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   LB_00  John Talman of Flushing, NY.

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00  John Talman of Flushing, NY.

John Talman _
   mf ____ ___ __ Mary _ _
   n. wm 1709 Oct 03 Abstracts of Early Wills of Queens Co., NY at Jamaica.
      John Talman of Flushing.  Wife Mary to have use of my plantation at the
      bay side where I now live, about 100 acres, and the houses, till my son
      Peter comes of age; then she shall have half during her widowhood, with
      remainder to son Peter.  Son John to have the plantation on the hills by
      paying his brother Benjamin, when of age, L50.  To son James the
      plantation I bought of Powell Huff; James to pay his brother Joseph L70.
      To sons Benjamin & Joseph, and to my expected son the lots I bought in
      Bucks Co., Penn., with Wm. Laurence & others.  Residue to daus. Mary,
      Elizabeth & Sarah Talman.
      Executor: son John and friend Samuel Haight, Sr.
      Witness: Wm. Laurence, John Embree & James Clement.
      dm<1709 Mar 15
      1709 Mar 15 will proved.
 with Mary

LINKAGE BEGIN 00  John Talman of Flushing, NY.

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Joseph Talman 66
   mm 1736 May 18 Joseph Tolman 66 NJ_BuCMR P230
   mf 1736 May 18 Mary Woodward 66
   bf~1713 ___ __ to Thomas Woodward 65 et ux
   n. Rest of my estate I give to daughter, Mary Talman, wife of Joseph Talman;

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      1. Soundex T455 - Talman, Tallman
      2. LISR, Long Island Source Records, FWPL 974.71L ~1993.
         NYQCDW - Abstracts of Early Wills of Queens County, New York, Recorded
         in Libers A and C of Deeds, now int the Register's Office at Jamaica,
         New York. P134-141, P122-125
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John Talman _ P2                       Joseph Talman 66                             P3


P2, M P2                               Tolman, Joseph 66 P3                  
Woodward, Mary 66 P3                                                         

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