with
      Thomas Parsons in the land deeds. Benjamin may be son of John/Thomas.
   ld 1807 Jul 21 NJ_GCDR BL P7
      Grantor: David Ireland of Weymouth Twp., Gloucester Co.
      Grantee: Thomas Doughty of afsd
      Transaction: $200 for 50 acres
   n. HoGS&CCo, NJ - Ts Cushing & Sheppard, Esq. P162a
      agent of Glo. Co. Bible Soc., Weymouth Twp. - Thomas Doughty.
   c. 1830 U. S. Census M19 R81 P162
      NJ, Gloucester Co., Hamilton Twsp. ___ ___ ___ ___/____ ____
 Name                     /0 0 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1/0 0 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1/
 Thomas Doughty __________/0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 _ _ _/0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 _ _ _ _/
 (Thomas)________________ 70-79MW
 (Prudence)______________ 60-69FW
 ________________________ 15-19MW
 ________________________ 15-19FW
   wm 1833 Feb 14 C564,565 Thomas Doughty, Hambleton Twp, Gloucester Co.
      Wife Prudende the whole of my property real and personal during her
      natural life.  She is given full power to sell any part or all of same.
      After her death Executors to sell all that is left, and pay to my son
      Joseph or his heirs $50.00.
      To daughter Millicent Gwynn (writing very crowded and difficult to
      decipher) or her heirs $50.00
      To daughter Ruth Eggman or her heirs $50.00
      After paying debts, expenses and legacies above, it is my will that an
      equal division be made among my 8 children, viz; Lydia Ireland or her
      heirs 1/8th part; Joseph Doughty 1/8 part or his heirs; Benjamin Doughty
      1/8th; Milicient Gwynn 1/8th; Thomas Doughty 1/8th; Ruth Eggman 1/8th;
      Andrew Doughty 1/8th; Elizabeth MacMullin 1/8th.  Money for Thomas, Andrew
      and Elizabeth or their heirs to be paid to each quarterly in 8 equal
      payments.  Proved: 1834 Jan 07
      Executor: My trusty brother Joseph Ingersull and Jonathan Lore.
      Witness: William Pollard, Sarah S. Lore, Jonathan Lore.
 with Prudence (nee Parsons 05) Doughty
   Lydia 06       Joseph 06      Benjamin 06    Millicent 06   Thomas 06
   b              ~1780          b              b              ~1796
   Ruth 06        Andrew 06      Elizabeth 06
   b              b1803          b1806

Mary Parsons _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Benjamin Parsons _ et ux Phebe (nee Platts _) Veal _
   mm ____ ___ __ _ Garrettson _

LINKAGE END 00  William

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LINKAGE BEGIN 01  Hugh Parsons

Hugh Parsons
   n. wm 1719 Mar 01 proved 1720 Apr 05 Abstract of Philadelphia Co. Wills P399
      BD #178
      Hugh Parsons - Philadelphia Tailor.  Cousin John Young of Wrexall,
      Somerset Co., Great Britain, Yeoman, and Grace his wife; also their
      children John, Anne, Mary, Dorothy.  Cousin John Parsons, ibidem, yeoman
      and Dorothy his wife, also their children Elizabeth, Anne, Mary, Dorothy,
      Grace, Eleanor.  Uncle Richard Parsons of Bristol, England, Cordwainer and
      his four children, names not given, Deborah Greene, John Shalcross, Oxford
      Township, Philadelphia Co., Yeoman and his wife Hannah.  Mary - house,
      Executor: John Evans, John Knowles, Israel Pemberton and John Warder
      Abraham and John Hooper.
      Witnesses: Joseph Hawley, John Willmerton.  Recorded P152.

LINKAGE END 01  Hugh Parsons

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Jonathan Parsons
   bm ____ ___ __ to Jehu Parsons _
   ld 1839 Dec 16 NJ_CuC B67 P269
      Grantor: Jonathan and Martha Parsons of Downe Twp.
      Grantee: Gideon Heaton
      Transaction: $100 for 40 acres
      Description: in Downe, along Morse's Line, Jonathan got "from the death
      and will of his father Jehu Parsons."

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      1. Soundex Parsons  P625
      3. GJB76 - Glenn James Bingham.  bingham[at]jnlk dot com
         RWC75 - Ronald Warren Cook..  rwc[at]cowaro dot com

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Benjamin Parsons 11 P3                 Benjamin Parsons 12 P4                
Benjamin Parsons _ P4                  Hugh Parsons P6                       
John B. Parsons 12 P4                  John Parsons _ P4                     
John Parsons _ P5                      Jonathan Parsons P7                   
Mary Parsons _ P5                      Prudence Parsons 05 P5                
Thomas Parsons 11 P3                   Thomas Parsons 12 P4                  
Thomas Parsons _ P4                    William Parsons 10 P2                 


_, _ P5                                Brown, Lydia 11 P3                    
Dare, Sarah 12 P4                      Doughty, Thomas 05 P5                 
Garlick, Lydia 12 P4                   Heald, Sarah 11 P3                    
Hoskins, Margaret 10 P2                Keep, Sarah 12 P4                     
P4, P P4                               Vore, Sarah 11 P3                     

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