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Chieltje Cornelis Slecht 64
   n. > Gerrit Corneliszen van Nieuwkerk and his wife Chieltje Cornelis Slecht
      > came to New Netherland in 1659 with a babe in arms.  They had 5 more
      > children:
      > 1.  Child
      > 2.  Cornelis, ca 1661, m. Jannetje Jans Kunst 5 Oct.1684
      > 3.  Adriaen, ca 1663   m. Lysbet Lambertszen Brink
      > 4.  Jan, ca 1666       m. Titjen Deckers
      > 5.  Neeltjen, ca 1667  m. 1) Peter Crispell  2) Johannes Schepmoes
      > 6.  Gerritje, bap. 12 Mar.1669 m. 1) Barent Jans Kunst  2) Jacob DuBois
      from Dorothy A. Koenig's analysis
   mm ____ ___ __ Gerrit Corneliszen van Nieuwkerk 64
   n. came to New Netherland in 1659 with a babe in arms.  They had 5 more
   df 1690 ___ __
 with Chieltje Cornelis Slecht 64
   _ 65           Cornelis 65    Adriaen 65     Jan 65         Neeltjen 65
   b              ~1661          ~1663          ~1666          ~1667
   Gerritje 65

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   From: "vinca" 
   To: , "dltice" 
   Subject: Fw: Barent Kunst / Gerritje Gerrits / Jacob DuBois - a puzzle
   Date: 1998 Jun 30 07L45:12 -0400 Tue
   > From: Dorothy A. Koenig 
   > To: Dutch-Colonies\
   > Subject: Re: Barent Kunst / Gerritje Gerrits / Jacob DuBois - a puzzle
   > Date: 1998 Jun 29 18:21 Monday
   > David,  You have given us a very interesting puzzle, and I have a solution
   > to propose.  I can not find the primary records you would like to have,
   > but if we consider family relationships I think a strong case can be made
   > that you were right in assuming that though Gerritje Gerrits, the widow of
   > Barent Kunst, married Jacob DuBois she could not have been the mother of
   > Jacob's eldest daughter, Magdalena.  Here goes!
   > Jan Barentszen Kunst m. 1) Jannetje Jans and had
   > 1.  Hilletje Jans Kunst who m. Micolas Roosevelt in 1682
   >     m. 2) Jacomyntie Cornelis Slecht, the d/o Cornelis Barentsen Slcht and
   >       Tryntje Tyssen Bos
   > 2. Jannetje Jans Kunst, bap. 1664 Feb 24
   >       m. (banns) 1684 Oct 05  Cornelis Gerrtiszen Nieuwkerk (see above)
   > 3. Barent Jansen Kunst, bap. 1667 Jan 30
   >       m. Gerritje Gerrits Nieuwkerk  (see above)
   > Barent Jansen Kunst and Gerritje Gerrits Nieuwkerk had one daughter named
   > Jacomyntie Barents Kunst.
   > Barent was alive as late as 1689 Oct 13 when -- as you pointed out --
   > he and his wife, Gerritje Gerrits Nieuwkerk, were godparents at the
   > baptism in Kingston (#637) of Barent, the son of Barents's sister
   > Jannetje who married Cornelis Gerritszen Nieuwkerk, Gerritje's brother.
   > There is no way that Gerritje Gerrits could be widowed, married, and
   > become the mother of Jacob DuBois' oldest daughter -- Magdalena -- who was
   > baptized at Kingston on 1690 May 25 (Bap. #651)!
   > I believe that the mother of little Magdalena was Lysbeth VerNoy.  If
   > you'll look again at the marriages at Kingston for the year 1689, you'll
   > see that on 1689 Mar 08 there was a double wedding.  Two DuBois brothers
   > married two VerNoy sisters.  Jacob and David DuBois were both sons of
   > Louis DuBois and Catherine Blancon. (LeFevre's compilation of the DuBois
   > family in his "History of New Paltz", pages 510 and following, takes no
   > account of Jacob's first marriage).  Lysbeth Vernoy (who married Jacob)
   > was born about 1663; Cornelia, her sister, (who married David) was born
   > about 1667. They were daughters of Cornelis Corneliszen VerNoy and his
   > wife Annetje Cornelis.
   > Now look again at baptism #651.  At Magdalena DuBois' baptism the
   > godparents were "The father" = Jacob DuBois himself; "Annetje Vernoy" =
   > the mother of Lysbeth Vernoy with her married surname instead of her
   > patronymic; Louis DuBois.  So you have the nice, traditional balance of
   > the maternal grandmother and the paternal grandfather.
   > As you pointed out, Gerritje Gerrits was still the widow of Barent Kunst
   > on 1692 May 17 at Bergen DRC where she witnessed the baptism of Jannetje,
   > the daughter of Matheus Corneliszen Nieuwkerk and his second wife, Catryna
   > Paulus.  Little Jannetje would have been Gerritje's first cousin, since
   > Gerrit Corneliszen and Mattys Corneliszen were brothers.
   > Sometime after 1692 May, Gerritje Gerrits Nieuwkerk, widow of
   > Barent Jansen Kunst, became the second wife of Jacob DuBois, the widower
   > of Lysbeth VerNoy.  LaFevre says that Jacob and Gerritje's son -- Barent
   > -- was born 1693 May 03.  I suggest that he was named in honor of
   > Gerrtije's late husband.
   > Case rests.    Dorothy
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Nelby Sleight _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R496 P278A L19 228/228
      Dutchess Co., Beekman
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 25, Wm Hedden, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Nathaniel Berry            40M Farmer                10000NY
 Nelby Sleight              20F                            NY
 Franklin                    8F                            NY
 Ira Rhine                  32M Laborer                    NY
 John Buncanhel             24M Laborer                    IRE

Robert A. Sleight _
   n. mf Elizabeth "Betsey" Doughty ?
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R496 P018 L12 262/267
      Dutchess Co., Pleasant Valley
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 20, John L. Bogan, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Robert A. Sleight          47M Farmer                     NY
 Betsey                     46F                            NY
 Sarah                      16F                            NY
 Emily                      14F                            NY       S
 Miltise M.                 10F                            NY       S
 Samantha                    6F                            NY       S
 Elisabeth                  73F                            NY
 Saprenas?                  64F                            NY
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      1. Soundex  S423 - Slecht, Slegt, maybe Sleigh
      2. Dorothy A. Koenig's analysis.

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