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   LB_00  Thomas Walling/Sarah Elwell
          Presumably my line through the Blizzard's

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LINKAGE BEGIN 00 Thomas Walling/Sarah Elwell

Thomas Walling 1
   mf ____ ___ __ Sarah Elwell 1
 with Sarah (nee Elwell 1) Walling
   Abigail 2

Abigail Walling 2
   bf 1698 Mar 06 to Thomas Walling 1 et ux Sarah (nee Elwell 1) Walling
      in Providence, RI.
   mm ____ ___ __ John Bedent 2
   bm 1684 Mar 01
   wm 1758 Jun 28 NJA V  P37, Cumberland Co. Wills, Lib 11, P170
      John Bedent of Fairfield, Cumberland Co., NJ;
      Elizabeth Hildige, Mary Robbins, Rebecka Blizard and Naomi Blizard,
      10 shillings each.  Daughter Kezian Dean, a cow, Grandson, Moses
      Barrott, 5 shillings.  Grandson, Samuel Shepherd, 5 shillings. Wife,
      Abigail, rest of estate.
      Executor: my wife and son-in-law John Robbins.
      Witness: Anne Lore, Sarah Ogden, John Ogden, Jonadab Shepherd,
      William Paullin, David Shepherd.
   dm 1761
      1761 Aug 18 proved Cumberland Co., NJ.
   df>1761 Aug 18
 with John Bedent 2
   Naomi 3        Elizabeth 3    Keziah 3       Mary 3         Rebecca 3
   _ 3            _ 3

LINKAGE END 00 John Bedent/Abigail Walling
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      1. Soundex  B353 - Bedent
      2. NJ_CuCMR - Cumberland Co. Marriage Records - Craig   FWPL GEN 974.981C
      3. "Shelhorn Genealogy - The Descendants of Lewis Shelhorn of New Jersey"
          Compiled by Jack M. Lines and Jean C. Jones, 1972.  Copy at
          Cumberland County Historical Society  ~ 1999 - rwc75.
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Abigail Walling 2 P2                   Thomas Walling 1 P2                   


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