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   LB_00  William Southwood
          2000/09/07 added 1858-1864 Phila. City Directory listing


      William Cox Southwood b1822      Angeline B. Waples <1831           71  2G
      Walter Carlton Fish b1862        Anna Lincoln Southwood b1865       72  1G
      Ethel Mae Fish b1894             Walter Voigt Cook b1892            73  gp
      Warren Southwood Cook b1921      Kathryn Adams Crossley b1924       74   p
      Ronald Warren Cook b1945

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  William Southwood

William Cox Southwood 71
   bm 1822 ___ __ to _ in England, 27 in 1860 Census, 58 in 1880 Census
   mf<1855 ___ __ Angeline Burton Waples 71
   bf~1831 ___ __ to Thomas Waples 70 and Anna (nee Burton 70) Waples,
      Dagsboro, Delaware.
   n. numerous pictures of Angeline exist.
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R820 P125  640/773
      Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn Dist.
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 13 William Rose, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 William Southwood          27M Gardner                    Eng
 Joseph ___dall             26M Gardner                    Eng
 Charles Longbottom         20M Gardner                    Eng
 Ann Eastlack               32F Gardner                    NJ
   n. 1858 PA_PCD P642 Southwood, Wm., gardener, G T pike, main rd (R Sun)
   n. 1859 PA_PCD P670 Southwood, Wm., gardener, Goodman (Rising Sun)
   n. 1860 PA_PCD McElroy's P935 Southwood, William, florist, 17 N6th, h (Rising
   c. 1860 U. S. Census M653 R1174 P442 19/20
      Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co., Philadelphia City,
      1'st Division, 23'rd Ward, P4
      P.O.: , Enum.: 1860 Jun 02, John J.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIRemarks
 William Southwood          37  Gardener           500  200Eng
 Angeline                   29                             Pa
 Joseph                      5                             Pa
 William                     2                             Pa
 Mary Benson                20  Seamstress
   n. 1861 PA_PCD McElroy's P934 Southwood, William, gardener, Rising Sun Vill
   n. 1862 PA_PCD P629 Southwood, William, florist, 17 N6th, h Rising Sun
   n. 1863 PA_PCD P713 Southwood, William, florist, 17 S6th
   n. 1864 PA_PCD P702 Southwood, William, nurseryman, 17 N6th, h Rising Sun
   c. 1880 U. S. Census M  R   V3 E64 S48 L17 485/493
      New Jersey, Camden County, Stockton Township
      Enumerated: 1880 Jun 24 by John H. Sinex
 Name                    SCAgeMonRelSMWDOcc       MiscIBP    BPF   BPM   Remarks
 William Southwood       MW 58       x  Farmer         Eng   Eng    Eng
 Angelina                FW 51   Wif x  keeping house  Del   Del    Del
 Joseph                  MW 25   Son x  Works on farm  Pa    Eng    Del
 Exie                    FW 24   Dil x  At home        NJ    NJ     NJ
 William                 MW 22   Sonx   Florist        Pa    Eng    Del
 Annie                   FW 13   Daux   At school      Pa    Eng    Del
 Lillian                 FW  1   GDax                  NJ    Pa     NJ
 Lettie A. Waples        FW  7   Servx  Domestic       De    De     De
 Henry Murphy            MW 19   BoarX  Works on farm  Md    Ire    Ire
 Cora Adams              FB 13   Servx  Domestic       Pa    Pa     Pa
 with Angeline B. (nee Waples 71) Southwood
   Joseph W 72    William 72     Annie 72
   b1853          b1858          b1867
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Joseph W. Southwood 72
   bm 1853 Dec __ to William Cox Southwood 71 and Angeline Burton (nee Waples
      71) Southwood
   mf 1877 ___ __ Edie _ 72
   bf 1854 Jan
   c. 1900 U. S. Census T623 R1452 V153 ED38 S1 L68 1026/14/19
      Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co., Philadelphia City, 2'nd ward
      1026 Second Street Enumerated: 1900 Jun 01,  Thomas M. Weber

 Name                  Rel.  CSMonYearAgeSYrsNbNlPOB    FPOB   MPOB   YearYrsNatOccupation             UneSchRWELFT
 Joseph W. Southwood   Head  WMDec1853 46M 23    Pa     Eng    De               Floral Designer          0   YYYR H
 Edie                  Wife  WFJan1854 45M 23 5 3NJ     NJ     NJ                                            YYY
 Lillian               DaughtWFAug1878 21S       NJ     Pa     NJ               Saleslady                0   YYY
 Mary                  DaughtWFMar1889 11S       NJ     Pa     NJ               At school                   9YYY
 Edna                  DaughtWFJun1894  5S       Pa     Pa     NJ
 Angelina              MotherWFOct1829 70W    3 3De     De     De                                            YYY

 with Edie (nee _ 72) Southwood
   Lillian 73     Mary 73        Edna 73
   b187808        b188903        b189406

William Southwood 72
   bm 1858 ___ __ to William Cox Southwood 71 and Angeline Burton (nee Waples
      71) Southwood

Anna "Ma" Lincoln Southwood 72
   bf 1865 Mar 14 to William Southwood 71 et ux Angelina (nee Waples 72)
   mm 1884 Oct 23 Walter Carlton Fish 72
   bm 1862 Feb 21, NJ to Albert Fish 71 and Emeline (nee Hubbs 71) Fish
   n. lived at 939 Broadway, Camden, NJ.
   n. Fish Florist's horse and cart.  In the background you can see the
      greenhouse that was on Fifth street.  The flower shop was on Broadway and
      Spruce.  Camden was thee city in those days. Dad didn't want to raise his
      family in the city so he moved first to Clayton, then Woodbury.  He felt
      that the two Dr. Underwood's that were starting a hospital would need a
      flower shop near by. The move to a little farm in Clayton provided many
      stories.  Gladys was born in Camden but had a lot of experiences in the
      Clayton farm.  Ma's husband was a sharp looking guy.  He died when Dad
      was 13, so his death must have come shortly after this picture was taken.
       1997 Jul 05 23:47:39 EDT -0400   Walter Everett Fish 74.
   c. 1900 U. S. Census T623 R____ V9 SD6 ED56 S1 939/137/137
New Jersey, Camden County, Camden City, Ward 6, Precinct 2, 939 Broadway Street
Enumerated: 1900 Jun 08,  Marshall

 William C. Fish       Head  WMFeb1862 38M 14    N.J.   N.J.   N.J.              Florist                0    YYYR H
 Anna L.               Wife  WFMar1865 35M 14 2 2Pa     Eng    Del                                           YYY
 W. Everett            Son   WMApr1888 12S       NJ     NJ     Pa               at school                   8YYY
 Ethel L.              Dau   WFJul1894  5S       NJ     NJ     Pa
 Gertrude Holmes       Serv'tBFAug1882 17S       Va     Va     Va               servant                      YYY

   n. note incorrect 1'st name by census taker.  Also, in a letter from Ethel
      Mae (nee Fish 73) Cook to RWC75, his middlename is given as Connelly.
   dm 1902 Jul __ interred 1902 Jul 09 Harley Cemetery, Summit Lawn Lot 150
      Grave 1, interment #3151 at age 45.
   c. 1905 NJ State Census Sh A #10
      Camden, 1'st Div., 6'th Wd., 843 Broadway
 Anna L. Fish                  Mar1865 40W Florist, Owns mortgaged home
 Walter E.                     Apr1888 17
 Ethel M.                      Jul1894 10
   c. 1910 U. S. Census T624 R                   Sh 8A 160/161
      NJ, Camden Co., Camden, 12'th Wd, 3622 Federal

 Name                   Rel.  SCAgeSYrsNbNlPOB       FPOB      MPOB      YearYrsNatLanguage  Occupation     General        UneD D RWSchHome  SBDRemarks
 Anna L. Fish                    44W    4 2                                                  Florist                                   Own Fr
 W. Everett             Son      21S                                                         Florist
 Ethel M.               Dau      15S
 Mary Bates                      63W                                                         Housekeeping
 Arthur G. Palmer       Board    27S                                                         Florist

   df 1964 Mar 13 interred 1964 Mar 17 Harley Cemetery, Summit Lawn Lot 150
      Grave 2, interment #28118 at age 98 the day before her birthday.
 with Walter Carlton Fish 72
   Albert S 73    W Everett 73   Ethel M 73     Verna W 73
   b1886          b188804        b18940703      b

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Lillian Waples Southwood 73
   bm 1878 Aug __ to Joseph W. Southwood 72 and Edie (nee _ 72) Southwood
   mm ____ ___ __ John W. Atkinson 73
   bm 1878 ___ __ to
   n. lived in Pitman
   c. 1920 U. S. Census T625 R1023 V18 SD1 ED76 Sh5A L40 3608/96/107
      NJ, Camden Co., Camden, Wd11, Prct4, 3608 Westfield Ave.
      Enumerated: 1920 Jan 10&12, Pendry Triffiths

 Name                   Rel.  HHSCAgeMYOI NYON SRWPOB        Lang    FPOB
Lang    MPOB       Lang    ETrade       Industry    EFarm
 John W. Atkinson       Head  OMMW 42M          YYPA                 PA
        PA                 YTrav'g SalesPaints      W
 Lillian W.             Wife    FW 40M          YYNJ                 NJ
        NJ                 YNone
 John E.                Son     MW 10S         YYYNJ                 PA
        NJ                 YNone

   n. lived in Pitman
 with John W. Atkinson 73
   John E 74

Mary Waples Southwood 73
   bf 1889 Mar __ to Joseph W. Southwood 72 and Edie (nee _ 72)
   df 1972 Jul 20 Harleigh Cemetery, Summit Lawn Lot 150 Grave 9 interment
      #32005 at 83 years.

Edna Southwood 73
   bf 1894 Jun __ to Joseph W. Southwood 72 and Edie (nee _ 72) Southwood
   mm ____ ___ __ Burton Kelly 73
   bm 1890 Jan 14
   n. NJ M1576 K400 R118 Ann - William  no Burton Kelly.
   n. Doris m. Harold Turner
      12 Linford Lane, Huntington Station, NY 11747   1-516-423-1954
   n. lived on Villa Ave., Pitman, NJ  - WEF74
   dm 1990 Jan 14 SISSN NJ 150-10-4151 DRL 08071 Pitman, Gloucester Co., NJ
 with Burton Kelly 73
   son?           Doris 74

LINKAGE END 00  William Southwood
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   1910 R1396, P. 63, Philadelphia 11-WD, 34-District
   William Southwood             51  M  W  England
     Checked pp 51-75,23,83 - found 34'th district, but no William.
     This information was obtained from Dallas Public Library.

   Angie Southwood
   Mamie Southwood never married.
   Howard Southwood mf Esther
   Willie Southwood mf Edna and had dau's Mildred, Evelyn
   John Hibbs mf Anna to have Harry, Ed, Laura
   Harry mf Agnes to have Agnes, Harriet, Elizabeth, Isabelle

   Revolutionary Census of New Jersey - Keun Stryker/Rodda - Federal Archives
      Ft. Worth, Texas.
   LIST I   1773 & 1774, LIST II  1778 - 1780, LIST III
   None found.
Page 5

   1994 Aug 10

   Dear Dr. Southwood,

   I hope you do not consider this an intrusion, but I would like to know if
   you have any knowledge of the Southwood history in England and might point
   me to such a source of information.  My great-grandmother, Anna Lincoln
   Southwood, was the daughter of William Cox Southwood from the Cornwall
   area of England - he having emigrated about 185X, being born around 1823.


   My knowledge of the Southwood history is fairly slight. My father, Herbert
   Hiram John Southwood of Torquay Devon (born February 27 1905) died in 1955.
   His father and mother, my grandparents, died within the next decade as did
   his only brother, Norman Southwood. All effectively lived their entire lives
   in Torquay, a holiday resort on the south (very balmy) coast of Devon and
   built originally in the 19th C and much patronised in the early days by
   retired naval men. There were many Southwoods in Torquay in my youth; there
   was even another David Southwood who was the same age as me, a second cousin.
   I believe that my grandfather who was born and bred there had a large number
   of siblings (11?) and of course this made the name common as people did
   not disperse the way they do now. The family was evidently not very cohesive.
   As a child, I would come across people called Southwood who turn out
   (inevitably) to be cousins quite randomly. I discovered my namesake by chance
   when I was taking the examination for entrance into secondary school. (He
   eventually emigrated to Australia, by the way.)

   The early and sudden loss of my father (shortly after my tenth birthday)
   motivated me to talk about the past a great deal to my grandfather before
   his death - but my interest (I was in my early teens) was in knowing what
   things he had seen first hand, what life was like when my father was young
   etc.  I had no interest in recording family history, I am afraid and I now
   have no connection to Torquay.

   I have come across a Southwood who did have some interest in family history.
   This man is now Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Sir Richard
   Southwood, a biologist by trade (population ecology). His family were again
   Devonian in origin but left some 300 years ago, if I remember rightly. He
   seemed a very approachable person (despite the knighthood). I would think
   that you might approach him. He can also tell you about Viscount Southwood -
   who donated the garden around S. James church in Picadilly to the nation
   (Southwood Gardens) - he is not a family member but there are connections by
   commerce.  You might note that there is a small hamlet near Dartmouth in
   Devon called Southwood - I wondered if this had any connection with the
   prevalence of the name in Devon.
Page 6

   Until proof is obtained, a feasible route.

Philip Southwood d
   bm ____ ___ __ to
   mf 1782 Dec 25 Hannah Loring at St. Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
 with Hannah (nee Loring) Southwood
   Philip e   Joseph e

Philip Southwood e
   bm 1786 Nov 12 christened to Philip and Hannah (nee Loring) Southwood

Joseph Southwood e
   bm 1790 Nov 21  christened at St. Thomas the Apostle, Exeter, Devon, England
      to Philip and Hannah (nee Loring) Southwood
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth
   n. 1826 Jun 25 christened son William at St. David, Exeter, Devon, England.
Page 7

Nicholas Southwood e
   bm ____ ___ __ to
   mf ____ ___ __ Agness
   n. 1825 Nov 22 christened son William at Yealmpton, Devon, England

Rebecca Southwood
   bm 1845 May __ England
   c. V149,Ed136,S8,L40, bp Eng.  Mt. Carmel, Northumberland Co.

Thomas Southwood
   bm 1845 Jun __ Penna
   c. V41,ED46,S6,L34 Blair Co., Altoona
   n. in 1850 Census there is another Southwood family

Joseph Southwood
   bm ____ ___ __ to
   c. 1900 Census, R472, V143, ED112, S5,L5  bp Eng, Co. Montove age 49

Samuel Southwood
   bm ____ ___ __ to
   n. Ship passenger list   M360 R133  U.S. Laborer, age 29, Male on the
      SS Indiana, port of Phila., Pa.  1881 Mar 29.

Letta Southwood ?
   bf 1871 Oct __ to in Delaware
   c. V113 ED31 S7 L42 Phila  bp. Delaware

Joseph L. Southwood    connection unknown
   bm 1810 ___ __ to Penna.
   mf ____ ___ __ Elizabeth _
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 R764 P311 202/214
      Pennsylvania, Chester County, West Chester. p311
      Enumerated: 1850 Aug 13 James L. Jones, Ass't Marshal
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 J. L. Southwood            40MWLaborer                    Pa        x
 Elizabeth                  40WF                           Pa
 Thomas                      3M                            Pa
 Philip Eisenbice            2M                            Pa
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      1. Soundex S330

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Anna "Ma" Lincoln Southwood 72     P3  Edna Southwood 73 P4                  
Enumerated: 1900 Jun 08,  Marshall P3  Joseph L. Southwood    connection unknown P8
Joseph Southwood P8                    Joseph Southwood e P7                 
Joseph W. Southwood 72 P3              Lang    MPOB       Lang    ETrade       Industry    EFarm P4
Letta Southwood ? P8                   Lillian Waples Southwood 73 P4        
Mary Waples Southwood 73  P4           New Jersey, Camden County, Camden City, Ward 6, Precinct 2, 939 Broadway Street P3
Nicholas Southwood e P8                Philip Southwood d P7                 
Philip Southwood e P7                  Rebecca Southwood P8                  
Samuel Southwood P8                    Thomas Southwood P8                   
William Cox Southwood 71 P2            William Southwood 72 P3               


Atkinson, John 73 P4                   Fish, Walter 72 P3                    
Kelly, Burton 73 P4                    P7, E P7                              
P7, H P7                               P8, A P8                              
P8, E P8                               Waples, Angeline 71 P2                
_, Edie 72 P3                                                                

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