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   LB_00  William Swift/Joan of Sandwich, MA.

      William Swift ~1595              Joan                               63 10G
      Esther Swift                     Ralph Allen                        64  9G
      Jedediah Allen b                 Elizabeth Howland b                65  8G
      Esther Allen b1677               James Adams b1671                  66  7G
      Thomas Adams b1699               Hannah Sharp b1700                 67  6G
      Joseph Adams b1732               Elizabeth Lynch b1734              68  5G
      Benjamin Adams b1755             Rachel Scott b1772                 69  4G
      John Adams b1793                 Clarissa C. Roberts b1793          70  3G
      Charles Adams b1819              Rebecca Ann Shaw b1823             71  2G
      Catharine Adams b1858            John William Crossley b1862        72  1G
      Clarence Wesley Crossley b1894   Hannah Remick Townsend b1893       73  gp
      Kathryn Adams Crossley b1924     Warren Southwood Cook b1921        74   p

   LB_05 Joseph Swift/Hester (I hope nee Doughty)

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  William Swift/Joan of Sandwich, MA.

William Swift 63
   bm~1595 ___ __ in Essex Co., England.
   mf<1627 ___ __ Joan _ 63
   bf~1595 ___ __ in Essex Co., England.
   dm 1643/4 Jan __ at Sandwich, MA.
   df 1663 Nov 26 at Sandwich, MA.
 with Joan (nee _ 63) Swift
   Esther 64      Hannah 64
   b~1624         ~1623

Esther Swift 64
   bf~1624 ___ __ to William Swift 63 et ux Joan, or Jane of Sandwich, MA.
   mm~1642 ___ __ Ralph Allen 64 in England, he the widower of St. Mary LeBos
   bm~1595 ___ __ to John Allen 63 at Saltford, Somerset Co., England.
   n. of Sandwich, Ma., overseer of George Allen estate at Roxbury, Ma. in 1636,
      at Newport, RI 1639, at Sandwich, MA 1643, at Rehoboth, MA 1643, and
      imprisoned as quaker at Boston, Ma., 1659.
   dm~1660 perhaps at Rehoboth, Ma.
 with Ralph Allen 64
   Jedediah 65    Esther 65
   b16460103      b16481208

Hannah Swift 64
   bf~1623 ___ __ to William Swift 63 et ux Joan, or Jane of Sandwich, MA.
   mm 1641 Nov 05 Daniel Wing 64
   bm~1620 in England.
   df 1664 Dec 01 at Sandwich, MA.

LINKAGE END 00  William Swift/Joan of Sandwich, MA.

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LINKAGE BEGIN 05 Joseph Swift/Hester (I hope Doughty)_

John Swift
   mf Mary White

Joseph Swift
   mf 1759 Margaret McCall
   n. Catherine McCall mm 1736 John Inglis, famous in the Revolution)
   wf 1804 Feb 02 PA_PCW B_1 P278.
      1804 Dec 24
   c. 1790 U. S. Census M637/T498 Index P         R0  P197 C3/3 L2.
      PA, Philadelphia Co., Lower Dublin Twp.
 Joe Swift                                         01 00 02 04 00
   wm 1804 Dec 23 PAPCWA Philadelplhia County Will Abstracts
      Joseph Swift, City of Philadelphia
      To Revd. William White, Bishop of Pa., and to Jasper Yeates of Lancaster,
      tract of land whereon my son Joseph Swift now lives in Little Britain
      Township, Lancaster Co., formerly the property of James Fulton in trust
      for said son Joseph.  Esther, wife of son Joseph and their eight children
      Eleanor, George, Mary, John, Joseph, Martha, Margaret, Samuel and
      Exec.: Sons John and Samuel Swift and nephew Charles Swift of Phila.
      Wit: Katharine Inglis, Margaret McCall, Archd. McCall.
      1807 Jan 02
   n. wf 1821 Jun 04 PA_PCW B_7b P326.
      Katharine Inglis. Philadelphia. Spinster.
      1821 Jul 17.

Margaret Swift _
    PA_PCW B_7c P478.

Joseph Swift _
   bm brother to John

John Swift _
   bm brother to Joseph
   wm 1802 Dec 03
      John Swift of Bucks Co., PA.
   n. note White in will and match to brother Joseph's will.
      see also will of Edward Duffield, Moreland Twp.
                       Sarah Kinnersley, Moreland Twp.

Joseph Swift 14
   mf ____ ___ __ Hester Doughty _ I think - RWC75.
   n. 1767 Apr 27 M144 - 174 Declaration of Trust
      William West, Samuel Purviance, Jr., & Joseph Swift acknowledge they will
      divide with other creditors of Robert Fulton who has mortgaged his
      property.  Other creditors are William Moore, Isaac Wikoff, Richard
      Parker, George Fullerton, & James Fulton.  The total mortagage is for
      #1,799-9/10d.; 1766 Nov 29 James Biddle, Robert Galbraith J6 1767 Apr 27.
   n. http://www.history.rochester.edu/steam/dickinson/chapter1.html
      "Joseph Swift subsequently acquired William West's share in the property,
      and it is an interesting fact that the house and the greater part of the
      estate have remained in possession of five generations of owners of the
      same name in unbroken succession till the present day."
   n. wm 1807 Aug 06 PAPCWA Philadelphia County Will Abstracts P3728 B_2 P80
      Daniel Doughty, Northern Liberties, Phila. Wharfbuilder provides for wife
      Susanna Doughty, during life or widowhood, after her decease or
      intermarriage he bequeaths all estate to children of brother William
      Doughty and sisters Elizabeth Lippincott, Sarah Fenton and Hester Swift.
      Exrs. friends Jacob Beck and Alexander McKinley.  Signed 1806 Aug 06
      Proved 1807 Aug 21 Letters granted to Jacob Berk and Alexander McKinley.
      Wits: R. Whitehead, Francis Turnre, William Preston, Junr. Recorded P148
 with Hester (nee Doughty _ I think) eight children.
   Eleanor 15     George 15      Mary 15        John 15        Joseph 15
   <18041223      <18041223      <18041223      <18041223      b17961227
   Martha 15      Margaret 15    Samuel 15
   <18041223      <18041223      <18041223

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Eleanor Swift 15
   bf<1804 Dec 23 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester

George Swift 15
   bm<1804 Dec 23 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester

Mary Swift 15
   bf<1804 Dec 23 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester

John Swift 15
   bm<1804 Dec 23 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester

Joseph Swift 15
   bm 1796 Dec 27 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester
   mf ____ ___ __ Matilda Ewing 15
   bf 1805 Nov 12
      Little Britain Presbyterian Church Recored
      Swift, Joseph b. 1796-12-27 d. 1872-3-4 (s/o Jos/Hester, gs/o Jos) (M)
      Matilda(nee Ewing) b.1805-11-12 d. 1882-11-30 wf.
   dm 1872 Mar 04
   df 1882 Nov 30

Martha Swift 15
   bf<1804 Dec 23 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester
   n. I am trying to contact the author of this information.
      Ref. Morrison History, P405 - Leonard A. Morrison.
   mm 1826 Oct 19 Robert Elder Morrison 15
   bm 1800 Oct 19 to Samuel Morrison 14 et ux  at Coleraine Tsp., Lancaster Co,
   dm 1873 Aug 30 at 72Y,
   n. Sam dm 18460823 at 18Y.
      Margaret Smith Morrison df at Highstown, N.J.
      Elizabeth Ellen Morrison df at Highstown, N.J. MH P410.
      Hester Ann Morrison df~1890 at Highstown, N.J.
      Mary Morrison df 1854 Nov 02 at 19Y.
      Martha Jane Morrison mm Jacob Stults.
      Robert Newton Morrison dm 1842 Aug 29 at 1Y.
 with Robert Elder Morrison 15
   Samuel 16      Margaret 16    Elizabeth 16   Hester Ann 16  Mary 16
   b18270911      b18290512      b18301103      b18330222      b18350318
   Martha Jane 16 Robert N 16
   b18380128      b18401124

Margaret Swift 15
   bf<1804 Dec 23 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester

Samuel Swift 15
   bm<1804 Dec 23 to Joseph Swift 14 et ux Hester

Joseph Swift _
   bm 1799 Dec 26 to Samuel Swift _ et ux Mary (nee Shippen _) Swift at The
      Grove, Philadelphia, PA.
   mf 1931 Nov 24 Eliza Moore Willing _
   bf ____ ___ __ to George Willing _ et ux Rebecca Harrison (nee Blackwell _)
   df 1840 Sep 09
   dm 1882 Jul 01 at Long Branch, N.J. at 82Y.
   n. Mary married Horace G. Brown.
 with Eliza Moore (nee Willing _) Swift
   Emily _        Mary
   b              b
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Emily Swift _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Joseph Swift _ et ux Eliza Moore (nee Willing _) Swift
   mm 1852 Oct 05 Thomas Balch _
   bm 1821 Jul 23 to Lewis P. W. Balch _ et ux Elizabeth at Leesburg, VA.
   n. http://www.wvculture.org/history/reposits_not_wv/virginia.html
      4361 Balch family. Papers of the Balch and Swift families, 1760-1943,
      6 ft. In part, transcripts (typewritten). Topics: Civil War.
      Correspondence, diaries, journals, literary MSS., account books, and
      photos, of the Balch and Swift families of Philadelphia. Includes
      journals and letters (1825-1881) of Joseph Swift; journal and diary
      (1864) of Emily Swift Balch; letters and diaries of Thomas Balch and
      Elise Willing Balch; diary (1760-1761) of Joseph Shippen, a Philadelphia
      lawyer, judge, and loyalist, relating to European travel; a three volume
      journal (1859-1906) of Edwin Swift Bal.......
   dm 1877 Mar 29 at 55Y at Philadelphia, PA.
   n. Edwin Swift Balch mf Eugenia H. Macfarlane.
      Joseph Balch dm 1864 Jul 03 at Paris, France.
 with Thomas Balch _
   Elsie W _      Edwin S _      Joseph _       Thomas W _
   b              b              b              b

Mary Swift _
   bf ____ ___ __ to Joseph Swift _ et ux Eliza Moore (nee Willing _) Swift

Ann Swift _
   bf to Rebecca Swift
   wf 1821 Jul 02 PA_PCW B_7b P358.
      Ann Swift.

Margaret Swift _
   wf 1821 Jul 30 PA_PCW B_7c P478.
      Margaret Swift. Phila. Gentlewoman.

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      1. Soundex S___   Swift

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Ann Swift _ P5                         Eleanor Swift 15 P4                   
Emily Swift _ P5                       Esther Swift 64 P2                    
George Swift 15 P4                     Hannah Swift 64 P2                    
John Swift 15 P4                       John Swift P3                         
John Swift _ P3                        Joseph Swift 14 P3                    
Joseph Swift 15 P4                     Joseph Swift P3                       
Joseph Swift _ P3                      Joseph Swift _ P4                     
Margaret Swift 15 P4                   Margaret Swift _ P3                   
Margaret Swift _ P5                    Martha Swift 15 P4                    
Mary Swift 15 P4                       Mary Swift _ P5                       
Samuel Swift 15 P4                     William Swift 63 P2                   


P3, P3                                 Allen, Ralph 64 P2                    
Doughty, Hester P3                     Ewing, Matilda 15 P4                  
Morrison, Robert 15 P4                 P4, E P4                              
P5, T P5                               Wing, Daniel 64 P2                    
_, Joan 63 P2                          mf, mf 17 P3                          

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