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      Henry Scott b1664
      Jonathan Scott b                                                    65  8G
      Henry Scott b                    Anne Wright b                      66  7G
      Henry Scott b1702     m17280810  Jane Hancock b                     67  6G
      John Scott b                     Rachel Garwood b1735               68  5G
      Rachel Scott b1772               Benjamin Adams b1755               69  4G
      John Adams b1793                 Clarissa C. Roberts b1793          70  3G
      Charles Garwood Adams b1819      Rebecca Ann Shaw b1823             71  2G
      Catharine A. Adams b1858         John William Crossley b1862        72  1G
      Clarence Weslen Crossley b1894   Hannah Remick Townsend b1892       73  gp
      Kathryn Adams Crossley b1924     Warren Southwood Cook b1921        74   p

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      Scott, Abraham   1709/10 Feb 03  C.194  Book C   willabstrbkc.txt
      Scott, Andrew                    X.100  Book X Part 1   willabstrbkx1.txt
      Scott, George    1822 Jul 15     7.504  Book 7 Part C   willabstrbk7c.txt
      Scott, Gilbert   1765 Jun        N.264  Book N   willabstrbkn.txt
      Scott, John.     1701 Apr 01     B. 92  Book B   willabstrbkb.txt
      Scott, Jonathan  1818 Mar 19     6.566  Book 6 Part D   willabstrbk6d.txt
      Scott, Joseph    1783 Jan 03     S.265  Book S   willabstrbks.txt
      Scott, Robert    1733 Jul 11     E.249  Book E   willabstrbke.txt
      Scott, Robert    1778 Sep 17     R.112  Book R   willabstrbkr.txt
      Scott, Robert    1747 Nov 05     H.421  Book H   willabstrbkh.txt
      Scott, Thomas    1703 Dec 31     B.332  Book B   willabstrbkb.txt
      Scott, William   1822 May 20     7.481  Book 7 Part C   willabstrbk7c.txt
      Scott, William   1762 Dec 11     M.447  Book M   willabstrbkm.txt

   wm Scott, Thomas.  Bensalem, Bucks Co.
      1702/3 Dec 27    1703 Dec 31  B. 332.
      Children Thomas living in England, Samuel, Richard, Benjamin and two
      daughters names not given.
      Executrix:  Wife Amy.
      Witnesses:  George Dunkan, Mary Dunkan.

   wm Scott, William. Philadelphia. Silk Dyer.
      1822 May 6  1822 May 20  7.481.
      Legacy to my mother: Rachel Scott, should she be deceased, then
      to my brother: Thomas Scott. All residue to my said wife until youngest
      child is of age when estate shall be divided into four parts.
      Exec: Wife: Margaret Scott.
      Friend: George Kirkpatrick, Tallow Chandler.
      Wit: Samuel Hunt, Frederick Beates.

   wm Scott, William.
      1762 May 5   1762 Dec 11  M.447.
      Exec. and sole Legatee: John Coughran.
      Wit: Jno. Magonigle, John Makiltrick [his mark], Patrick Fegan.

George Scott _
   n. of Picklockey.
   n. w. 1685 Oct. 31 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, George, of Pitlochy, on board of the Henry
      and Frances of Newcastle, bound for East Jersey; will of. Makes daugh-
      ter Euphaim Scott universal intromissetrix of lands, gifts of lands in
      America, goods on board the ship and servants, with payment by her to
      son James Scott, who inherits all property in Scotland; legacy to Mrs.
      Euphaim Rig. James Dundas, brother to the Laird of Arnastoun, Robert
      McLelland of Belimackachan, James Rainy, mariner, and John John-
      stone, apothecary, to be the daughter's advisers.
      Wit.: Richard
      Hiitton, captain of the ship. Rev. Archibald Riddell, John Johnstone,
      druggist, James Armour, merchant, and Jolui Eraser, writer of the instru-
      F1685-6 February 26, proved. Middlesex Wills
   James _        Bupham _
   b              b

James Scott _
   bm ____ ___ __ to George Scott
   wm 1686 Oct 30 NJA_COW 1SV23
      "James Scott (sonn of George Scott of Picklockey late of the Kingdom of
      Scotland Deceased) came before this Councill being a Minor and made choyse      off m»" John Johnstone and m'' George Willox to bee his Guard ans: who
      were admitted accordingly: They giveing in suff cient security to bee
      accomptable to the s'^ James Scott when hee shall attaine to the age of
      one and Twenty yeares: "^

Bupham Scott _
   bf ____ ___ __ to George Scott
   n. w. 1685 Nov 27 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Rift', ^Villian^, aboard "Henry and Frances of New Castle;" will of.
      Son of Thomas Rig of Athorny, dec'd. Names as heirs, children of brothers
      Walter and James Rig of Scotland, Bupham Scott, dau. of George Scott of
      Pitlockey. dec'd.. Rev. Archibald Riddall, James, son of said
      George Scott.
      Wit.: .James Dundas, brother of the Laird of Armestonn, James Hutchinson,
      apothecary, and John Eraser, writing-master.
      1685-6 February 9 .proved.  E. J. D., Lib. A, p. 238.

Benjamin Scott _
   bm ____ ___ __ to William Scott _  of Essex Co.  ENG.
   n. 1677 came from ENG. , one of ten London commissioners, took up 3000 acres,
   mf 1683 ___ __ Hanna (nee _ _) Kemball.  NJ_GCMR P200.
   ld 1677 Oct 10 New Jersey, West Jersey Deeds 1676-1721 - Eavis
      Grantor: Indians
      Grantee: Joseph Holmsley, Robert Stacy. William Emley, Thomas Folks,
      Thomas Olive, Daniel Wills, John Ponnford & Benjamin Scott
      Transaction:  trade goods..  .  Delaware River...between Rancocas Creek &
      Saint Pinck Creek.
      Wit: Homiou s Jacobs, Marmaduk e Roundels, Mathew Smith & Abraham Walts
   ld 1677 Oct 27  New Jersey, West Jersey Deeds 1676-1721 - Eavis  P4.
      Grantor: John Pennford
      Grantee:  Mary Perkins, widow of William Perkins, late of England,
      Transaction:  #20, 1/100 part of land purchased of William Penn,
      Gawen Lawry, Nicholas Lucas & Edward Byllings...after natural life of
      said Mary then to the children of her and said William, Thomas, Mary &
      Abigail Perkins.  Signe d John Pennford.
      Wit: John Edridge, Benjami Scott Samuel Ctiff & Samuel Lovett
   ld 1681 Jan 90 New Jersey, West Jersey Deeds 1676-1721 - Eavis
      Grantor: Thoomas Olive & Daniel Wills
      Grantee: Henry Jacobs
      Transacti0on:  20 0 acres
      Fescriptionb: south side of Rancocas Creek.consent of Robert Story.
      Thomas Budd.  Samuel Jennings, Thomas Lambert & Mahlon Stacy.
      Wit: Benjamin Scott, William Biddle. Thomas Gardner, John Lambert&
      Thomas Revell.
   ld 1682 Oct 06 New Jersey, West Jersey Deeds 1676-1721 - Eavis
      Grantor: Anthony Woodhouse
      Grantee: William Fleetwood
      Transaction:  #5 for 95 acres
      Wit: Henry Stacy, Thomas Revell & Benjamin Scott
   dm 1682  ?  is this Sr.?
   wm 1685 April 3 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, Benjamin, of near Burlington. Inventory
      of the estate of (#158.19.-, all personal); made by VVm. Peachee, Isaac
      Marriott and Daniel Wills.
      1685 April 21. Bond of the widow Hannah Scott as administratrix.
      Daniel Wills senior of Northampton River and Thomas Gardner of Burlington,
      both yeomen, fellow bondsmen.
      1685 . Hannah Scott, widow, granted letters of administration on his
      estate. Burlington Records, p. 7
      1688 Aug. 18. Quietus given to Hannah, the widow and administratrix of the
      estate, by Samuel Jennings and Robert Dimsdale, the trustees for the
      children under the will. Burlington Records, p. 14
   wf 1697 Oct 08  NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, Hannah, widow of Benjamin, late of Welliborough, Burlington Co.;
      will of. Sons: Samuel Kymball, Joseph Kymball, Benjamin Kymball,
      Edward Kymball, grandson Thomas, son of Samuel; Grace, wife of
      John Hollinshead senior, Susanna Knot, Pri cilla Love; Mary Hill to have
      all the fine wearing linen, if she marry son Samuel. Land and plantation
      in Burlington town bounds, a silver box, four silver spoons, a silver
      seal and other personal estate.
      Exec.: sons Benjamin and Edward Kymball.
      Wit.: John Hollinshead, Mary Hill and John Meredith.
   df 1697 Oct 14 Testatrix died
      1697 Oct 21 Inventory of the estate (#103.6.-, all personal); made
      by John Meredith, Thomas Raper and John Hollinshead.
      1697 Oct. 23. Will proved Ijy her sons and executors Benj. Kimball
      and Edw. Kimball. Burlington Records, p. 28
 with Hannah
   Henry _

Jane Scott __
   mm ____ ___ __ Isaac Bowde _
   n. w. 1688 Dec. 14 NJA_COW 1670-01730 1SV23                                        Adlord Bowde, of Burlington, merchant. Bond of
      James Budd, of said place, merchant, as administrator of the estate of.
      John Tatham. merchant, and John Budd, yeoman, both of Burlington,
      fellow bondsmen.
      1692 Oct. 14. Letters of administration on the estate of, granted to
      Jane Bowdc, alias Scott, late wife of Isaac, the son of Adlord Bowde.
      The entry says: "There being heretofore on or about 14th December Anno
      168S by Jno. Skene Administracione granted to James Budd since dec'd, of
      ye same estate, And also by sd Jno Skene an Administracione? granted to
      Susanna ye wife of Tho. Budd of ye estate of sd Ja: Budd, And noe Acct
      by either of y^ said Administratrs appearing of ye estate of sd
      Adlord Bowde yc sd estate lies in obscurity," whereupon letters are is-
      sued as above. Burlington Records, 17
      1692 Oct. 14. Bond of Jane Bowde, alias Scott, of Lewis, Sussex Co., /
      Penn., late wife of Isaac Bowde, merchant, as administratrix of Adlord
      Bowde's estate. James Hill, cordwainer, and James Wills, cooper, both
      of Burlington, fellow bondsmen. Burlington Wills

_ Scott _
   mf ____ ___ __ Hannah Chaflon _
   n. w. 1685 May 15 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Gloslillg, John, of Burlington, intending to go to
      Barbados; will of. Wife, name not given; son John. Real and personal
      estate. Arthur Cooke, Robert Dimsdale and Francis Collins executors.
      Wit.: Susanna Budd, Jo: Beere, Henry Grubb, Seth Smith.
      Proved February 12, 1685-6 Feb 12 proved..
      1685-6 Jan. 19. Inventory of the estate #766.6.6, of which #100 stand
      for the plantation and #333 as due by Ephraim Allen, Samuel, Thomas and
      John Leonard, Tho. Aikinson, Wm. Biddle, Mordacay Bouden, Daniel
      Brinson, Will. Britweu, Tho. Bowman, Jos. Blower, James Bud, Tho,
      Brooks, Symon Charles, Wm. Cole, Will Dark at the Falls, Jon. Eldridge,
      Wm. Embly, Elias Farr, Sam. Jenings, Tho. Gladding, Henry Grub, God-
      frey Hancock, John Hornor, Thom. Kendall, Freedom Lipencott, Isack
      Merrotl, Jno. Newbolt, Tho. Oliver, Will. Peachy, Tho. Revell, Tho.
      Wright, Antho. Morrise, Jno. Skeen, Mahlon Stacy, Hugh Staniland,
      Hannah Scott, Zebulon Thorpe, Daniel Wills, Jno. Woolson senior and
      junior, Gilbert Wheler, Tho. Williams, Jno. Wills, Wm. Wood, Geo.
      Hutchison, Ric. Basnett, Antho. Pay, Peter Jenings, Tho. Thackery,
      Abraham Broun, Fran. Stevens, Jno. Day, Jonathan Beere, Jno. Chipman,
      Christian Chipman, James Wells, Sam. Androse, Sam. Burden, Will.
      Budd, Wm. Matlack, Will. Hunt, Tho. Barton, Daniel Ingland, Walter Pum-
      fry, Will. Wayt, Abraham Senior, Grifhn Jones and Arthur Cooke, while
      #261.11.- are due to Tho. Gardner, Tho. Budd, Elizabeth Savery, Elinor
      Barber, John King, Ebenizar Langford, Patience Loyd, Doctor Dimsdale,
      Will. Framton, Geo. Gray, John Glover, Rob. Hudson, Mary Chipman,
      Henry Curler, James Wells, John Budd, Edw. Slade, Peter Boss, Charles
      Reed, Ben. Wheat and Amy Child; made by Geo. Hutcheson and James Budd.
      1685-6 Feb. 27. Bond of the executors named in the will.
      1685 . Letters of administration on the estate granted to Ar-
      thur Cooke, Robert Dimsdale and Francis Collins.
      Burlington Records, p. 13
      1697 May 8. Crosling, John, son of John, of Burlington, dec'd.
      Bond of Thomas Revell of Burlington, gentleman, and Thomas Gardiner
      of Groveline, Gloucester Co., W. J., as guardians of.
      1702-3 Feb. 23. Being 19 years old he chooses Tho. Briant as guar-
      dian, who with Henry Grubb signs a new bond.
   n. w. 1696 Jun 08  NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Chaflon, John, of Burlington Co., gentleman.
      Administration on the estate of, granted to his daughter, Hannah Scott,
      widow. Burlington Records, p.27
      1696 June 8. Bond of Hannah Scot, of Burlington, widow, as admin-
      istratrix of the estate. Henry Grubb, of the same place, innholder, fel-
      low bondsman.
      1696 June 8. Inventory of the estate (#10.-.- i. e. 135 acres, bought
      from Thomas Budd); made by Henry Grubb and Isaac Marriott.
   n. w. 1712 April 11  NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Eastoil, John, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.,
      tailor. Inventory of the personal estate of, found at the house of Ed-
      mund Beaks of the same place, #78.-.!; appraised by Joshua Wright,
      Wm. Emley and Mahlon Stacy.
      1711 April 6. Bond of John and Wm. Holbrooke of Burlington Co.,
      carpenters, to John Ogbourn for Easton for the payment of #50.-, current
      silver money of West Jersey at 9s. 2p. per ounce.
      1717 Oct. 18. Account of the estate by Thomas Lamljert, showing
      that the personal estate had amounted to #78.-1, the real, inch 360 acres
      in Salem Co., sold to Joshua Wright, to #209.-, also payments to Widow
      Tindoll, Geo. Douglace, Sam'l Atkinson, Hannah Scott, Thomas More,
      Joshua Wright, Richard Eyres, Richard Alison, John Clay, Edmund
      Beaks, Wm. Biles, Wm. Emley, Phil. Ringo, Jacob Ballergeon, Joseph Hough.

   n. w. 1697 Apr 11 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Newbold, James, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of.
      Wife Elizabeth. Daughter Anne (under age); brother Michael Newbold to
      inherit, if daughter die before she is 2o or unmarried, also to have the
      land, lately belonging to brother Thomas Newbold dec'd and now to testator
      Lots in Burlington and other land in the Province. Personal property,
      partly in England.
      Exec.: the wife and brother Michael.
      Wit.: Thomas Revell, P21iakim Higgines and John Powell.
      1O97 Dec  i, proved.
      1697 Aug 26. Inventory of the estate (#143.8.-); made by Thomas Coitis,
      Michall Buffin and John Brown.
      1697 Dec  I. Bond of the executors, named in the will. Thomas Cortis and
      John Brown, both of Burlington Co., yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Burlington
      Records, p. 28
      1720 . Account by Michael Newbold of "money Laid out for his brother
      James In the time of his Sickness In ye year 1697, Wheare of hee Dyed,"
      viz: to widow Scott, John Hollingshead, Peter Fretwell, Hen: Scott,
      John Eyre, Doctor Wills, Isaac Marritt, Elikim Higgins, Cosen Ann,
      John Smith, John Wechlares (?), Emanuel Smith, Randal Simmons,
      Mordacia Andruse, sister Elizabeth Newbould.

   n. w. 1747-8 Jan 03 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Meeum, V^'illiani, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeoman; will of.
      Wife. Son, William (minor), to have my silver hilted sword, cutlass,
      silver headed cane, buckles, gun and Bible; also the real estate at 21,
      he paying #20 to my only daughter, Margaret Mecum, when she will be 21.
      In case of his death without issue, same shall belong to my said daughter.
      Mentions Peter Enlow, his apprentice. If son and daughter die without
      issue, and in possession of my real estate, the interest of the same
      forever to go to the inhabitants of the lower part of Penn's Neck for the
      use of a free school for the benefit of poor children and orphans.
      Exec.: only son, William Mecum, and my trusty friend, John Marshall.
      Wit.: Jane Scott, Henry GillJohnson, Peter Enlows.
      1747 Mar 05 proved. Lib. 5, p. 401.
      1748-9 Feb 24 Inventory (#366.4.7) includes armour, bacon and lumber,
      horses, Bible (#1.10), wheat, sheep, oxen and steers, cattle, swine, clock
      Appraisers: Jeremiah Barker, Sinick Sinlckson.
      1749. May 23. Account of \Vm. Mecum. To moneys paid Hannah Siddins,
      Ebenezer Dun, Peter Peterson, Henry Giljohnson. Edward Test,
      Jeremiah Baker, Sinnick Sinnickson, Robt. Thompson, Henry Gillas,
      William Tuft. Edward Shepard, Matthias Stark. Marpret Stark,
      Timothy Connor, Nicholas Philpot, Hue Blackwood, Thomas Emley,
      Oliver Webb (for a quarter's schooling for Margret Mecum, Jun'r), and
      Petters Petterson. Certain bad debts due from John Moore, Geo. Flings and
      Arthur Tools.

William Scott _
   n. w. 1686-7 March 14 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.  N. J. Archives, XXL, p. io8
      Havens, John, of Shrewsbury; will of.
      1687 Dec. 10. Inventory of the personal estate (#50.15.0); made by
      William Scott and Remembrance Lippincott, as shown by Hannah Havens, widow
      of the testator.
      1688 March 29. Bond of Thomas Wainwright as executor of the last
      will. Anna Havens fellow bondsman. Monmouth Wills
   n. w. 1087 Oct 28 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Robinson, James, of Middletown.w
      Administration on the estate of, granted to Benj. Devell of Middletown.
      N. J. Archives, XXI., p. 104
      1687 Oct 28 Bond of Benjamin Devell of Middletown as administrator of the
      estate. William Scott of the same place fellow bondsman.  Monmouth Wills
   n. w. 169S Dec. 12 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Cooke, Thomas, of Shrewsbury, yeoman; will of.
      Wife Elizabeth. Sons: William (eldest), Thomas. D.iughter Elizabeth,
      (underage). Land on Neversinks alias North River, do. adjuining Sarah
      Keapc, Peter ^Vhitc and a branch of Shrewsbury River. The wife sole
      Wit.: Sam'l Dennis, Thomas Potter and Abra: Bicklej'.
      1699 Sep 26 proved.
      N. J. Archives, ?\XL, p. 298, and Monmouth Wills
      1G99 Sept. 13. Inventory of the personal estate (#2x8.0.6); made by
      John Hance, Thomas lluitt, George Cortis and William Scott.

Jane Scott _
   mm 1683 ___ __ Steven Kent _ LDSR0946001 Woodbridge Town Records V3 NJHS
 with Steven Kent _
   Susannah _     David _
   b16841221      b16860630

Robert Scott _
   n. w. 1735 Oct 16 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scot, Robert, of Middletown, labourer. Bond of
      James Patten of Middletown, as administrator of the estate of. John Pat-
      ten of the same place, fellow bondsman. Monmouth Wills
   n. w. 17_5. Oct 16 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Scott, Robert, of Middletown, Monmouth Co., laborer.  Int.
      Adm'r, James Patton. John Patton, fellow bondsman.
      Lib. C, p. 44.
      , .: . Inventory of estate (#53.15.1) includes bonds and notes of
      John Sudam. Henry Sudam, David Hilldrith, Joseph Aston, Anne Vandorn,
      William Bowne, Job Thropmorton, John Larris, Careseme Horsmans,
      John Tunis. Made by Peter White, Bans Jansson, John Cooper.

Samuel Scott _
   n. w. 1723-4 Feb 17 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scot, Samuel, of Elizabethtown.
      Administration on the estate of, granted to the widow, Mary Scot.
      Lib. A, p. 280

Samuel Scott
   mf 1736 Nov 14 Almy Bordin _ at Francis Bardin's all of Shrewsbury, NJ
   n. w. 1744-5 Mar 07 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Russell, Abraham, of Shrewsbury, Middlesex Co.
      Int. Inventory, #73.9.2; made by Samuel Scott and George Woolley.
      1744-5. March 15. Bond of Mary Russell, widow, and James Russell,
      as administrators. Samuel Scott, of Shrewsbury, fellow bondsman.
      Lib. D, p. 245.
      1750, May 7. Account. Includes payments to John Williams and
      Thomas Holmes.

Alexander Scott _
Andrew Scott _
   n. w. 1695 Dec 12 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.  N. J. Archives, XXL, p. 226
      Mathews, Samuel, of Elizabeth Town.
      Administration on the estate of, granted to Alexander Scott of Roway.
      1695 Dec. 17. Inventory of the personal estate of (#15.4.3); made by
      Richard Bakere and Andrew Hamton. Essex Wills
   wm 1700 Jul 08 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, Alexander, of Elizabeth Town; will of.
      N. J. Archives, XXI., p. 318
   n. w. 17
LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Rachel Scott/Benjamin Adams

William Scott _
   mf ____ ___ __ Abigail (nee _ _) Warner
   n. w. 1695 July 22 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Warner, Warnar, Ralph, of Shrewsbury.
      Inventory of the personal estate of (#41.0.3, incl. debts due by Ebenezer
      Cooke, George Allen, Joseph Parker, Ephraim Allen and Judah Allen,
      some of them called " somewhat desperate "); made by Nicholas Brown
      and Caleb Allin. Endorsed: Admn for Wm. Scot and Abigaill his wife,
      mother of ye deceased. Monmouth Wills
      1695 Sept. 14. Bond of William Scott and wife Abigail, mother of
      Ralph Warner, as administrators of the estate. Nicholas Brown and
      Samuel Dennis fellow bondsmen.
      1695 Sep 29 Administration on the estate of, granted to Wm.  Scott.             N. J. Archives, XXL, p. 223

John Scott _
   n. w. 1687 Sep 04 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Peachee, William, of the Nursery, near Burlington on Delaware River,
      husbandman; will of.
      Wife Ann, Children: Sarah, Ann, Rebecca, Thomas (under age). Real and
      personal estate.
      Wit. Henery Post and Peter Hedge,
      1698 Sep 19 proved. as " testatio mentis" of Wm, Peachee by his son
      Thomas, the evidences being dead.
      1698 May 04. Inventory of the estate, (#163.3.6, all personal); made
      by Richard Feninior, John Scott and Abraham Heulings.
      1698 May 14. Bond of Thomas Gardiner as guardian of Sarah,
      daughter of William and Anna Peachee, late of Wellingborough Town-
      ship, dec'd. Henry Grubb fellow bondsman.
      1698 Sep 19 Will proved by his son Thomas Peachee, under guardianship of
      Richard Fenimore and Abraham Hewlings, and administration on so much of
      the estate as Anne Peachee, widow of William and mother of Thomas, had
      left unadministeied. Burlington Records, p. 29
      1698 Sept. 19. Bond of Thomas Peachee, under guardianship of
      Richard Fenimor and Abraham Heulings, as administrator of his father's
   n. w. 1687 Aug 23 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      RiggS, George, of Delaware River near Burlington, tanner; will of.
      Children: George, John, Liddia; son Joseph dead.  Real and personal estate
      Exec.: son John and William Peachee.
      Wit.: Wm. Peachee, Ann Peachee and Peter Lodge (Rodge ?).
         1st month 3d day proved.
      16S7-S Feb. 23. Inventory of the estate of George Riggs of Hewlings Point
      and of his sons John and Joseph (#74.4.3, all personal, incldebts due by
      Hannah Scott, Nathaniel Harding, John Chamnis, John Scott, Joseph Parett,
      Edward Slade, Isaac Marriott, Gabriel Butcher's estate, James Hill,
      James Creeke, William Peachee); made by Isaac Marriott and Samuel Furnis.
      1687-8 March 3. Bond of Lydia Riggs, dau. of George and sister of
      John and Joseph, as administratrix. Thomas Gardner and Isaac Marriot
      fellow bondsmen.
      1687 . Letters testamentary on the estate, with the will annexed, granted
      to his daughter Lyddia Riggs, who also receives letters of administration
      on the estates of her brothers, John and Joseph Riggs, died intestate.
      Burlington Records, p. 14

John Scott _
   wm 1702 April 6 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, John, of Wellingborough, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of.
      Wife Hannah and an expected child or children to have the plantation of
      400 acres near Burlington and all other real and personal estate, with
      legacies to brother Martin Scott, sisters Margaret, Bridget and Elizabeth,
      brother Thomas Lambert and dau. Mary Lambert; John Lambert, Mary Lambert,
      Ruth Lambert, Elizabeth Meredith, Samuel Jenings, Thomas Gardiner,
      Mjjry Lucas, dau. of sister Bridget; five youngest children of
      John Snoden, three youngest of James Bingham; Margaret Stiles. The wife
      sole executrix.
      Wit.: Samuel Jenings, Robert Lodg and Edward Hunloke.
      1702 November 3  proved
      1702 Sep 30 Inventory of the estate (#1506 personal, inch debts due by
      Samuel Jenings, Joshua Wright, John Snowdon, Abra. Bickley, Henry Grubb,
      Henry Bowman and Jonathan West; #150 in real estate, to wit: 300 acres
      bounding on Wm. Fisher and John Wills in Burlington, along the river,
      100 a. on Mill Creek and 24 a. of marsh); made by Thomas Gardiner.
      1702 Nov. 3. Bond of the widow Hannah Scott as executrix, Thomas
      Lambert and John Lambert, both of Burlington Co., fellow bondsmen.

Martin Scott _
   wm 1702 June 19 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, Martin, of Eversham, Burlington Co., yeoman; will of.
      Brother John Scott principal heir with legacies to brothers-in-law
      Thomas Lambert and Edward Lucas, sister Elizabeth Scott,
      cousin John Lambert, friend Richard Bickham. "My Estate."
      executors brother John Scott, Thomas Lambert and John Lambert.
      Wit.: Joshua Wright and Alee Bingham.
      1702 November 3 proved
      1702 Oct. 2. Inventory of the estate (#862.4. 1, of which #600 stands
      for the plantation, the rest personal); made by Thomas Gardiner.
      1702 Nov. 3. Bond of Thomas and John Lambert of Nottingham as
      executors. Henry Grubb and Joshua Wright, fellow bondsmen.

Joseph Scott _
   wm 1726 Oct. 13 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, Joseyll, of Chesterfield Township, Burlington Co., forge carpenter.
      Inventory of the personal estate of, #l6.2; made liy Isaac Horner and
      David Rockhill.
      1726 Oct. 20. Bond of Robert Black as administrator of the estate.
      William Lindley fellow bondsman, both of said Co.
      1726 Oct. 31. Account of the estate by said administrator, who has
      increased the value thereof by collecting #3.14.1 due by John Porterfield,
      and #16.13.5 due by Col. Coxe and Co., and who has paid out to Capt.
      Jos. Borden for the cofHn and James Whitehead for funeral charges
      #2.3.3,  Doctors Baillergeau and Brown for medicines and visits #2.4.5
      and for probate fees, etc., #2.2.9.
   n. w. 1732 May 29 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Severns, John, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
      Wife, Frances, use of new house and lot in Trenton, adjoining
      Samuel Johnson. Son, Benjamin. Son, Theophilus, said house in Trenton
      after mother's decease. Daughter, Margaret Seanders. Testator's dwelling
      and lot, and a fifty acre lot near the town, bought of Staniland, to be
      Exec.: wife, and friends Alexander Lockart and James Neilson, both of
      Wit.: Robert Tindall, William Pierson, Jonathan Davis.
      1732 Jul 10 proved.  Lib. 3, p. 202.
      1732-3 Mar 04 Inventory of estate, "as appears by a list of debts as they
      now stand upon his book," viz. : Johanners Anderson (Enoch's son),
      Joshua Anderson, Jr., Richard Alison, Richard Arnold, Simon Akers,
      William Allen of Maidenhead, Th....................
      Hopewell, Coburs Slack, Richard Smith, John Smith, baker's son,
      Robert Shaw, James Silver, Silvanus Sikes, John Swift, Joseph Scott,
      Robert Spencer, Andrew Smith, Hugh Standland, Thomas Standland,
      John Willing, William Wilkins^ Sen'r, John Wright of Croswix,
      Henry Woodward, Joseph Yard, Thomas Yardley, William Yard, Sen'r,
      John Yard (Wm's son), John Yard (old).

Hugh Scott _
   n.               NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      . ,: . Smith, John, of Mappleton. Middlesex Co.; will ef.
      Wife, Mary. Children: John. Peter, Edward and Jemyma Smith. Real
      and personal estate.
      Wit.: Tho. Leonard, Hugh Scott, Gone Ore. .
      1749 Jun 07. Thomas Leonard. Esq.. one of the witnesses, deposed
      that about 16 years ago he saw John Smith, the testator, sign and seal
      the same, and that Hugh Scot and Jean Ore left the Province of New
      Jersey several years ago, and cannot now be found.
   n. w. 1749. July 7. Administration on the estate granted to his widow. Mary
      Smith. Lib. 6. p. €4:.

James Scott _
   wm 1730 Aug 01 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, James, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., mariner.
      Bond of John Browne senior. Doctor in physick, as administrator of the
      estate of. John Browne junior, also M. D., fellow bondsman, both of
      Mansfield Township.
      1730 Aug. S. Inventory of the personal estate at the house of Dr.
      John Browne, #53.1.8, inch some old books los., some old musical
      instruments los., a servant man's time #12; made by Nathan Folwell,
      Joseph Shreve and Rob. Field.
      1731 Sep 02 Account of the estate by the administrator, who charges
      against it the expenses for the funeral #4, medical attendance #3.5,
      passage money from Philadelphia, when dec'd came with Joseph Brown,
      shallopman, ros., debts paid to Isaac Angomy, Robert Ellis of
      Philadelphia, merchant, Wm. Atwood of Phila., merchant, attorney for
      Andrew Alexander of Jamaica #24.5, care of dec'd during his last illness        #13, lodging of his servant for 3 weeks #1.
   n. w. 1730 Aug 01 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Scott, James, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., mariner.  Int.
      Admr's, John Browne, Sen'r, and John Browne, Ju'r, both of same, doctors
      in physick. Lib. 3, p, 99.
      1730 Aug 08. Inventory, #53.11.8; made by Nathan Folwell. Joseph Shreve,
      Rob : Field.
      1731, Dec. 2. Account of Dr. John Brown. Debts paid Joseph Brown,
      shallop-man, for passage of dec'd and freight of his things from Philada.,
      Isaac Angomy, Mr. Rob't Ellus of Philada.. merch't, Wm. Atwood, of
      Philada., merch't, att'y for Andrew Alexander, of Jamaica.

Henry Scott 64
   bm 1664 ___ __ to Benjamin Scott
   mf 1698 ___ __ Ann Wright 64 NJHoBaMC
   bf 1670 ___ __ to Thomas Wright 63 et ux Ann (nee Stede 63) Wrigyht
   n. w. 1706-7 March 7 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Stuart, EdlUUlld, of Burlington; will of.
      Wife Jane sole heiress and executrix of personal and real estate with           cousin James, son of John Stuart, as residuary legatee.
      Wit.: Henry Scott, Anne Scott, Peter Frettwell.
      1707 May 27 proved.  Lib. I, p. 180
   wm 1711 14th (1. 4th m. (Juue) NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, Henry, of Burlington, yeoman; will of.
      Wife Ann. Sons Thomas, Henry, Abraham, Jonathan, John; daughter Mary.
      Home farm, land on Assiskunk Creek, do. above the Falls of Delaware, taken
      up by virtue of a right, received from father Thomas Wright, do. bought of
      Revell Elton; personal property.
      Exec.: The wife sole executrix.
      Wit.: David Molder, Thomas Piatt, Joshua Frettwell, Thomas Scattergood.
      August 4, 1714.proved. Lib. i, p. 470
      1714 Aug 03. Inventory of the personal estate, #143.-; made by
      Josluia Freitwell.
   dm 1714  NJHoBaMC
   df~1730 in Burlington Co., NJ.
 with Anne (nee Wright 64) Scott
   Thomas 65      Henry 65       Mary 65        Abraham 65     Jonathan 65
   b1699          b1703          b1715          b              b
   John 65

John Scott _
   n. w. 1717-8 Feb 28 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Lafetra, Edmund, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of.
      Wife Hannah. Children: George, Edward (also called Edmund), James, Joseph,
      Elizabeth, Sarah. Real and personal estate.
      Exec.: the wife and brother-in-law George Allen of Shrewsbury, blacksmith.
      Wit.: George Allin, Isaac Stelle, Jacob Dennis.
      Proved May 27, 1719. Lib. A, p. 121
      1719 May 16. Inventory of the personal estate, #95. 7.-; incl. 17
      sheep #5, 17 swine #5.5.-; made by John and John Scott.

Thomas Scott _
   n. w. 1732, Feb. 19 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Glllam, (Gllbam, Gailham), Robert, of Springfield,
      Burlington Co., yeoman (whose will was dated March 27, 1728).
      Account of Jonathan Wright and Thomas Scattergood, Ju'r, executors,
      showing payments to Solomon Smith for the coffin for deceased and
      for one of his children, Jonathan Wright, Samuel Bickley, Dr. John
      Brown, Ebenezer Large, Wm. White, Rowland Ellis, Caleb Raper, Wm.
      CoUum, John Parsons, Jona. Fowler, James Thomson, Daniel Smith,
      Jun'r, Wm. Cook, Sam'l Scattergood. Rlch'd Smith, Sen'r, John Daw-
      son, John Schooley, Wm. Cutler, Thomas Scott, Ex'r of Abraham
      Scott. (For will, see N. J. Archives, vol 23, p. 185).
   n. w. 1746 Aug 02 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Scott, Thomas, of City of Burlington, yeoman; will of.
      Wife, Leah. Children: Abraham, Thomas, Brazilla, Anne, Leah, Mary
      and Alice, all under age. Real and personal estate.
      Exec.: wife, and brother Henry Scott.
      Wit.: Jonathan Scott, John Bigan, George Eyres.
      1746 Sep 19 proved. Lib. 5, p. 285.
      1746 Sep 19 Henry Scott declines executorship.
      Wit.: Christopher Finigan.
   n. w. 1743 8th mo. (Aug.) 11th d NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Wright, Jonathan, Esq., of City and Co. of Burlington; will of.
      Eldest son, Fretwell, my tan yard and houses. Sons, Jonathan and Ebenezer,
      plantation whereon Joseph Woodrow now dwelleth (about 700 acres) and salt
      marsh bought of Peter Baynton and John Douglass; also lands in little
      Eggharbour, grist mill in partnership with Patrick Reynolds, and lands
      bought of Thomas Scott at Wrightstown. Daughters, Esther and Rebecca, two
      tenements near Yorkshire................

   n. w. 1740 July 11. NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      JuMtIn, Andrew, of Salem Co., gent.; will of.
      Daughter, Ann Cornelineson, to have land and marsh I live on, formerly
      John Yanimor's in Penns Neck, Salem County. In case of her death and that
      of her heirs, said plantation to go to the grandchildren: Marey Scott and
      Elinor Wlllin. My said daughter to have V2 of my lot In Willingtown,
      beginning In Second St.; the other half to my grandchild, Marey Scott. The
      marsh in New Castle County to be divided equally between them, provided
      said Mary Scott does not marry Hugh Curel. Rest of my land in New Castle
      to be sold to pay debts. #3 to my daughter, Catherin Willen.
      Exec.: Charles Cornelius, and my daughter Ann.
      Wit.: William Philpot, Alen Congleton, Jeremiah Baker.
      1740 Aug 19 proved. Lib. 4, p. 254.
      1740 Aug 13 Inventory, #76.6.3 ; made by Jeremiah Baker, William Philpot.

William Scott _
   n. w. 1731 Apr 10 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Layton, William, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of.
      Wife, Mary, land, negroes, etc., for life. Cousin, William Layton, Junior,
      son of testator's brother, Samuel Layton, of Freehold, yeoman, land bought
      of William Scott.
      Exec.: friends Jonathan Forman, Esquire, and William Madock, trader, of
      Monmouth County.
      Wit.: James Stanly, George Seemur and Mary Romine.
      1735 May 15 proved. Lib. C, p. 33.
      1734 Feb 05. Inventory of estate (#104.17.0) includes negro man and woman
      (#40). Made by Joseph Throckmorton, David Cleayton, Joseph Taylor.
   n. w. 1732 Nov 03 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Woolley, Lydia, of Town of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., widow; will of.
      Son, Adam, and daughter, Ruth Wooley. Residue to children Adam and George,
      children of Gabriel Stelle and Elizabeth (the daughter of testatrix),
      Hannah Little, Content Bills and Ruth Wooley.
      Exec.: sons Adam and George, and daughter Content Bills.
      Wit.: Mehetable Scott, William Scott, George Thornborough.
      1732 Jul 20 proved. Lib. B, p. 433.
      1732 Dec 19 Inventory. #80.02.0; made by John Scott and Abraham Russall.
   n. w. 1741 Aug 22 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      McKnight, Malcolm, of Pensneck, Salem Co., tailor; will of.
      Wife, Catheren, one-third of moveables and the full use during widowhood
      of houses and plantation, "but if she marries she must go with her husband
      and leave said plantation;" otherwise, may hold it during life, then leave
      it to my four children: Charles, John, Malcolm and Shusanna; they to have
      equally remainder of moveable estate, allowing my daughter Jean, #2. All
      real estate at end of wife's term to be sold and money divided equally
      among said children, allowing my son, Charles, the money he has had
      since he went to Mr. Tennant's; also to have the care of his brother
      Exec.: son, Charles, and James Barkley.
      Wit.: William Westcott, Nicholas Johnson, Samuel Inly.
      1741 Sep 04 proved.  Lib. 4, p. 312.
      1744-5 Feb 04 Inventory of part of the goods (#6.) includes credit
      by Hance Bllderback, his apple trees sold to Jonnas Stalkup, credit due to
      Peter Cormack. Appraisers: Andrew Sinnickson, Sinick Sinnickson.
      1745, Sept. 2. Inventory ( #217.2.6 Vi) includes house rent due from Mr.
      James Barkley and credits due from William Scott
      Appraisers: Thos.  Eniles, Sinick Senick.
   n. w. 17. Oet 1 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Kidd. John, of Mannington, Salem Co., yeoman; will of.
      Sons: Abraham and Isaac, to have plantation 1 live on, the western part
      joining Joseph Sharp's upland. Son, William, during: life to have use and
      profits of '/j of the land 1 have devised to my son Isaac, but if the
      said William dies before his wife Anne, Isaac to pay her 40 shillings
      annually for ten years. Son, Jacob, five shillings. Personal estate to be
      divided eciually among my said four sons and my daughters: Anne (wife of
      Edward Johnson), Elizabeth (wife of James Halton), and Mary (wife of
      John Wood).
      Exec.: Adam Leberg, of Piles Grove, miller.
      Wit.: William Tuft, John McKim, Danl. Mestayer.
      1750-1 Jan 25 proved. Lib. 7, p. 262.
      1750-1 Jan 21 Inventory (#118.12.2) includes cattle, sheep, wheat, etc.
      Appraisers: John Smith, David Seley.
      1755 Oct 17 Account. Monies paid Thomas Thompson, Samuel Johnson,
      John Smith, William Lyth, Nicholas Gibbon, Mount Sheep. William Scott,
      Thomas Hanly, John Hanley, John Thomas. James Mason, John Halford,
      William Harvey, Eliz. Smith, John Thompson, David Seely, Richard Wesler,
      William Tuftt. William Barton. Thomas Dowell, Robert Haynes, James Halton,
      Jacob Kidd, John M. Kimp.
   n. w. 174!)-.'>0, >liirch (i
      Scott, James. of Upper Freehold Township, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of.
      Wife, Margaret. Plantation to son William. Negress, Cate, to son James.
      Exec.: son, William, and Edward Taylor.
      Wit.: William Scott, Richard Harent, John Lawrence.
      1750 Nov 22 proved. Lib. E, p. 464.
      1750 Apr 10 Inventory (#420.0.1) includes 38 paper books and 48 bound
      books, #5.17.00; old gun and old sword; 36 bbls. flour and 1 bbl.
      corn meal. #30. Made by Thomas Cox and Joseph Holmes.
 with Margaret
   James _        William -
   b              b              b              b              b

Jonathan Scott  65
   bm ____ ___ __ to
   n. w. 1732 Feb 04 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Handeock, John, of Mansfield, Burlington Co.; will of.
      Wife, Anne, sole executrix. Children: William, John, Edward, Joseph and
      Godfrey. Real and personal estate.
      Wit.: Jonathan Scott, Henry Scott, Bartholomew Gibson, George Eyre.
      1733 Apr 10 proved  Lib. 3, p. 400.
      1734 Apr 06 Inventory, #84.18 ; made by Barthol. Gibson and Edward Kimble.
   n. w. 1732 May 10.  NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Fenton, Enoch, of Town and Co. of Burlington, butcher; will of.
      Children: Enoch, Eleazer, Vesta and Rachel, all under age. Brother and
      sister: Jeremiah .................
      1732 Aug 31 Inventory of the personal estate, #542.7.2 '/j; made by
      Silas Crippin and Ge.............
      Thomas Russell, John Hogden, John Shinn. George Wilkoxen, Joseph
      Pearson, John Barton, Jonathan Scott, John Gibbs. Isaac Anthram, Fran-
      cis Smith, John Mullen. James Streeton, Ebenezer Large, Rich...........
   n. w. 1748 Aug 18 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Wrisht, Benjamin, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., yeoman. Int.
      Mary Wright, widow, reliuquishes right of administration, and requests
      that Peter Rose, of City of Burlington, brewer, be appointed.
      1748 Aug 19. Bond of Peter Rose as administrator. Jonathan Scott,
      wheelwright, and John Rose, brewer, both of same, fellow bondsmen.
      Lib. 6, p. 327; Lib. 7, p. 93.
      1748 Aug 22. Inventory, #26.19 ; made by Judah Williams and
      Samuel Cheshire.
   Henry 66

Henry Scott 66
   bm ____ ___ __ to Jonathan Scott 65
   n. w. 1727-8 Mar 09 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Kimble, Joseph, of Burlington Co., "batchaldor;" will of.
      Divides personal estate between Rachael, daughter of Isaac Horner of
      Mansfield, brother Jno. Kimble and father Benjamin Kimble, making the
      father executor.
      Wit.: John Swift, John Mills, John Richardson.
      1728 May 29 proved . Lib. 2, p. 531
      1728 April 15. Inventory of the personal estate, #39.0.3; made by
      Henry Scott and Thomas Scattergood junior.
   n. note marriage Margaret Scott to Thomas Tuly.
   Henry 67

John Scott _
   n. w. 1729-30 March 22 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      West, John, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeoman.                                Inventory of the personal estate of, #444.2, incl. books #2,
      one negro boy #30, bills, bonds, notes and book debts #203.11.8; made by
      John Scott and Adam Brewer.
   n. w. 1737 Jun 04 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Stevems. John, late of City of Perth Amboy, now of Rariton, Somerset Co.;
      will of. Present executors, the sons, Campbell
      (oldest) and John; sons William, Lewis and Richard to join them as
      they come of age.
      Exec.s to sell all houses and lots In Perth Amboy: also plantation at
      "Rockehill" and any part of the estate they see fit, and each one to share
      equally in residue at 21. Daughters: Sarah and Mary (wife of
      Fenwick Lyell, "had her share at marriage"). Brother, Thomas Stevens,
      perriwig maker, in Arundell Street, near the Strand, in London.
      Wit.: Johann is Fol kerse, John Scott, John Ross.
      1737-8 Jan 05 proved  DTBT C, p. 183.

Abraham Scott _
   wm 1727-8 March 13 NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      Scott, Abraham, of Springfield Township, Burlington Co.; will of.
      Gives land in the mountains to brothers Jonathan and John Scott, both
      under age, and if they should die in their minority to Thomas and Henry
      (no name given). Sister Mary Scott residuary legatee, and step-father
      Benjamin Kemball executor.
      Wit.: Thomas Tulie, Henry Scott, John Craig.
      1728 May 29 proved.  Lib. 2, p. 530
      1728 May 09 Inventory of the personal estate, #47.19.3, incl. bonds and
      book deists #35.2.3; made by John Hancock and Thomas Scattergood junior.

Henry Scott 67
   bm 1709 ___ __ to Henry Scott 66 Ann (nee Wright 66) Scott
      in Burlington Co., NJ.
   mf 1728 Aug 10 Jane Hancock 67. NJ_BuCMR P200.
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Hancock _ grandson of Godfrey  Hancock
   n. w. 1746 Sep 12 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Tuley, Thomas, of Burlington Co.; will of.
      Wife, Mary, plantation and land.s bought of Margaret Ellis and
      John Hancock, to bring up and educate my children, and after her decease
      to our son, John. Other children: Jonathan, Abraham, Sarah and Judith.
      Wife, executrix.
      Wit.: Bartho. Gibson, Isaac DeCow, Thos. Atkinson.
      1746 Sep 20 proved. Lib. 5, p. 288.
      1746 Sep 19 Inventory, #433.7.1 ; made by Henry Scott and Thos. Atkinson.
   mf 1749 Aug 07 Priscilla Turner 67. NJ_BuCMR P200.
   dm 1763
 with Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott
   Abraham 68     John 68        Joseph 68      Elizabeth 68   Henry 68
   b1729          b17311027      b1739          >1752          <1752
   Thomas 68      Jane Ann 68
   <1752          <1774
 with Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott
   Hannah 68      Hester 68      Priscilla 68   Rebecca 68     Samuel 68
   b              b              b              b              b
   Jonathan 68

   n. w. 1749 2nd mo. (April) 29 d.
      Ward, Aaron, of Deptford, Gloucester Co., yeoman; will of.
      Son, Joshua, to have plantation, out of which shall be paid #45 to my
      sons John, Samuel and Aaron, when 21, and to my daughters, Martha and
      Phebe, when 18.
      Exec.: wife, and brother-in-law. Benjamin Holme.
      Wit.: Phillis Clark, Henry Snabler, Sary Scott.
      1749 Jun  5 proved. Lib. 6, p. 281
      1749 May 23 Inventory of Aar9n Ward, who "deceased this life 1749 May 1"
      Appraisers: William Clarke, Anthony Sharp.

   n. w. 1750 May 13 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Scott, Elizabeth, of Gloucester Township and Co., spinster; will of.
      Eldest daughter, Elizabeth, executrix. Daughter: Amy, to be cared for by
      my sister, Joana Williams; Temperance, to be cared for by my sister
      Jean Hutchinson; both under 18.
      Wit.: Michael Fisher, Elizabeth Roes, Bathsheba Williams.
      1751 Apr 13 proved Lib. 7, p. 141.
      1750 May 21 Inventory, #34.16.5; made by Peter Martin, Benjamin Liddon.

   n. w. 1740 Sep 06 NJA_COW 1730-1750 1SV30.
      Budd, Jobn. of Hanover Township, Morris Co.; will of.
      Wife, Sarah, sole executrix, and to hold "the meadow joining
      Matthis Burnet from John Kineys to the Black Brook to Sam Ford's lots and
      to David Kitchell's land," that she may sell the same for #240. In case of
      her death before the sale, Timothy Tuttle and Benjamin Pierson empowered
      to pay legacy to my eldest son. Wife, Sarah, to have that tract called
      "the Pine Hammock," of 700 acres, bounded west by the Whippeninge River
      and meadows of Samuel Tuttle, Bates Lum, Allen Penn and Joseph Kitchell;
      she to sell same and pay my sons Barne and Thomas #250 each when of age.
      In case of death before the sale, Timothy Tuttle and Benjamin Pierson
      empowered to dispose of it. Wife, Sarah, to have the home place of 900
      acres on both sides of Black Brook, except meadows devised above.
      Wife to have all lands leased or unleased joining her land in the Long
      Valley; also all lands in the Counties of Morris, Salem, Gloucester,
      Hunterdon and elsewhere, together with my land in the colony of
      New York held under our brother, John Cosens, with the exception of
      all mines, etc., reserved to me and Coz. Hump. Morrey in some deeds
      in "Penselvania to Jermans"; also my tract on west side of the
      Susquehanna, called Govr's, or Sir William Keith's mine, an account
      thereof being among Coz. Morreys or William Pidgeon's writings.  Also my
      Eastern and Western shares of Proprieties of land yet appertaining.
      Wit.: John Xuttman, Benjamin Peirson, William Budd.
      1749-50 March 20 proved
      1752 Sep 20 Letters testamentary granted Sarah Scott, formerly
      Sarah Budd, executrix named in above will. "Prob. granted 16 May
      1754" (vid. original). Lib. 8, p. 41.

   n.  Henry Scott 67 with Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott
      Abraham 68     John 68        Joseph 68      Elizabeth 68   Henry 68
      b1729          b17311027      b1739          >1752          <1752
      Thomas 68      Jane Ann 68
      <1752          <1774
     .                with Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott
      Hannah 68      Hester 68      Priscilla 68   Rebecca 68     Samuel 68
      b              b              b              b              b
      Jonathan 68

Abraham Scott 68
   bm 1729 ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 and Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott

John Scott 68
   bm 1731 Oct 27 to Henry Scott 67 and Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott
   mf ____ ___ __ Rachel Garwood 68
   bf 1735 ___ __ to Joseph Garwood 67 et ux Elizabeth (nee Antram 67) Garwood
      in Burlington, NJ.
   ld 1736 Feb 01 West Jersey Proprietors Records, Survey Deeds, Book P, p. 223
      Grantor: Joseph Reeves and Nathan Lawrence
      Grantee: Peter Campbell
      Transaction: sold 100 acres in Great Egg Harbor Twp of Gloucester Co
      By virtue of a Warrant from the Council of Proprietors to the
      Surveyor General directed bearing Date the Sixth Day of January
      Anno Domini One Thousand seven hundred and fourteen (fifteen)
      Requiring him to Survey unto John Scott Six thousand two hundred
      and fifty acres of Land in the Western Division of the province of
      New Jersey below the falls of Delaware River at Trenton And by
      virtue of a Conveyance from Edwd Scott George Scott & Joseph Scott
      Sons of the said John Scott unto Joseph Reeves and Nathan Lawrence
      for apart thereof and by virtue of a Conveyance from the said
      Joseph Reeves and Nathan Lawrence unto Peter Cambell of One hundred
      acres thereof by deed dated the first Day of February One thousand
      seven hundred and thirtysix.  Samuel Sayrs one of my Lawful Deputies
      hath made Return to me of the said One hundred acres for Thomas
      Cambell Son and Heir at Law of the said Peter Cambell Situate in
      the Township of Great Egg harbour in the County of Glocester and
      Western Division aforesaid and on the West side of Egg harbour
      River and by said Return dated the twenty ninth Day of March One
      thousand Seven hundred and Seventy bounded as followeth viz
      Beginning at a pine standing on the West side of the Road that
      Leads from Andrew Steelmans Saw Mill to Tuckaho and near a branch
      of Stephens Creek called James Steelmans branch the said pine is
      marked four blazes twelve notches and Lettered TC running from
      thence /1t/ North fifteen degrees East twenty one Chains to a
      pine marked four blazes & twelve notches then /2d/ ....
      Witness my Hand the Sixth Day of the Eighth month August One
      Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy one. 1771 Danl Smith Sur Genl
      Feby the 4th 1774 Inspicted and approved of by the Council of
      Proprietors and Ordered to be Recorded Wm Heulings Clk
      Two references to Thomas in Cumberland County appear in
 with Rachel (nee Garwood 68) Scott
   Elizabeth 69   Rachel 69
   b17691116      b1772122

Joseph Scott 68
   bm 1739 ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 with Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott
   mf 1776 ___ __ Hannah Hancock 68.  NJHoBaMC
   dm 1794
 with Hannah
   John 69

Elizabeth Scott 68
   bf>1752 ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 with Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott
   mm ____ ___ __ Alexander McMullen 68

Henry Scott 68
   bm<1752 ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 with Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott

Thomas Scott 68
   bm<1752 ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 with Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott

Jane Ann Scott 68
   bf<1774 ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 with Jane (nee Hancock 67) Scott

Hannah Scott 68
   bf ____ ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 et ux Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott

Hester Scott 68
   bf ____ ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 et ux Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott

Priscilla Scott 68
   bf ____ ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 et ux Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott

Rebecca Scott 68
   bf ____ ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 et ux Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott

Samuel Scott 68
   bm ____ ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 et ux Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott

Jonathan Scott 68
   bm ____ ___ __ to Henry Scott 67 et ux Priscilla (nee Turner 67) Scott

Page 2
Page 3
Abraham Scott _
   bm 1850
   df    Ann Wright at 56Y
   dm 1841 Jan 20 at 91Y

John Scott _
   bm 1760 Feb 09 probable son to John & Rachel (nee Garwood)?
      in Burlington Co., N.J.  the names of his parents were not given.
   n. While a resident of Monmouth Co, NJ, he enlisted in the Revolutionary War
      in the fall of 1776 and served three months
      as private in captain Couperthwaite's company, Colonel Holmes' New Jersey
      regiment: following this, he served on tours of one month each, mounting
      in all to about eighteen months, as private under Captain Wykoff, Cowan,
      Brewer and Converse, Colonels Holmes, David Formand and Samuel Forman in
      the NJ troops, during which he was in many skirmishes.  He moved to
      Middlesex County, NJ, volunteered and served five months in Captain
      DaBow's company, Colonels William Scudders' and Nicholson's regiments:
      during this service he was a sergeant and at one time acted as Lieutenant
      with a detachment of troops and was in an encounter with the enemy near
      Allentown. Subsequently, he served three months as a teamster, no officers
      named.  After his service, time in Maryland and later in Centre Co and
      then on to Clearfield Co Pennsylvania.
      Pension application 1832 Dec 4 1832 Pike twp, Clearfield, Pa. No reference
      to wife or children. Death date 9 July 1851 Piketwp, Clearfield,Pa. Buried
      in Fruit Hill Cem.
      He does have a daughter Rachel born about 1787 but I have her marrying
      Jesse Whippo 8 Dec 1807 in Centre Co.  She could have remarried later I
      know nothing about her.  Also the following children of John Scott.
      Sarah 4 Jan 1783 -1845 w/o George Wms, Mary B 24 Sept 1784 b Chester Co
      PA -1855 Married Wm Wms(My grandmother), George b 1797-=1827 md Jane
      Cook, Patience 1798-1846 w/f Richard Curry, Tobithia d bef 1844,
      Nathaniel 1804 wife Jane.
      Let me know if there is any possibility of there being a connection.
      Also some of Johns' older family may have stayed in Centre Co.  Mary,
      Patience, George and Nathaniel were in Clearfield Co.  Darrylin
   n. Lived in NJ, Maryland and in the late 1780 and 90s in Chester co.PA,
      about 1806 he moved and bout land in Centre Co. in About 1827 he moved
      to Clearfield Co PA.
   dm 1807 Dec 08 in Clearfield Co., PA.
   Sarah _        Mary B _       Rachel _       George _       Patience _
   b17830104      b17840924      b1787          b1797          b1798
   Tobithia _     Nathaniel _
   b              b1804

Page 4
Elizabeth Scott 69
   bf 1769 Nov 16 to John Scott 68 et ux Rachel (nee Garwood 68) Scott in
      Burlington, N. J.
   mm 1787 Nov 28 Samuel Adams 69
   bm 1763 Nov 25 to Joseph Adams a et ux Elizabeth (nee Lynch 68) Adams in
      in Woolwich Twp., Gloucester Co., N. J.
   df 1847 Apr 18

Rachel Scott 69
   bf 1772 Dec 25 to John Scott 68 et ux Rachel (nee Garwood 68) Scott
   mm ____ ___ __ Benjamin Adams 69
   bm 1755 ___ __ to Joseph Adams 68 et ux Elizabeth (nee Lynch 68) Adams.
   wm 1825 Mar 21 NJA
      I, Rachel Adams of the township of Greenwich in the County of
      Gloucester being of sound disposing mind and memory do make this
      writing to be my last will and testament as follows - I give and
      bequeath to my daughter Mary Goff my high drawers.  I give to my
      daughter Ann my field bedstead, bed and bedding and curtain belonging
      to the same.  I give to my daughter Jane my best bed, bedding and
      bedstead and my bureau.  I give to my daughters Ann and Jane all my
      cupboards and furniture excepting my silver shears which I give to
      Mary Ann Adams to be divided equally between them.  I give to my son
      David a ________ legacy of fifty dollars to _____ as interest as soon
      as possible to be paid to him with the interest _______________
      at the age of twenty one years.  I order and direct my executors to
      sell and dispose of the residue of my personal estate, also all my
      Real Estate as soon as convenient and for the best price they can
      obtain for _________ and the proceed ______ with what I have owing
      to me I give as follows to my two grandchildren Abigail and Samuel the
      sum of fifty dollars each to be put to interest and to be paid to them
      when they shall arrive at full age the Residue thereof I give to all my
     children to be equally divided amonst them share and share alike.
      Whereas my son John Adams ___ ___ ___ I do hereby relinquish all the
      interest due thereon except in the last year and further it is my
      will that if my son Joseph shall return home again that each of my
      children shall pay to him as much as will make him
      equal with one of my other son, also that gives ___________________
      My will is that my son David be sent to school six months the expense
      thereof to be payd out of my estate generally before any distinction
      thereof and that he be put to grade as soon as he has _____ his
      schooling and further it is my will that if my son Thomas shall
      bring any account against my estate that is shll be taken from his
      share.  I give to my son John ten dollars in trust to be put to
      interest and the interest to be applied annually toward keeping up the
      fence around the graveyard at the Stone Meeting House and lastly I
      nominate and appoint  my son John Adams and Joseph D. Clark my lawfull
      executor to this my last will and testament.  Witness whereof I have
      set my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of March AD Eighteen
      hundred and twenty five.
   dm 1825 Jun 03 at 53 years interred Old Stone Meeting House, Woolwich Twsp.,
      Gloucester Co.
   df 1815 Jun 30 at 60 yrs. Inventory 1815 Jul 27 NJA File 3022H of Greenwich
      Twp, Gloucester Co. Rachel Adams Adm'x interred Old Stone Meeting House,
      Woolwich Twsp., Gloucester Co.
 with Benjamin Adams 69
   Joseph 70      John 70        Benjamin 70    Elizabeth 70   Rachel S 70
   b17900202      b17930123      b1796          b1797          b1798
   Thomas S 70    Job 70         Mary 70        Ann 70         Sarah 70
   b17990516      b              b18010906      b1806          b1806
   Jane 70        Samuel 70      David S 70
   b              b              b1813
Page 5
John Scott 69
   bm 1778 May 10 too Joseph Scott 68 et ux Habnah nee (Hancock 68)
      in Springfield,  Burlington Co., NJ.
   mf 1798 ___ __ Hannah Eldridge 69 of Springfield
   bf 1780 May 26 to Noah Eldridge 69 et ux Margaret (nee Haines 68) Eldridge
      in Springfield,  Burlington Co., NJ.
   n. owned 150 acres of thge old homested.
   n. NJHoBaMC
   dm 1854 Jan 28
   df 1854 Mar 13
 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   Eliza  70      Joseph E 70    Margaret H 70  John H 70      Warren Cole  70
   b              b              b              b              b
   Hannah 70      Nathan W C 70  Maria E 70
   b              ~1812          ~1814

Page 6

   n. to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
      Eliza  70      Joseph E 70    Margaret H 70  John H 70      Warren Cole 70
      b              b              b              b              b
      Hannah 70      Nathan W C 70  Maria 70
      b              b              b

Eliza Scott 70
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   mm ____ ___ __ Joseph Thompson 71 formerly of Bordentown
   c. 1880 U. S. Census T9 R  Sh174C  Dis17
      NJ, Burlington Co., Bordentown

 Name                         CSAgeMonRel       SMWDOcc                         U Misc        BDIIMSRWBP          BPF         BPM         Remarks
 George D. Fort                M 58   Self                                                            NJ
 Mary P. Fort                  F 55   Wife       fe                                                   NJ
 Mary L Fort                   F 21   Daughter                                                        NJ
 George Lippincott             M 56   Other                                                           NJ
 Albert L. Washan              M 16   Other                                                           NJ
 James P Perkins               M 21   Other                                                           NJ
 Margaret Hancock              F 68   Other                                                           NJ
 Eliza Thompson                F 80   Mother                                                          NJ
 Hannah H. Scott               F 55   Sister                                                          NJ
 N .W. C. Scott                M 53   Brother                                                         NJ
 Prudence Hancock              F 33   Daughter                                                        NJ
 George R. Estellon            M 21   Grandson                                                        NJ
 Prudence Estellon             F 17   Daughter                                                        NJ
 Joseph Thompson               M 78   Father                                                          NJ
 Lillie V. Fort                F 16   Daughter                                                        NJ
 Caroline Fort                 F 25   Daughter                                                        NJ
 S .Annie Fort                 F 29                                                                   NJ

Joseph E. Scott 70
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   mf 1825 Oct 27 Deborah Hayes 70
   bf to Henry Hayes ofnBurlington
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R443   L33 47/48
      NJ, Burlington Co., Burlington
      Enumerated: 1850
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Deborah Scott              47FW                           NJ
 Stacy Scott                19MW                           NJ
 John H. Scott              15MW                           NJ
 joseph E. Scott            14MW                           NJ
 Caroline Deacon            409W                           NJ
 Joseph E. Scott            49MW                           NJ
   dm on the old homestead.
   df 1876 at 58Y
 with Deborah (nee Hayes 70)
   Emmneline T 71 Margaret M 71  Stach H 71     John F F 71    Joseph T 71
   b              b              b1831          b1835          b1836

Margaret H. Scott 70
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   mm ____ ___ __ Thomas Hancock

John H. Scott 70
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   dm in Virginia

Warren Cole Scott 70
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   n. a faermernwho died in Springfield

Hannah Scott 70
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott

Nathan Warren Cole Scott 70
   bm`1812 ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   n. resided on the old homesteqd.l
   mf~1828 ___ __ Sarah Ann Powell 70

Maria Scott 70
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Scott 69 with Hannah nee Elodridge _69) Scott
   df at 25y

Page 7
   n. to Joseph E. Scott 70 with Deborah (nee Hayes 70)
      Emmneline T 71 Margaret M 71  Stach H 71     John F F 71    Joseph T 71
      b              b              b18310424      b              b

Emmneline T. Scott 71
   bf ____ ___ __ to Joseph E. Scott 70 with Deborah (nee Hayes 70)

Margaret M. Scott 71
   bf ____ ___ __ to Joseph E. Scott 70 with Deborah (nee Hayes 70)

Stach H. Scott 71
   bm 1831 Apr 24 to Joseph E. Scott 70 with Deborah (nee Hayes 70)
   mf 1871 Oct __ Hannah A. Temoleton 71
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Tempoloeton _ et ux Elizabeth fromENG.

John F. F. Scott 71
   bm 1835 ___ __ to Joseph E. Scott 70 with Deborah (nee Hayes 70)
   n. of Peru, Neb.

Joseph T. Scott 71
   bm 1836 ___ __ to Joseph E. Scott 70 with Deborah (nee Hayes 70)
   n. nfarmer non the old hoestead.

Page 8

LINKAGE END 00  Rachel Scott/Benjamin Adams

Page 9
Job Scott _
   bm 1779 Nov
   dm 1803 Aug 31 at 23Y10M, Stranger to 2ndPCR, Phila., PA

Page 10

LINKAGE BEGIN 01   John & Chris Horsch's line

John H. Scott 11
   bm ____ ___ __ Pa.
   n. Family claims relation to a Winfield Scott that was General of
      the Army during the Mexican War - .
   mf ____ ___ __ Sarah Ann Drake 11, Pa
 with Sarah Ann (nee Drake 11) Scott
   Anna J 12

Anna Jane Scott 12
   bf ____ ___ __ to John H. Scott 11 et ux Sarah Ann (nee Drake 11) Scott

LINKAGE END 01   John & Chris Horsch's line

David Scott _
   wm PA, Chester Co. Will Abstracts 1801-1825
      1824 November 16 Scott, David. West Bradford.
      1824 December 18.
      To son John Scott $500. To dau. Hannah Scott $100.
      To sons Joshua and Amos all remainder of estate, real & personal.
      The above legacies to be paid in one year after the death of the widow,
      Alice Hannum.
      Executors: Sons John & Amos Scott.
      Wits: Richard Woodward, Richard B. Woodward.

Page 11
INKAGE BEGIN 02   Dot Scott's line

Reginald Heber Scott 72
   bm 1880 ___ __ to William Scott 71 et ux Annie (nee Daunt 71) in Norwich,
      Ontario, CAN, he a minister.  DC from Dorothy Miller Scott.
   zm 1880 Oct 20 at Ridgetown, Ontario.  DMS.
   n. Rev. named for the Bishop of India.
   mf 1914 ___ __ Amelia "Amy" Taylor Doughty 72
   bf 1889 ___ __ to Charles Augustus Doughty 71 with Julia Catherine (nee Logan
      71) Doughty  in Kings Co., NY.
   dm 1959 ___ __ both interred Greenfield Cemetery, Roosevelt, Long Island, NY
   df 1973
 with Amelia Taylor (nee Doughty 71)
   William D 73   Reginald 73    John Julian 73
   b1915          b1916          b1923

William Doughty Scott 73
   bm 1915 ___ __ to Reginald Heber Scott 72 et ux Amelia "Amy" Taylor (nee
      Doughty 72) Scott.

LINKAGE END 02   Dot Scott's Line

Page 12

Thomas Scott _
   n. Nathan Horner mf 1762 Dec 14 Ann Batten _ NJA/NJGCMR P14
   n. ld 1771 Jan 04 NJ_GCDR BL P137
      Grantor: Nathan Horner et ux Ann
      Grantee: Jacob Horner
      Transaction: his part of land deeded by his father to both Jacob & Nathan
      Horner 1752 Apr 05, Nathan deeds to Jacob et ux Sarah
   ld 1800 Mar 08 NJ_GCDR BL P48,50
      Grantor: Jacob Horner et ux Sarah of Waterford, Glou. Co., yeoman
      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Waterford, Glou. Co., yeoman
      Transaction: $170.60 for 3 acres in Waterford Twp., Glou. Co., NJ.
   ld ____ ___ __
      Grantor: Jacob Horner
      Grantee: Thomas Scott

William J. Scott _
   mf ____ ___ __ Margaret _ _
   df 1875 May 02
      Obit.: 1875 May 03 Mon Morn, PA_PLL V_LXXIX N34
      Scott - on the 2d inst., Margaret, wife of William J. Scott in the 36th
      year of her age.
         The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to
      attend the funeral, on Tues. afternoon at 1 o'clock from the residence of
      her husband, 764 Martin street.  To proceed to Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  **725

Page 13

Archibald Scott _
   mf 1836 Nov 13 Catharine Miller _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Barzill Scott _
   mf 1765 Mar 25 Elizabeth Wheeler _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Barzilla Scott _
   mf 1765 Mar 25 Mary Garwood _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Barzilla Scott _
   mf 1776 1791 Sep 08 Mary Carr _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Benj. Scott _
   mf 1818 Nov 26 Rachel Holland _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Benjamin Scott _
   mf 1683 ___ __ Hannah Kemble _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Bethuel Scott _
   mf 1808 Apr 07 Ann Gibbs _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Henry Scott _
   mf 1805 Oct 08 Thomas (?) Richardson _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Isaac Scott _
   mf 1817 Dec 24 Sarah Gibbs _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Jeremiah Scott _
   mf 1800 Dec 07 Sarah Simon _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

John Scott _
   mf 1740 Dec 18 Rebecca Hall _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

John Scott _
   mf 1754 Apr 29 Anne Atkinson _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

John Scott _
   mf 1811 Sep 25 Mary Berbin _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

John Scott _
   mf 1830 Jan 17 Ann Allen _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Jonathan Scott _
   mf 1738 Nov 04 Mary Cassaway _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Jonathan Scott _
   mf 1730 Nov 04 Ann Turner _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Samuel Scott _
   mf 1822 May 30 Tamer Scattergood _. NJ_BuCMR P200.

Alice Scott _
   mm 1767 Apr 20 Thomas Page _. NJ_BuCMR P170.

Ann Scott _
   mm 1766 Mar 23 John Batten _ of Gloucester.. NJ_BuCMR P18.

Anna Scott _
   mm 1819 Jul 22 Caleb Johnson _. NJ_BuCMR P125.

Bridget Scott _
   mm 1700 Sep 03 Edward Lucas _. of Pennsylvania. NJ_BuCMR P47.

Elizabeth Scott _
   mm 1703 ___ __ Robert Lewis _. NJ_BuCMR P141.

Elizabeth Scott _
   mm 1773 May 05 Eleazer Watkins _. NJ_BuCMR P238.

Hannah Scott _
   mm 1828 Mar 22 James Blakely _. NJ_BuCMR P23.

Hannah Scott _
   mm 1774 Mar 31 Thomas Boulton _. NJ_BuCMR P26.

Hannah Scott _
   mm 1815 Jun 06 Samuel Elberson _. NJ_BuCMR P70.

Hester Scott _
   mm 1782 Apr 01 Ezekiel Johnson _. NJ_BuCMR P125.

Hester Scott _
   mm 1823 Dec 25 Israel W. Logan n_. NJ_BuCMR P146.

Lydia Scott _
   mm 1803 Mar 05 Joseph Barber _. NJ_BuCMR P16.

Margaret Scott _
   mm 1695 ___ __ Thomas Lambert _. NJ_BuCMR P136.

Margaret Scott _
   mm 1729 Sep 13 Thomas Tuly _. NJ_BuCMR P231.

Mary Scott _
   mm 1805 Nov 07 John Garwood _. NJ_BuCMR P89.

Mary Scott _
   mm 1828 Aug 14 John Stewart _. NJ_BuCMR P218.

Patience Scott _
   mm 1818 Sep 20 Charles Barnes _. NJ_BuCMR P17.

Priscilla Scott _
   mm 1811 Jun 09 Samuel Kemble _. NJ_BuCMR P131.

Rebecca Scott _
   mm 1818 Jan 11 Joshua Dodd _. NJ_BuCMR P66.

Sarah Scott _
   mm 1805 Sep 21 Thomas White _. NJ_BuCMR P242.

Susannah Scott _
   mm 1823 Aug 29 Edward Moore _. NJ_BuCMR P160.

Page 14

Samuel Scott _
   mf 1761 Dec 21 Amy Couzins _, PA_SPPECR.

Catherine Scott _
   mm 1762 Sep 21 John Delap _, PA_SPPECR.

Martha Scott _
   mm 1767 Sep 24 John Lewis _, PA_SM&ZCR.

John Scott _
   mf 1786 Jun 23 Elizabeth Saunders _ PA_SM&ZCR

William Scott _
   mf 1786 May 23 Eliza. McComb _ PA_SM&ZCR

William Scott _
   mf 1790 Jul 11 Hannah Blake _ PA_SM&ZCR

James Scott _
   mf 1790 Sep 15 Margaret Perdue _ PA_SM&ZCR

Rebecca Scott _
   mm 1791 Sep 28 Rees Davis _ PA_SM&ZCR

Eliza Scott _
   n. verify records of marriage.
   mm 1792 May 12 Benjamin Gardner _ PA_SPPECR
   mm 1792 May 12 Sargent Young _ PA_SPPECR

Sarah Scott _
   mm 1792 Sep 09 Richard Dexter _ PA_SPPECR

Thomas Scott _
   mf 1798 Feb 14 Mary Viley _ PA_SM&ZCR

Hannah Scott _
   mm 1489 Nov 12 James Barnell _ PA_  (that is how the year is written).

James Scott _
   mf 1788 Apr 19 Ann Horton _ PAMR P544

John Scott _
   mf 1786 Feb 10 Sarah Fisher _ PAMR P544

Page 15
Andrew Scott _
   bm 1815 ___ __ in Scotland.
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R___ P32B L34 506/521
      NJ, Gloucester Co., Franklin Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Dec 25, David B. Leslie, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Andrew Scott               35M Laborer                 200Scotland
 Sophia    "                29F                            NJ
 Isaiah W. L.  "             6M                            NJ
 Alexander   "               1M                            NJ
 Patrick                    50M                            Ireland
 William Whiticar           18M                            Ireland
 John Moffitt               60M                            Germany
 John Q. Adams              18M                            NJ
 John K. Jones              24M                            NJ

Page 16

LINKAGE BEGIN 03  John Doughty Scott

James Scott _
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary Rittenhouse 15. RoB P1.
 with Mary (nee Rittenhouse 15) Scott
   John D 16

John Doughty Scott 16
   bm ____ ___ __ to James Scott 15 et ux Mary (nee Rittenhouse 15) Scott
   mf ____ ___ __ Nancy Opdyke 16. RoB P1.
   bf ____ ___ __ to George Opdyke 15, sister to former mayor, George Opdyke,
      of New York City.
   n. Lived about .6 km below Kingwood store where Thomas Jardine subsequently
      Kept store with Thomas Barcroft and both succeeded by John C. Arnwine.
      Removed to NYC to engage in the mercantile business on a larger scale.
      1834 May 02 Baptistown Postmaster.

LINKAGE END 03  John Doughty Scott
Page 17
   n. Scott_NJ1850_monoline

Archibald Scott _
   bm 1818
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R442 P76B L32  1106/1129.
      NJ, Atlantic Co., Hamilton Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 12, Peter Frambes, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Archibald Scott            32M Collier                    NJ
 Priscilla  "               25F                            NJ        I
 Jane       "               12F                            NJ
 Catharine  "                7F                            NJ
 Archibald  "                4M                            NJ
 Mary Ann   "                2F                            NJ
 Joshua Brown               26M Teamster                   NJ        I

John Scott _
   bm 1790
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R443 P148A L11  316/356.
      NJ, Burlington Co., Bordentown Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 21, _ Hartman, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Daniel S. M...on           31M Waterman               2500PA
 Ann M. Mevchon?            31F                            NJ
 Hannah Mevchon?             5F                            NJ
 John Scott                 60M Labourer                   NJ
 Ann Scott                  60F                            NJ

Marshal Scott _
   bm 1839
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R444 P327B L27  64/64.
      NJ, Burlington Co., Southampton Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 ___ __, __ ______ Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 John Homor                 52M Farmer                14500NJ
 Elisabeth Homor            52F                            NJ
 Caroline Homor             26F                            NJ
 William Homor              20M                            NJ
 John A. Hamor              19M                            NJ       S
 James H. Hamor             14M                            NJ       S
 Sarah E. Hamor             10F                            NJ       S
 Mary Easor?                16F                            NJ
 Rebecca Shimer?            14F                            NJ       S
 John ?????                 10M                            NJ
 Marshal Scott              11M                            NJ

Charles Scott _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R443 P474A L22  37/40.
      NJ, Burlington Co., Evesham Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 ___ __, __ ______ Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Mary Borton                70F                       10000NJ
 Lydia  "                   40F                            NJ
 Naomi  "                   32F                            NJ
 Amy    "                   30F                            NJ
 Chalkley Stokes            30M Farmer                     NJ
 Elizabeth J. Holmes        20F                            NJ
 Elizabeth Lippincott       15F                            NJ
 Rhoda Mason                 7F                            NJ
 Thomas Young               40M                            Ireland
 Charles Scott              12M                            NJ

Peter Scott _
   bm 1790
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R447 P197A L10  119/149.
      NJ, Essex Co., Newark, South Ward Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 20, William Jessup, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Peter Scott                60MMFarmer                     NJ        I
 Bilsey    "                52FM                           NJ
 Sarah   "                  30FM                           NJ
 Elizabeth "                28FM                           NJ
 Charles  "                 26MM                           NJ
 Eley    "                  24FM                           NJ
 Belinda "                  24FM                           NJ
 John Q. A. Scott           22MMLaborer                    NJ
 Catharine L.  "            20FM                           NJ
 Margaretta  "              18FM                           NJ

Joeph W. Scott _
   n        NJA_COW 1670-1730 1SV23.
      be, and report at the next sitting of the Legislature." '- Under
      this resolution the Governor, in April, 1S33, selected Jos-
      eph W. Scott, of Somerset County, one of the ablest lawyers
      of the day, to prepare the report and revision in question. Col.
      Scott made his report February 8, 1S34, ^^^^^ '^ was printed in
      a pamphlet of one hundred pages or more. It comprised an
      able and exceedingly interesting review and history of

Joseph Scott _
   bm 1802
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R447 P197A L25  120/151.
      NJ, Essex Co., Newark, South Ward Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 20, William Jessup, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Joseph Scott               48MMCook                       NY
 Hannah    "                44FM                           NJ
 Eliza J. C.                12FM                           NJ       S

James C. Scott 69
   bm 1813
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary Ann Doughty 69
   bf 1823 ___ __ to John Doughty 68 et ux Elizabeth (nee Llewelyn 68) Doughty
   c. 1860 U. S. Census M653 R
      NJ, Monmouth Co., Shrewsbury Twp.p.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIRemarks
 James Scott                47MW                           NJ
 Mary A. Scott              37FW                           NJ
 Johne Scott                17MW                           NJ
 James Scott                15MW                           NJ
 Wm C. Scott                10MW                           NJ
 Susan S. Scott              7FW                           NJ
 Dewitt Scott                6MW                           NJ
 Betsey Doughty             75FW                           NJ
   dm 1886
   df 1899
 with Mary
   John Robert 69 James C 69     Champion 69    Susan D 69     DeWitt 69
   b1843          b1846          b1850          b1853          b1855
   Anna 69

John Scott _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_   R454 P150 L22 244/256.
      New Jersey, Mercer Co., Lawrence Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 25, William Davis, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 John Scott                 32M Carder in factory          England
 Maria Scott                24F                            NJ
 W^m Scott                   7M                            NJ       S
 James Scott                 5M                            NJ       S
 John Scott                  2M                            NJ
 Johnathan Scott            9mM                            NJ
 W^m Dalton                 27M Carder in factory          England
 Sarah Dalton               23F                            NJ
 James Dalton                3M                            "

Elisa Scott _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R459 P292A L42 417/430.
      NJ, Morris Co., Pequanac Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 07, F. W. Cook, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Elisa Scott                38F                       25000NJ
 maybe others on next page.

Henry Scott _
   bm 1822
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P50,51   R465 P287B L11 070/071.
      NJ, Warren Co., Mansfield Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 13, Jacob A...dt, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Henry Scott                28M Laborer                    NJ
 Nancy  "                   25F                            NJ
 Woodhull  "                 5M                            NJ
 John  "                     3M                            NJ

   n. End monoline

Page 18
      1. Soundex A352
      2. Pennsylvania Archives Series
         PA_1stPCR First Presbyterian Church Records 1702-1745
         PA_SM&ZCR St. Michael's & Zion Church Records 1745-1800
         PA_SPPECR St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church Records
         PA_3rdPCR Third Presbyterian Church Records 1775-1889
         PA_APCR - Abington Presbyterian Church Record
         PA_SPMECR - St. Paul's Methodist/Episcopal Church Records LDS0387881
         PA_MRRJC - Marriage Register of Rev. Joseph Castle 1825-1874.
      3. NJA_COW
          1670-1730 1SV23 XXIII  Scott   Scot                2012/04/14 done
          1730-1750 1SV30 XXX    Scott                     2012/04/16 done
      4. Craig
            NJ_BuCMR    Scott 2012/04/20 done.
      16. RoB - Recollections of Baptistown, 1893-1897, Jay Bee
         The Clove Dutch Reformed Church of Clove Valley, Wantage, Sussex
         County, NJ.  Baptisms, Contributed by Amos Canfield, M.D.  (from the
         collection of Beulah Gangaware).
      5.  NJ_HoBaMC- History of Burlington and Mercer Countiues

Page 19


Abraham Scott 68 P2                    Abraham Scott _ P2                    
Abraham Scott _ P4                     Alexander Scott _ P2                  
Alice Scott _ P14                      Andrew Scott _ P16                    
Andrew Scott _ P2                      Ann Scott _ P14                       
Anna Jane Scott 12 P11                 Anna Scott _ P14                      
Archibald Scott _ P14                  Archibald Scott _ P18                 
Barzill Scott _ P14                    Barzilla Scott _ P14                  
Benj. Scott _ P14                      Benjamin Scott _ P14                  
Benjamin Scott _ P2                    Bethuel Scott _ P14                   
Bridget Scott _ P14                    Bupham Scott _ P2                     
Catherine Scott _ P15                  Charles Scott _ P18                   
Charles Scott _ P2                     David Scott _ P11                     
Elisa Scott _ P18                      Eliza Scott 70 P7                     
Eliza Scott _ P15                      Elizabeth Scott 68 P2                 
Elizabeth Scott 69 P5                  Elizabeth Scott _ P14                 
Emmneline T. Scott 71 P8               George Scott _ P2                     
Hannah Scott 68 P2                     Hannah Scott 70 P7                    
Hannah Scott _ P14                     Hannah Scott _ P15                    
Henry Scott 64 P2                      Henry Scott 66 P2                     
Henry Scott 67 P2                      Henry Scott 68 P2                     
Henry Scott _ P14                      Henry Scott _ P18                     
Hester Scott 68 P2                     Hester Scott _ P14                    
Hugh Scott _ P2                        INKAGE BEGIN 02   Dot Scott's line P12
Isaac Scott _ P14                      James C. Scott 69 P18                 
James Scott _ P15                      James Scott _ P17                     
James Scott _ P2                       Jane Ann Scott 68 P2                  
Jane Scott _ P2                        Jane Scott __ P2                      
Jeremiah Scott _ P14                   Job Scott _ P10                       
Joeph W. Scott _ P18                   John Doughty Scott 16 P17             
John F. F. Scott 71 P8                 John H. Scott 11 P11                  
John H. Scott 70 P7                    John Scott 68 P2                      
John Scott 69 P6                       John Scott _ P14                      
John Scott _ P15                       John Scott _ P18                      
John Scott _ P2                        John Scott _ P4                       
Jonathan Scott  65 P2                  Jonathan Scott 68 P2                  
Jonathan Scott _ P14                   Joseph E. Scott 70 P7                 
Joseph Scott 68 P2                     Joseph Scott _ P18                    
Joseph Scott _ P2                      Joseph T. Scott 71 P8                 
Lydia Scott _ P14                      Margaret H. Scott 70 P7               
Margaret M. Scott 71 P8                Margaret Scott _ P14                  
Maria Scott 70 P7                      Marshal Scott _ P18                   
Martha Scott _ P15                     Martin Scott _ P2                     
Mary Scott _ P14                       Nathan Warren Cole Scott 70 P7        
Patience Scott _ P14                   Peter Scott _ P18                     
Priscilla Scott 68 P2                  Priscilla Scott _ P14                 
Rachel Scott 69 P5                     Rebecca Scott 68 P2                   
Rebecca Scott _ P14                    Rebecca Scott _ P15                   
Reginald Heber Scott 72 P12            Robert Scott _ P2                     
Samuel Scott  P2                       Samuel Scott 68 P2                    
Samuel Scott _ P14                     Samuel Scott _ P15                    
Samuel Scott _ P2                      Sarah Scott _ P14                     
Sarah Scott _ P15                      Stach H. Scott 71 P8                  
Susannah Scott _ P14                   Thomas Scott 68 P2                    
Thomas Scott _ P13                     Thomas Scott _ P15                    
Thomas Scott _ P2                      Timothy Scott _ P2                    
Warren Cole Scott 70 P7                William Doughty Scott 73 P12          
William J. Scott _ P13                 William Scott _ P15                   
William Scott _ P2                                                           


,                                   (?), Thomas P14                       
Adams, Benjamin 69 P5                  Allen, Ann P14                        
Atkinson, Anne P14                     Barber, Joseph P14                    
Barnell, James P15                     Barnes, Charles P14                   
Batten, John P14                       Berbin, Mary P14                      
Blake, Hannah P15                      Blakely, James P14                    
Boulton, Thomas P14                    Cassaway, Mary P14                    
Davis, Rees P15                        Delap, John P15                       
Dexter, Richard P15                    Dodd, Joshua P14                      
Doughty, mf 69 P18                     Drake, mf 11 P11                      
Elberson, Samuel P14                   Fisher, Sarah P15                     
Gardner, Benjamin P15                  Garwood, John P14                     
Garwood, Mary P14                      Garwood, Rachel 68 P2                 
Gibbs, Ann P14                         Gibbs, Sarah P14                      
Hall, Rebecca P14                      Hancock, Hannah 68 P2                 
Hancock, Jane 67 P2                    Hayes, Deborah 70 P7                  
Holland, Rachel P14                    Horton, Ann P15                       
Johnson, Caleb P14                     Johnson, Ezekiel P14                  
Kemble, Hannah P14                     Kemble, Samuel P14                    
Kent, Steven P2                        Lambert, Thomas P14                   
Lewis, John P15                        Lewis, Robert P14                     
Lucas, Edward P14                      McComb, Eliza. P15                    
McMullen, Alexander 68 P2              Moore, Edward P14                     
Opdyke, Nancy 16 P17                   P2, A P2                              
P2, A P2                               P2, H P2                              
P2, I P2                               P2, R P2                              
P7, T P7                               Page, Thomas P14                      
Perdue, Margaret P15                   Powell, Sarah 70 P7                   
Rittenhouse, mf 15 P17                 Saunders, Elizabeth P15               
Scattergood, Tamer P14                 Simon, Sarah P14                      
Stewart, John P14                      Thompson, mm 71 P7                    
Tuly, Thomas P14                       Turner, Ann P14                       
Turner, Priscilla 67 P2                Viley, Mary P15                       
W., Israel P14                         Watkins, Eleazer P14                  
Wheeler, Elizabeth P14                 White, Thomas P14                     
Wright, Ann 64 P2                      Young, Sargent P15                    
____, mf P13                           mf, mf 16 P2                          
mf, mf 17 P14                          mf, mf 17 P15                         
mf, mf 17 P6                           mf, mf 18 P14                         
mf, mf 18 P8                           mf, mf 19 P12                         
mm, mm 17 P5                                                                 

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