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   LB_00  Samuel Thorn 64
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Elizabeth Thorne _
   mm 1696 Oct 14 Rigebell Mott _ NYSML P41 GBR_V3 P93

Richard Thorne _
   mf 1699 Aug 29 Phebe Denton _ NYSML P41 GBR_V2 P142

Sarah Thorne _
   mm 1701 Apr 7 Roger Pedley _ NYSML P41 GBR_V3 P194

Hannah Thorne _
   bf 1680 Aug 26 to Joseph Thorne _ et ux Mary (nee Bowne _) Thorne
   mm ____ ___ __ Thomas Field _ of Flushing.
   n. GotSF

LINKAGE BEGIN 00  Samuel Thorn 64

Samuel Thorne 64
   Samuel 65

Samuel Thorne 65
   bm ____ ___ __ to Samuel Thorne 64
   mf 1705 Apr 11 Hannah _ 65 Doughty 65 NYSML P41 GBR_V2 P27 widow of Benjamin
      Doughty 65 son of Elias Doughty 64 et ux Sarah Frances (nee O'Neale 64)
   n. 1705 Aug 22 Intestate, inventory: of Flushing, Queens Co., NY 180 bushels
      of wheat in stock  4s3d #3855 Total amount #192.  There appeared before me
      Hannah Thorne, late Hannah Doughty, relict of Benjamin Doughty and made
      oathe of the above inventory.

LINKAGE END 00  Samuel Thorn 64

Thomas Thorne _
   bm 1692/3 Jan 01 to Joseph Thorn _ et ux Mary (nee Bowne _), Joseph the son
      of William Thorn and Winifred Kay of Long Island who came from Dorsetshire
      England to MA and in 1645 to LI.
   mf ____ ___ __ Letitia Hinchman 15
   bf ____ ___ __ to John Hinchman _ et ux Sarah (nee Harrison _) of LI.
   n. Haines 1903 via J. L. Stokes website.
   n. note Joseph Shotwell _ et ux Mary (nee Bowne _) parents of Thomas Shotwell
      as given in AMShotwell
   n. note confusion betweeh Thorne and Shotwell and wives Mary (nee Bowne)
      GotSF & AMShotwell
   n. Children: Thomas mf Abigail Burrough, Hannah mm George Turner first and
      mm Noah Haines second, Abigail mm Melchizedeck Peacock, Sarah mm Jacob
   n. wm 1789 ___ __ ANJ_COW 1786-1790 V36 P230 Lib30 P134
      ....  Hinchman?
      Sarah Cooper, silver can. Niece, Sarah Cooper, L100.  Niece, Hannah
      Roberts, L50. Niece, Ann Thorne, L50. Niece, Beulah Haines, L50, when 18;
      but, if she die, then to her brothers, Samuel, Jacob and Abel.  Nieces,
      Mary and Abigail Thorne, L10 each, when 18.  Nephews, Samuel, Jacob and
      Abel Haines, L10 each, when 21. To the Preparative Meeting of Friends, at
      Haddonfield, L20.  Residue to nieces, Hannah Roberts, Ann Thorne, Mary
      Thorne, Abigail Thorne, Beulah Haines, Ann Pine and Mary Pine.
      Executor: brother, Samuel Burrough and my brother-in-law, Thomas Thorne.
      Witness: John Parham, Thomas Redman.
      1789 Mar 06 Codicil.  Niece, Beulah Haines, to have an equal share of
      Witness: Mary Dubree, Joseph Stokes.
      dm<1789 Mar 31
      1789 Mar 23 Inventory L1,270.12.2 made by Joseph Champion and Joseph
 with Letitia (nee Hinchman 15) Thorn
   Thomas 16      Hannah 16      Abigail 16     Sarah 16
   b17390110      b              b              b

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      1. Soundex T___    Thorne
      2. NYML
         NYSML - University of the State of New York, State Library Bulletin,
         History No. 1, 1898 April, Supplementary List of Marriage Licenses.
         FWPL Gen 974.7N - 1992 Oct 04 RWC
      3. GotSF - Genealogy of the Stokes Family by Richard Haines 1903   version by Jim L. Stokes

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Elizabeth Thorne _ P2                  Hannah Thorne _ P2                    
Richard Thorne _ P2                    Samuel Thorne 64 P2                   
Samuel Thorne 65 P2                    Sarah Thorne _ P2                     
Thomas Thorne _ P2                                                           


Denton, Phebe P2                       Hinchman, Letitia 15 P2               
Mott, Rigebell P2                      P2, T P2                              
Pedley, Roger P2                       _, Hannah 65 P2                       

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