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   LB_00  John Stevenson/Mary Jennings

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Edward Stevenson _
   mf ____ ___ __

Abigail Stevenson _
   bf 1638 ___ __ to Edward Stevenson in Jamaica, Queens County, NY.
   df was buried 15 Oct. 1717, probably Jamaica, Queens County, N. Y.
   mm 1659 ___ __ Daniel Denton 05
   v. 1672 Jun 26
   mm 1672 Oct __ Daniel Whitehead 05
   bm 1642 ___ __ to Daniel Whitehead et ux Jeanne (nee Skidmore _) Whtiehead.
      at Jamaica, Queens Cpounty, NY.
   dm 1704 Oct __ NY probably in Queens County, NY.
   n. From 1999 May 11 09:07:53 Tue
      This came to me from Wanda SPARKS
   n. Taken from the Genealogy of the Descendants of the Rev. Richard Denton of
      Homestead, L. I., by George D. A. Combes, Pages 11 & 12.
   n. Jonathan Whitehead mf Sarah Fields
      Thomas bm in Jamaica, Queens County, N. Y., mf 17031224 Jane Creed.
      Deborah bf in Jamaica, Queens County, NY df 17120724 mm Thomas Hicks.
      Mary, bf 1677, Jamaica. Queens County, NY mm John Taylor dm mm Thomas
         Burroughs dm mm Rev. William Uravehart.
      Amy bf 16790817 in Jamaica, Queens County, NY. df 17420802 mm Jacob
      Elizabeth bf 1681, Jamaica, Queens County, NY. mm 1695, Anthony Waters
 with Daniel Whitehead
   Jonathan _     Thomas _       Deborah _      Mary _         Amy _
   b1672/3        b1674          b1675          b1677          b16790817
   Elizabeth _

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00   John Stevenson/Mary Jennings   New York.

John Stevenson 65
   mf ____ ____ __ Mary Jennings 65
 with Mary (nee Jennings 65) Stevenson
   John 66        Thomas 66      William 66
   b              b              b

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John Stevenson 66
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Stevenson 65 et ux Mary (nee Jennings 65) Stevenson
   mf 1706 ___ __ Mercy Jennings 66

Thomas Stevenson 66
   bm ____ ___ __ to John Stevenson 65 et ux Mary (nee Jennings 65) Stevenson
   mf ____ ___ __ Sarah _ 66
   ld 167? ___ __ LISR P123 Liber _ P179 date of preceeding P178 is 1673 Nov 30
      Grantor: Thomas Stevenson sells land formerly belonging to Edward
      Description: 10 acres bounded n. by Ralph Hunt, e. by Flushing creek, s.
      by Thomas Robinson
   ld 1693 May 07 LISR P124 Liber C P54
      Grantor: Richard Owen & wife Martha
      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson
      Description: 15 acres bounded w. by the highway called the south path,
      n. & e. by Thos. Stevenson
      Witness: Nathaniel Woodward & Daniel Phillips.
   ld 1696 May 07 LISR P124 Liber C P43
      Grantor: Thonas Stevenson, of Newtown.
      Grantee: Wm. Alburtus, of Newtown.
      Description: lot
      Witness: Edward & Charitie Stevenson, Thomas Pettit, husband of Mary Way,
      testifies that his father-in-law James Way has paid Mary for a lot given
      her by Thomas Reeder. 1690 Mar 09.
   wm 1717 Nov 10 AoBCW  B1 P20 P38 Proved 1719 Oct 19
      Wife Sarah 1/3 of Real & Personal estate absolutely.  Lands in New Jersey
      and Pensylvania to be sold.  Sons Samuel & Edward (minors) - Daughters Ann
      & Sarah, so much as will make their legacies from their grandfather
      Jennings 50L. Daughters, Elizabeth & Alliff - Brothers Williams & John's
      Executor: Wife and Joseph Kirkbride
      Witness: Anna Marriott, John Oxford, Benjamin Field.
      1719 Apr 29 Codicil Proved 1719 Oct 19
      Wife Sarah & Jos. Kirkbride Trustees to sell Lands and hold proceeds for
      use of wife and children.
      Witness: (to codicil) John Jones, Charles Brockden, Joseph Fox
   n. From
      1 Charity Stevenson b: 30 JUL 1685 d: ABT. 1731
        + Charles Hicks b: ABT. 1685 d: BEF. 1712
          2 Edward Hicks b: ABT. 1709 d: BEF. 6 MAY 1766
            + Violetta Rickets
              3 Mary Hicks
                + Rev Samuel Seabury
              3 Edward Hicks d: 1787
                + Mary Marbury
                + Elizabeth ????
              3 William Hicks
          2 Mary Hicks b: ABT. 1711
        + Thomas Cornell b: 1675 d: 1719
        + Charles Doughty
   n. wf 1731 Dec 01 NYCNY Charity Doughty, widow, of
      Jamaica, NY., in which she leaves legacies to 1. her eldest son Edward.
      2. Her daughter Mary. 3. Her son Charles, probably bm 1711 Apr 16. Her
      daughter Charity. 5. Her daughter Tishe.
      Executors: "her loving brothers" William Stevenson, Jonathan Waters and
      Daniel Whitehead.  Ethan Allan Doty P343 unexplained will.
      df<1732 Apr 03
      1732 Apr 03 will proved.
 with Sarah
   Samuel 67      Edward 67      Ann 67         Sarah 67       Elizabeth 67
   b              b              b              b              b
   Alliff 67

William Stevenson 66
   bm 1676 ___ __ to John Stevenson 65 et ux Mary (nee Jennings 65) Stevenson
   c. 1709 Census
      NJ, Burlington Co, Northampton Twp.
 William Stevenson        33
 Ann                      24
 Jennings                  8
 Elizabeth                 5
   wm 1724 Apr 24 NJA_COW 1670-1703 V23 Lib2 P268
      William Stevenson of Southampton Township, Burlington Co., yeoman;
      will of.  Wife Ann.  Children:  Jenings, William, Thomas, John,
      Elizabeth, Mary and Ann, all under age.  Four hundred acres in Hunterdon
      Co., bought of John Larrance, other real and personal property.
      Executors: the wife and brother John Stevenson.
      Witnesses: George Deacon, Jacob Doughty, Elnathan Stevenson,
      Tho. Scattergood.
   dm<1724 May 20
      1724 May 20 will proved.
 with Ann
   Jennings 67    Elizabeth 67
   b1701          b1705

Page 4

Stephen Stevenson _
   wm witnessed by brother-in-law Samuel Thorne.

Ann Stevenson _
   mm ____ ___ __ Samuel Thorne _, his first wife.  LIF - Hoffe P259

Ann Stevenson 66
   mm 1730 Feb 08 Daniel Doughty 66 Hunterdon Co., NJ

LINKAGE END 00   John Stevenson/Mary Jennings   New York.

Page 5
Daniel Stevenson _
   n. wm 1707 Apr 03 LISR P139
      Henry Franklin of Flushing, bricklayer.  To wife Sarah use of whole
      plantation in Flushing within Beaver Dam line during the nonage of my
      daus Sarah & Elizabeth, with remainder to my son Matthew when he is of
      age; he to pay to his brothers Henry & Thomas L25 each.  To Daus. Sarah &
      Elizabeth L25 each.  To son Henry 20 acres at Rockway; to son Thomas 40
      acres between Thos. Laurence & Frederick Van Loew & 40 acres above the
      black stump which I bought of Judith & Hannah Smith.  Gods to daus. Sarah
      & Elizabeth when eighteen.
      Executor: John & Peter Berrien, Benj. Haviland & John Rodman.
      Witness: Thomas Clement, Daniel Stevenson, Daniel Laurence & Robert
      dm<1710 Apr 01
      1710 Apr 01 pro.

   n. Maria (STEVENSON) KIP married after the death of Jesse KIP.
      Jesse's widow married secondly a DOUGHTY. No dates given in the KIP book.

Thomas Stevenson _
   mf 1733 Sep 17 Experience Cheshire _, spinster, he of Chesterfield,
      Burlington Co, husbandman. GMONJ NJML 1724-34 P22

John Stevenson 67
   bm 1732 Jan 22 to Thomas Stevenson 66 et ux Sarah (nee Whitehead 66)
      Stevenson (who were m. 1780 Apr 29)? and had, among other children, a son
      Joseph Stevenson b1767 (one line of descendants later). Shotwell error?
   mf 1760/1 winter Mercy King 67, declared intention of marriage in
      Kingwood M. M. 1760 7 12
   bf 1739 10th 26 to Joseph King 66 et ux Mary (nee Simcock 66) King 8 children
      not always easily distinguishable, with certainty, from her cousin, Mercy,
      daughter of William King q. v.
   n. 1778 removed with wife Mary to Hardwick, NJ.
   dm 1812 Apr 12 at Hardwick, NJ
 with Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson
   Sarah 68       Mary 68        Joseph 68      Thomas 68      Abigail 68
   b17620107      b17640523      b17670319      b17690224      b17720331
   Ann 68         Daniel 68      John 68        James 68
   b17750311      b17771228      b17800706      b17830622

Page 6
Sarah Stevenson 68
   bf 1762 Jan 07 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson
   df 1785 Apr 26 Independence Twp., Sussex Co., NJ.

Mary Stevenson 68
   bf 1764 May 23 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson
   df Sussex Co., NJ.

Joseph Stevenson 68
   bm 1767 Mar 19 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson
   mf 1793 ___ __ Ann Willson 68 of Hardwick, N. J.
   mf 1796 Sep 22 Susanna Kester 68
   dm 1841 Aug 04 at Quakertown, NJ, interred Friends Burial Ground.
 with Ann (nee Willson 68)
 with Susanna (nee Kester 68) Stevenson
   Anne 69        Amy 69         John 69        Samuel 69      Sidney W 69
   b              b              b18010516      b              b
   Rebecca 69

Thomas Stevenson 68
   bm 1769 Feb 24 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson

Abigail Stevenson 68
   bf 1772 Mar 31 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson

Ann Stevenson 68
   bf 1775 Mar 11 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson

Daniel Stevenson 68
   bm 1777 Dec 28 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson

John Stevenson 68
   bm 1780 Jul 06 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson

James Stevenson 68
   bf 1783 Jun 22 to John Stevenson 67 et ux Mercy (nee King 67) Stevenson

Page 7

John Stevenson 69
   bm 1801 May 16 to Joseph Stevenson 68 et ux Susanna (nee Kester 68)
   mf 1824 May 12 Hannah Willson 69
   bf 1802 Oct 29 to Gabriel Willson 68 et ux Grace (nee Brotherton 68) Willson,
      he b1752 Oct 29 d1835 Mar 10 to Gariel Willson 67 et ux Elizabeth (nee
      Lundy 67) Willson [of Samuel 66, Robert 65], and she b to James
      bm 1726/8/28 and Alice (nee Schooley ) Brotherton [of Henry].
   dm 1854 Mar 12
   df 1889 Mar 20
 with Hannah (nee Willson 68) Stevenson
   Elmira 70

Elmira Stevenson 70
   bf 1830 Dec 12 to John Stevenson 69 et ux Hannah (nee Willson 69) Stevenson
   mm 1865 Nov 28 Hiram Deats 70
   bm 1810 Apr 12 to John Deats 69 et ux Ursila (nee Barton 69) Deats, he
      b1769/Feb/01 d1841/May/1, she b1767/Jan/20 d1858/Oct/08 to Elisha 68 and
      Jemima (nee _ 68) Barton, he b1729/10/05 d1823/May/31 was a Captain in the
      Morris Militia of N. J., in the Revolutionary War.
   n. there is more in Shotwell's work P273.
 with Hiram Deats 70
   Hiram E 71

Page 8

Samuel Stevenson 05
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary Ann _ 05 2ndPCR, Phila, PA
 with Mary Ann (nee _ 05) Stevenson
   Samuel 06      James B 06
   b183312        b183912

Samuel Stevenson 06
   bm 1833 Dec __ to Samuel Stevenson _ et ux Mary Ann
   dm 1835 Jun 11 at 1Y7M 2ndPCR, Phila, PA

James B. Stevenson 06
   bm 1839 Dec __ to Samuel Stevenson _ et ux Mary Ann
   dm 1841 Apr 16 at 1Y4M 2ndPCR, Phila, PA

Page 9
Rachel Stevenson _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Elnathan Stevenson _
   mm 1827 Oct 29 Joseph Burroughs _
      1827 Nov 24 Washington Whig, Franklin Ferguson - Publisher, Index P162.
         Married on the 24th ult. by the Rev. J. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Joseph
      Burroughs of Hopewell, to Miss Rachel Stevenson, youngest daughter of
      Elnathan Stevenson, Esq. of Amwell.

Page 10

      Clifton:   and trader; James Stevenson, late baker;
      Clifton:   Samuel Garrigues, James Stevenson,...  Alfred Cliffton, John Roberts,
      Dickinson:   Stevenson late Wife, are desired to pay, and those who have
      Dickinson:   William Russel; John Russel; James Stevenson; John Scott, Bucks County;
      Doughty:   Grantor: William Stevenson; Hunterdon
      Doughty:   Grantor: executors of William Stevenson, 138 acres in Amwell Twp.,
      Doughty:   mf 1730 Feb 08 Ann Stevenson 66 Hunterdon Co., NJ
      Doughty:   bf ____ ___ __ to John Stevenson 65 et ux Mary (nee Jennings 65) Stevenson
      Doughty: with Anne (nee Stevenson 66) Doughty
      Doughty:   bf 1731 Jan 27 to Daniel Doughty 66 et ux Anne (nee Stevenson 66) Doughty
      Doughty:   George A 72    Rebecca 72     Richard 72     Stevenson V 72
      Doughty:   mf 1899 Mar 08 Mary Virginia Stevenson 73 both of Stockton, NJ by Recorder
      Doughty:      Stevenson, CA.  Both parents were from Sweden, Anna from Ranarp, SWE
      Doughty:      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Bensalem, Bucks Co., yeoman
      Doughty:      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Bensalem, yeoman.
      Doughty:      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Bensalem, yeoman.
      Doughty:      Witness: Will. Doughty, John Talman, Samuel Thorne, Jno. Stevenson.  Ackn
      Doughty:      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Bensalem, Bucks Co., yeoman.
      Doughty:      Witness: Wm. Doughty, Jno. Stevenson, Samuel Thorne, Joseph Kirkbride,
      Doughty:      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Bensalem, Bucks Co. yeoman.
      Doughty:      Witness: William Doughty, Jno. Stevenson, Samuel Thorne, John Talman.
      Doughty:      Ackn. 1720 4th 04 by Samuel Thorne and Thomas Stevenson by personal
      Pancoast:      Stevenson, Thomas Enoch.

Thomas Stevenson _
   ld 1800 Mar 08
      Grantor: Jacob Horner et ux Sarah of Waterford, Glou. Co., yeoman
      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Waterford, Glou. Co., yeoman
      Transaction: $170.60 for 3 acres in Waterford Twp., Glou. Co., NJ.
   ld 1803 Mar 12 NJ_GCDR BL P50
      Grantor: John Roberts et ux Hannah of Newton Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
      Grantee: Thomas Stevenson of Waterford Twp., Gloucester Co., NJ
      Transaction: $240.63 for 13 acres
      Description: beside John Jones Lot, Evan Clements, John Gill, Lewis Hurts,
      Robert Rowans which John Gill, late of Haddonfield dec'd. by last will
      1794 Aug 25 did devise to his daughter Mary Roberts who devised to her son
      John Roberts 1800 Mar 25
      Witness: Thomas Redman, Thomas Redman, Jr.
Page 11

   n. Hi Ron,  This is my SHINN line.  My mother was RUTH ANNE SHINN in
      Generation 12.
      Now for the DOUGHTY-COX connection:
      1.  Francis Sheene b. 1525 m. Anne Che.
      2.  John Sheene b. 1566 m. ?
      3.  Clement Shinn b. 1593 m. Sarah Grace ?
      4.  John Shinn, Sr. b. 1632 m. Jane Garwood.
      5.  Thomas Shinn m. Mary Stockton.
      6.  Samuel Shinn m. Sarah Schooley.
      7.  Thomas Stevenson m. Alice Scholey Shinn.
      8. Samuel Stevenson m. Mary Siddon.
      9. David Cox m. Sarah Stevenson.
      10.  Thomas Doughty m. Sarah S. Cox.
      It seems that the common ancestor would be John Shinn b. 1632 who m.
      Jane Garwood.  - Colleen Kitch

Cornell Stevenson _
   Mary _

Mary Stevenson _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Cornell Stevenson _
   mm ____ ___ __ Samuel Haines _ widower of Elizabeth (nee Buzby _) Haines bf
      to William Buzby _ et ux Mary (nee Wills _) Buzby
   bm ____ ___ __ to Samuel Haines _ et ux Lydia (nee Stokes _) Haines
   n. Haines 1903 via J. L. Stokes website.
 with Samuel Haines _
   Lydia _        Robert _       Sarah _        Ezra _         Hannah _
   b17890731      b17910102      b17921113      b17950926      b17980515

Page 12
   n. Begin monoline
   n. Stevenson_NJ1850_monoline

Josiah Stevenson _
   bm 1805
   mf ____ ___ __ Abigail _ _
   bf 1800
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R443 P103B L12  292/311.
      NJ, Burlington Co., Chesterfield Twp., Moorestown.
      Enumerated: 1850 Oct 05, Jos. H. Smith, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Josiah Stevenson           45MBFarmer                     NJ
 Abigail    "               50FB                           NJ        I
 Samuel    "                 7MB                           NJ
 June      "                 9FB                           NJ       S
 Samuel    "                 7MB                           NJ
 Ellen    "                  3FB                           NJ
 Mary A. Willmon            14FB                           NJ
 Benjamin Warwick           25MBLabourer                   NJ

William Stevenson _
   bm 1822
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R445 P150A L41  76/80.
      NJ, Camden Co., Newton Twp., Haddonfield
      Enumerated: 1850 Jul 31, J. G. Rowand, Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 William Stevenson          28M                            Ireland
 Jane Stevenson             26F                              "

Rebecca Stevenson _
   bf 1835
   c. 1850 U. S. Census M432 Index P_get   R462 P41B L33  227/232.
      NJ, Salem Co., Lower Penns Neck Twp.
      Enumerated: 1850 Sep 27, Samuel Prior, Jr., Ass't Marshal.
 Name                      AgeSCOcc                  R E   BP      MSIED Remarks
 Levi Ridgeway              38M Farmer                     NJ
 Mary   "                   31F                            NJ
 Franklin Fidgeway           1M                            NJ
 Mary Sullivan              35F                            Ireland   I
 Rebecca Stevenson          15FM                           NJ
 Henry Lipparg              19M Laborer                    Germany

   n. End monoline

Page 13
      1. Soundex  Stevenson S315
      2. LISR, Long Island Source Records, FWPL 974.71L ~1993.
         NYQCDW - Abstracts of Early Wills of Queens County, New York, Recorded
         in Libers A and C of Deeds, now int the Register's Office at Jamaica,
         New York. P134-141, P122-125
      3. Stevenson Genealogy, 1902 - mentioned by Hoff in LI Gen.
      4. Our Colonial Ancestors and their Descendants - A. M. Shotwell 1895.
      5. NJA_COW - New Jersey Archives Calendar of Wills

Page 14


Abigail Stevenson 68 P7                Abigail Stevenson _ P2                
Ann Stevenson 66 P5                    Ann Stevenson 68 P7                   
Ann Stevenson _ P5                     Cornell Stevenson _ P12               
Daniel Stevenson 68 P7                 Daniel Stevenson _ P6                 
Edward Stevenson _ P2                  Elmira Stevenson 70 P8                
James B. Stevenson 06 P9               James Stevenson 68 P7                 
John Stevenson 65 P3                   John Stevenson 66 P4                  
John Stevenson 67 P6                   John Stevenson 68 P7                  
John Stevenson 69 P8                   Joseph Stevenson 68 P7                
Josiah Stevenson _ P13                 Mary Stevenson 68 P7                  
Mary Stevenson _ P12                   Rachel Stevenson _ P10                
Rebecca Stevenson _ P13                Samuel Stevenson 05 P9                
Samuel Stevenson 06 P9                 Sarah Stevenson 68 P7                 
Stephen Stevenson _ P5                 Thomas Stevenson 66 P4                
Thomas Stevenson 68 P7                 Thomas Stevenson _ P11                
Thomas Stevenson _ P6                  William Stevenson 66 P4               
William Stevenson _ P13                                                      


P2, P2                                 P5, P5                                
Burroughs, Joseph P10                  Deats, Hiram 70 P8                    
Denton, Daniel 05 P2                   Doughty, Daniel 66 P5                 
Haines, Samuel P12                     Jennings, Mary 65 P3                  
Jennings, Mercy 66 P4                  Kester, Susanna 68 P7                 
P6, E P6                               Thorne, Samuel P5                     
Whitehead, Daniel 05 P2                Willson, Ann 68 P7                    
Willson, Hannah 69 P8                  _, Abigail P13                        
_, Mary 05 P9                          _, Sarah 66 P4                        
mf, mf 17 P6                                                                 

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