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   LB_00  Thomas Skidmore
      Surprise, surprise.  The Skidmores of DE are related to the Skidmores of
      Long Island.
      From Mary Burton Derrickson McCurdy writeup at GSOP:
         The Skidmores are supposedly of Norman origin, the name then being
      Escu d'Amour (Scutum Amoris Divini), coming into England with William the
      Conqueror.  "Seynt Scudamore" is the name inscribed on the Roll of Battle
      Abbey.  (The Descendants of Francis Muncy I - Mary Edith Shaw P64. For
      other details on the Skidmores see this book, Ch. VII, 64-78.)
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Thomas Skidmore 05
   bm~1605 ___ __ or according to the Compendium of American Genealogy, p.807,
      in 1603.
   n. He came from Westerleigh, near Bristol, Gloucestershire, England which
      adjoins Herefordshire where Sir Thomas Skidmore of Holme Lacey lived.
      NEHGR V55 P379
   n. By Mary Burton Derrickson McCurdy as found on the shelves at the
      Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. Date of document currently unknown,
      but was a carbon copy from a typewriter.
   mf ____ ___ __ Ellen _ 05
   n. 1636 acting with James Skidmore as agent in selecting and shipping cattle
      for Gov. John Winthrop, Jr.
   n. 1639 Apr sailed with Winthrop and settled in Newton, now Cambridge,
   ld 1640
      Grantor: Thomas Skidmore by power-of-attorney to Henry Hazzard of Bristol,
      Description: his place at Westerleigh, ENG.
      The money to be used for the passage and other expenses of his wife and
   n. 1643 sonne John born (Early Boston Records, NEH&GR V4 P182.
      interested in purchase of land from the Sachem of the Nashawaps for
      settlement of Lancaster, MA.
   n. 1645 with others petitioned for a bridge over Durbury.
   ld 1646 Jan 01
      Grantor: Thomas Skidmore
      Description: land in Cambridge, MA.
   n. Moved with wife and six children to the Connecticut Colony, New York.
   n. Assisting Gov. Winthrop in settlement of 40 families at the mouth of the
      River Thames.
   n. 1647-8 owned a "home lot" in New London, Conn., and registered earmarks
      for cattle.  New London at this time was known as Pequot Harbor.
   n. 1649 or about so, settled in Stratford on the Housatonic River and became
      a large land owner there.  He with Ed. Higby were assessed damages of
      L15-10 and cost of court in a slander suit brought by Jeanus Wakeley
      (Particular Court Records, Hartford, 1649 Sep 06 P69-71 and Connecticut
      Historical Society V22 P74; Colonial Records of Connecticut, VI P193,202.)
   ld 1660
      Grantor: Thomas Skidmore
      Grantee: Alexander Ryan of Milford
      Description: property at Stratford
   ld ?
      Grantee: Thomas Skidmore
      Description: large grant of land in Fairfield, CN.
   n. 1660 "He crossed the sound with a large company and founded the settlement
      of Huntingdon, Long Island."
   n. 1663 owned a house with smithy in Huntington Harbor.
   mf ____ ___ __ Joanna (nee Sanford _) widow of Richard Westcott _, widow of
      Nathaniel Baldwin _, sister of Robert Sanford of Hartford.
   df 1667 ___ __ at 55, 2nd wife and referred to by Winthrop as aged.
   n. 1669 Mar 04 the first entry in a probate book, "Sessions No. 1," of
      of Suffolk Co., LI., mentions his as "The first attorney of Suffolk Co."
      He also was Town Clerk.
   mf 1672 ___ __ Sarah _ _ widow of Edward Treadwell, Henry Whelpley and Ralph
   ld 1672 Jan 22
      Grantor: Thomas Skidmore
      Grantee: Epenetus Platt
      Description: land, house and smithy in Huntington and 6 acres and all
      interest in a L200 allotment given by the village to early settlers.
   n. 1672/3 assigned a farm on the West side of Fresh Pond.
   n. 1676 served in King Phillip's War, leaving grandson Samuel Griffin in
      charge of his interests while off at war. (Colonial Records Conn. 1665-
   n. Mary McCurdy has more of this family in said paper.
   wm 1684 Apr 20 at Fairfield, CN.
      Thomas Skidmore
      Mary McCurdy "his children are known through baptismal and other such
      records) not by their father's will as Munch states P67. However, the
      will does make eventual heirs of his grandchildren John Higby and John
      Executrix: wife
   dm 1684.
      Will probated 1684 Dec 08. Will and inventory are given in Muncy book,
      pp. 70-72.
   df 1684 within a fortnight of her husband.
 with Ellen
   Richard 06     Thomas 06      Dorothy 06     Jedidah 06     John 06
   z1639          b              b              b              b16430411
   Grace 06

Jeanne Skidmore 05
   bf ____ ___ __ of unknown ancestry, but no doubt sister of Thomas Skidmore of
      Huntington, LI, NY.
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Richard Skidmore 06
   bm ____ ___ __ to Thomas Skidmore 05 et ux Ellen
   zm 1639 ___ __ in England.

Thomas Skidmore 06
   bm ____ ___ __ to Thomas Skidmore 05 et ux Ellen

Dorothy Skidmore 06
   bf ____ ___ __ to Thomas Skidmore 05 et ux Ellen

Jedidah Skidmore 06
   bm ____ ___ __ to Thomas Skidmore 05 et ux Ellen

John Skidmore 06
   bm 1643 Apr 11 to Thomas Skidmore 05 et ux Ellen
      Early Boston Records, NEH&BR V4 P182
   mf~1662 ___ __ Susannah _ 06, thought to be Smith and in the fall settled in
      the young town of Jamaica, L. I. She is possibly the daughter of Wm. Smith
      who came to Huntington, L. I., from Rehoboth, MA., about 1661 moving to
      Jamaica by 1664, he dying soon afterwards. (see Muncy pp. 79-81 for detail
      of the Smith family.)
   n. 1662 Nov 15 "The Town have voted and concluded y^t John Skidmore shall
      have ye ffirst lot next ye highway on Richard Darlings lot off those lots
      w^ch are to be layd out upon Condition y^t hee shall doe ye towns work
      ffor smithery."
   n. 1674 Mar 12 the town allowed him the use of a barn and home lot for growth
      and curing of tabacco.
   n. 1675 Feb 24 he and eight others were appointed to reach an agreement on a
      "corne Mill" and a  saw mill to be built at Muskatee Cove in Jamaica.
   n. 1675 Jul 22 a petition to Gov. Andros regarding the accidental shooting
      of Thomas Barker by his 12-year-old son John Skidmore.  The child was
      cleared of the murdur charge at court 1675 Oct 07. (See Muncy pp. 74-75,
      and Records of the Town of Jamaica 1656-1751, VI P181.)
   n. 1679 Feb 21 a defendant in a suit for debt, Samuel Allin, had the suit
      deferred "til John scidmore Returnes from New England againe."
   wm 1679/80 ___ __ NYHS V7 P106 Abstract
      John Skidmore leaves to his 5 children all of his estate
      both in the town of Jamaica and 50 given by his father Thomas Skidmore of
      Fairfield in New England, and gives eldest son John full power to recover
      the same; mentions "my two youngest children Joseph and Abigail"; a black
      horse given by his wife to the four boys to be divided equally;
      Overseer: Joseph Smith, Sr. and Daniel Whitehead.
   n. Joseph Smith, Sr. thought to be brother of Susannah.
   dm<1680 Jul 09
      1680 Jul 07 inventory.
      1680 Jul 09 will probated at Jamaica, LI, NY.
   n. all John & Susannah's children went to Delaware except John.  Samuel later
      returned to NY.
 with Susannah
   John 07        Samuel 07      Thomas 07      Joseph 07      Abigail 07

Grace Skidmore 06
   bf ____ ___ __ to Thomas Skidmore 05 et ux Ellen
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John Skidmore 07
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Skidmore 06 et ux Susannah

Samuel Skidmore 07
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Skidmore 06 et ux Susannah
   n. went to Delaware and subsequently returned to Long Island.

Thomas Skidmore 07
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Skidmore 06 et ux Susannah
   n. 1692 ___ __ he was in Delaware
   ld 1692 Jun 04
      Description: in DE.
   n. 1710 Jul 10 made a Justice of Kent Co, DE.
   n. 1707 Oct 04 to 1728 Oct 03 served as Sheriff succeeding William Rodney
      (Muncy book)
   n. 1740 he was a member of the Assembly for the three lower counties (PA
      Genealogical Society V5).
   n. Administrator for Samuel Eythres? of Kent Co., whose sisters and heirs
      were the wifes of Joseph Smith of Jamaica, L. I., and Thomas Smith of
      Maidenhead (Laurenceville), NJ.
   n. 1702 May 12 appeared as attorney for the Smiths at court. the two Smiths,
      Joseph and Thomas, may have been brothers, sons of Joseph Smith, Sr., and
      may have been cousins of his, if his mother Susannah was indeed a Smith.
   wm 1744 Jun 27 mentions sister Abigail Muncy

Joseph Skidmore 07
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Skidmore 06 et ux Susannah
   n. went to Delaware

Abigail Skidmore 07
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Skidmore 06 et ux Susannah
      youngest child.
   mm<1707 ___ __ Francis Muncy 07
   n. 1726 ___ __ or before, went to Kent Co., Delaware
   dm 1738
 with Francis Muncy 07
   John 08        Thomas 08      Nathaniel 08   Samuel 08      Belliharen 08

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Elijah Skidmore _
   ld 1770 Dec 15 DE, Land Records of Sussex Co. 1769-1782 BLN11 BMN12 - Wright
      Grantor: Elijah Skidmore et ux Mary, Sussex Co.
      Grantee: John Rodney, Sussex Co.
      Description: Parcel on the south side of Broadkill Creek containing 180
      acres being part of a larger tract granted by patent to Cornelius Wiltbank
      dec'd., called Luck by Chance which said patentee conveyed 275 acres to
      James Fenwick,dec'd who by his last will devised same and all his estate
      except his wife's thirds, to his 5 children, to be equally divided amongst
      them;  the youngest dying first the land survived to the other four,
      Thomas, William, James and Mary.  Thomas mortgaged his share (1/4) and
      then died without issue and his part was sold at public sale to discharge
      his mortgage and was purchased by afsd. William; afterwards the said James
      died without issue and William and Mary conveyed the 180 acres to Samuel
      Tam 1762.  And Samuel Tam sold and conveyed the same to the above John
      Rodney.  And whereas said Mary at the time of making the said conveyance
      to the afsd. Samuel Tam was under coverture having been married by the
      above named Elijah Skidmore several years before which said Elijah was
      absent in the province of North Carolina for upwards of 10 years before
      the making of the conveyance last.  Nevertheless as he is now returned
      some doubts have arose whether said Mary could legally convey her part of
      said land.  Now for L80 the land is released.
      Witness: J. Russel, Wm. Parker.  Within deed of sale ackn. 1770 Dec 15.
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      1. Soundex: S235 - Skidmore
      2. "Skidmore" - Mary Burton Derrickson McCurdy.  An excellent 6-page
         summary of the first few generations of Skidmores in North America.
         Thanks for using logical dates, Mary.  The piece was found in a
         notebook at the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania ~1998, a carbon
         copy of a typewritten article.  Cousin of rwc by Burton and perhaps

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Abigail Skidmore 07 P4                 Dorothy Skidmore 06 P3                
Elijah Skidmore _ P5                   Grace Skidmore 06 P3                  
Jeanne Skidmore 05 P2                  Jedidah Skidmore 06 P3                
John Skidmore 06 P3                    John Skidmore 07 P4                   
Joseph Skidmore 07 P4                  Richard Skidmore 06 P3                
Samuel Skidmore 07 P4                  Thomas Skidmore 05 P2                 
Thomas Skidmore 06 P3                  Thomas Skidmore 07 P4                 


Muncy, Francis 07 P4                   P2, J P2                              
P2, S P2                               _, Ellen 05 P2                        
_, Susannah 06 P3                                                            

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