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   LB_00  Asbury Shay of Lebanon Co., PA
         Need the records from the:
         Lebanon County Clerk/Lebanon Co. Hist. Soc.
         400 South Eigth St., Lebanon, PA 17042-6794  717-274-2801
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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Asbury Shay of Lebanon Co., PA.

Asbury Shay 72
   n. in the Civil War from Lebanon, PA.
   mf ____ ___ __ Ann _ 72
   Mary E 73

Mary Edith Shay 73
   bf 1883 ___ __ to Asbury Shay 72
   mm ____ ___ __ Thomas Martin Sykes 73
   bm 1874 ___ __ to Thomas Sykes 72 et ux Mary (nee Allison 72) Sykes
   c. 1900 U. S. Census T623  R     S    ED    S     L  1274/1274
      Enumerated: 1900
Name                   Rel.  CSMonYearAgeSYrsNbNlPOB    FPOB   MPOB   YearYrsNatOccupation             UneSchRWELFT
   c. 1920 U. S. Census T625 R1558 SD12 V104 E94 S14B L49 60/304/356
      PA, Dauphin Co., Harrisburg, N18th St. #60, Seventh Pct., 9'th Wd.
      Enumerated: 1920 Jan 19, Charles E. Wachner
 Name                   Rel.  HHSCAgeMYOI NYON SRWPOB        Lang    FPOB       Lang    MPOB       Lang    ETrade       Industry    EFarm
 Thomas M. Sykes        Head  OMMW 46M          YYPA                 PA                 PA                 YPension AttyGeneral Prac OA
 Mary E.                Wife    FW 37M          YYPA                 PA                 PA                 YNone
 Reta R.                Dau     FW50mS            PA                 PA                 PA                  None
 with Mary Edith (nee Shay 73) Sykes
   Rita R 74

LINKAGE END 00  Asbury Shay of Lebanon Co., PA.
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   1900 U. S. Census Index, Pennsylvania Searching for Mary Edith Shay in
       childhood with her parents hopefully.  From Soundex reel.  Note Asbury
       and Allison and other Lebanon Co.  May be a Clinton in the family.
      A.               1844 Allegheny
         Mary          1884 Sep dau
      Abigill          1840 Allegh
      Allen            1845 NJ Susq
      Allison          1850 PA Lebanon Co.
      Amelia           1845 PA Mont
      Andrew           1865 PA Jeff
      Andrew B         1893 PA Phil
      Anna             1880 VA Phila
      Anna M           1887 PA Lanc
      Annie            1878 Ire Dela
      Annie            1882 PA Alle
      Annie M          1873 PA Phil
      Annie M          1884 PA Phila
      Arthur           1864 PA Schu
      Asbury           1846 PA Lebanon Co.***
      Benj             1875 PA Wayne
      Benj             1851 PA Phil
      Benj             1894 PA Lackawana
      Bernard          1874 PA Bucks
      Bert             1871 PA Susq
      Bertram          1868 PA Montgomery
      Bessie M.        1888 MA Schu
      Beulah A.        1824 NJ Susq
      Bridget          1845 Ire Phil
      Bridget          1859 Ire Phil
      Catherine        1898 PA Lebanon Co.
      Catherine        1845 PA Lack
      Chausey          1846 PA Susq
      Charles          1876 PA Lebanon Co.
      Charles          1893 PA Lebanon Co.
      Charles          1849 PA Lanc
      Charles E        1895 PA Lanc
      Charles E        1858 PA Lanc
      Charles F        1856 PA Schu
      Charles P        1856 PA Phil
      Charley          1875 NY Erie
      Christopher      1869 MD Phil
      Clara            1870 PA Blair
      Clarence         1878 PA Phil
      Clarence         1858 PA Susq
      Clinton B        1860 MD Blair
      Clinton          1858 PA Lebanon Co.
         (Mary E. is mother b1824 Feb)
         (has dau. Mary M. b1888)
      Cyrus G          1829 PA Dauphin
      Daniel                Ire Phil
      Daniel           1881 PA Lehi
      Daniel           1846 PA Northumberland
      Daniel M         1861 Ire Phil
      Daniel O         1881 Ire Phil
      Daniel           1859 Wales Alle
      David            187210 PA Lack
      Della            187107 PA Lebanon Co.
      Delmar           1857 NY Potter
      Dennis           185701 Schuy
      Dora             1879 Ire Alleg
      Edna K.          1899 8/12 PA Lebanon Co.
      Edward           1869 Pennington, Phila
      Edward           1895 NY Lehigh
      Edward           1878 PA Phil
      Edward           1840 PA Phil
      Edward C.        1899 PA Phil
      Edward E.        1858 PA Lyco
      Edward Geary     1890 PA Lanc
      Edward T         1867 PA Phila
      Elizabeth        1817 PA Lanc
      Elizabeth        1848 PA Clear
      Ella             1849 PA Lanc
      Ella             1884 PA Blair
      Ellen            1848 PA Clarion
      Emma             1869 PA Lanc
      Emma J.          1837 PA Northum
      Emma W.          1886 PA Monroe
      Ephraim          1848 NJ Pike
      Earnets          1889 NY Lawr
      Ester B.         1896 PA Phil
      Eva              1843 NJ Monroe
      Fannie           1874 PA Berks
      ?Mark            1862 NH Alle
      Frank            1874 PA Leb
      Frank B.         1865 PA Luz
      Frank E.         1861 PA Montg
      Frank W.         1882 OH Alleg
      Franklin         1882 PA Lanc
      Frederick        6/12 PA Erie
      George           1875 PA Potter
      George           1883 PA Lanc
      George           1888 PA Chester
      George W         1854 PA Warren
      George W         1852 PA Leb
      Gertrude         1893 PA Montg
      Gertrude         1873 PA Leb
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      1. Soundex
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Asbury Shay 72 P2                      Mary Edith Shay 73 P2                 
Name                   Rel.  CSMonYearAgeSYrsNbNlPOB    FPOB   MPOB   YearYrsNatOccupation             UneSchRWELFT P2                                       


Sykes, Thomas 73 P2                    _, Ann 72 P2                          

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