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   LB_00  Mary Pond/John Barrett


      Mary Pond                        John Barrett b1628                 65  8G
      Grace Barrett b1669              Abiel Bush b1661                   66  7G
      Jonathan Bush b                  Hannah Maynard b1718               67  6G
      Lydia Bush b1717                 William Badcock b1711              68  5G
      Reuben Badcock b1755             Hannah Goddard b1761               69  4G
      Abel Babcock b1789               Lydia Baldwin b1816                70  3G
      Mercy Jane Babcock b1843         John Milton Townsend b1833         71  2G
      William Edward Townsend b1865    Clara Frances Doughty b1862        72  1G
      Hannah Remick Townsend b1893     Clarence Wesley Crossley b1894     73  gp
      Kathryn Adams Crossley b1824     Warren Southwood Cook b1821        74   p
                             RWC  75

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Mary Pond/John Barrett

Robert Pond 64

Mary Pond 65
   bf ____ ___ __ to _ Pond 64 et ux
   mm 1656 Sep 19 John Barrett 65, she of Dorchester, MA at Sudbury, MA.
   bm ____ ___ __ to Humphrey Barrett 64 et ux
   n. of Marlborough.  MAMMR
   dm 1711 Jul 22
   df 1711 Oct 02 Marlborough, MA.
 with John Barrett 65
   Grace 66

   n. Charles Hudson, in his "History of the Town of Marlborough, Middlesex
      County, Massachusetts, from Its Settlement" shows vital statistics.
      John  was in Marlborough at the incorportion of the town.
      Children: [1] John bm 1663 mf Deborah Howe; [2] Mary, bf 1666, dy;
      [3] Grace, bf 1669 Jun 18, mm 1688 Jun 27 Abiel Bush;
      [4] Mary, bf 1672 Apr 24;
      [5] Lydia, bf 1674 Sep 05 mm 1699 Apr 18 Eleazer Tailor.
   n. The Vital Records of Sudbury, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, New
      England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, 1903, show
      the marriage of POND, Mary and John Barrat, 1656 Sep 19 M.R.
   n. RWC75 descends from Mary Pond and John Barrett through their daughter
      Grace Barrett and her husband Abiel Bush.
      I have Winthrop Fleet passenger list: both John Pond and brother
      Robert Pond w/wife: Mary and family (SAMUEL, Mary, Robert, William,
      Daniel, Jonathan, and Sarah) all born Groton, Eng. arrived Mass. Bay
      Colony 1630...  SAMUEL married Sarah Ware 1642 Nov 18 at Windsor, CT
     (ISSUE: Isaac, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Sarah...SARAH married John Lindsley.
      I ALSO have Philip (son of Samuel 3) married THANKFUL Frisbie 1760 May 19
      BUT don't know their issue.  More at GF. rwc

LINKAGE END 00  Mary Pond/John Barrett
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   n. Begin monoline

   n. Pone_NJ1850_monoline

Harvey Pond _
   bm 1816
   mf ____ ___ __ Margaret _ _
   bf 1822
      c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R447 P6A L26  51/67 joining 65-66.
      NJ, Essex Co., Newark, N._Ward.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 04, Stephen Congar, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Harvey Pond                34M Blacksmith                 NJ
 Margaret  "                28F                            NJ
 Helen    '                  5F                            NJ       S
 Emma    "                   2F                            NJ

   n. End NJ1850_monoline

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      1. Soundex _    Name
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Harvey Pond _ P3                       Mary Pond 65 P2                       
Robert Pond 64 P2                                                            


P2, P2                                 Barrett, John 65 P2                   
P3, M P3                                                                     

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